Best Friends Sister: Book I

Tiffany is the sister of Ryan Butler. What else to say?

How about this - She learnd in the fines school of New York. But one day she calls her parents and they transver her to live with them in Stratford. At that piont she goes to school with Ryan.

Justin... he? He is Ryan's best friend. He knows that Ryan has a sister, but he never have sawed her. When he meets her... he finds her hot. Like Chaz do too...


5. can't be

Tiffany's pov


Ryan looked at me with that worried look ''You don't think it would be...'' 

''NO'' i yelld and everyone who were outside turned to our tabel ''I mean no''

''Why?'' Ryan asked

''I don't know'' i shrugged

''What are you guys talking about?'' Chaz asked looking at Ryan and than at me

''Nothing'' i mumbeld ''I think im done.'' i got up and turned aroud ''Bye Ry''


Justin's pov


''So the bitch left?'' i asked i sat down ''Or did you tell her to leave?''

''Justin chill or something'' Ryan said as he got up ''And don't talk about her like that. And you have a crush on her. So..''

''Yeah, you need to chill'' Chaz stood up and they walked away

''Yeah, leave. I don't need you'' i called after them.

I looked down at my lunch and kinds felt sick. Im a jerk. I called the girl i love a bitch. That's so not me. Why am i actting like this? I never called girl in names. Especially the girl who i love.

''Justin can we talk?'' sweet voice said behind me. I lifted my head and turned around.

''Yeah..'' i nodded ''Sit'' she nodded and sat down ''So what's up?''

''I want to know something'' she pused ''No, i need your help''


She looked down and than at me ''Can you keep Ryan away from me?''

I forowed my eyebrows ''Why?''

''Please don't ask questions.'' she pused ''I'll tell you when time will be right. So you'll help me?''

''Okey'' i sighed ''But how will i do it? He is your brother''

''I know'' she looked around and than at me ''Hang out with him as much as youcan and don't let him come to me''

''Okey... But can you please tell me why?''

''Justin i told you - i'll tell you when the time is right'' she stood up ''And now i need to get to class. Bye Justin'' she smiled and walked away. 


Normal pov


I stood there, watching as my princess makes the wrong decisions. If she thinks someone will help her will any good, thank she's dumb.

''Oops. Im sorry'' sweet voice spoke.. And that's than when i realase someone bumbed in to me

'Don't worry'' i smiled and looked at her. Tiffany ''It's nothing bad''

''Ookey'' she nodded and put her hand out for me to shacke it ''By the way im Tiffany''

I took her hand and shoock it ''Im Peter.'' I lied.

''Oh, cute name.'' she smiled ''Are you new? I mean i haven't sewed you here befor''

''Yeah'' i nodded. And at that time a guy came to us.

''hey, Tif'' he smiled

She looked at him and smiled ''Oh hey Jay.'' she looked at me and than at guy ''This is Peter''

''Nice to meet you bro.'' he put jis hand out ''Im Justin''

I shoock it and nodded ''Yeah, you too''

''So Tif. That project?'' he asked looking at Tiffany

''Meet me after school at my locker.'' she smiled and he nodded. This Justin guy will be problem. That is if i don't get rid of him ''Okey, see ya around Peter. Come on Jay'' she smiled and they walked away.

I  nodded and turned around. 


Tiffany's pov


''Justin, what ever you do, do it as if we would a couple'' I said as we walked away from this Peter guy. I don't believe that he's new here. He seemed kinda wierd for me. And the way he looked at Justin... creepy

''Why?'' he asked looking down at me

''Because i need to'' i pused ''Look i'll tell you after school why.''

He nodded ''Okey. Than see ya princess'' he smiled.

I smiled back and nodded ''Yeah...'' And with that we went to out classes

''Hey Nicki!'' i cheard as i set next to her ''Where were you?''

''I had detention'' she mumbeld

''Why?'' i asked shacking my head ''Okey, let's put that aside''

She nodded ''So what are you doing about your Biology project?''

''Justin'' i simply answerd

''What?'' she looked at me with confused written all over her face

''Justin needs to write an essey about hnaging out with girl or soemthing like that'' i pused ''And than Ryan sujested we do it togget. Because we have the same subject just diffrent sex''

She nodded and smirked ''Why are you smirking?''

''Because you said sex''

''Oh please. Nicki, you know how i ment that'' She nodded. 


~ ~


''Fianlly.'' i breather out ''okey, Nicki, i'll call you later'' She nodded and walked out. I walked over to my locker and opend it.

''Hey'' someone said. I shut the locker and looked at the person

''Oh, hey Peter'' i smiled

''What are you doing?'' he asked

''Waiting for Jay'' i asnwerd and looked around. Praying the God, so he would come faster. And for my luck he did ''Jay'' i called out and ran over to Justin ''Thank you'' i wisperd as i hugged him

''Hey beautiful'' he smiled as we pulled away ''You ready?'' I nodded and he took my hand. Okey, this feels awkward ''Let's go''

''Okey'' i smiled and we walked away. Leving this Peter guy standing in the hall way

''Care to tell me?'' Justin asked as we walked down the stairs

''Okey...'' i took a breath ''See i don't really think that Peter guy is new here. And i find him creepy andwierd. And the way he looked at you at lunch.''

''And what it have do to with this?'' he asked lifting our hands up in the air.

''I need you to act as if we are a couple. So i can find out something"

''Can you tell me?'' he asked looking down at me

''Okey today ate lunch i got wierd call. And i don't want Ry at all this, i kinda have a plane. But i need your help''

''Okey'' he smiled and kissed my cheek.


Justin's pov


''Okey i'll see you tomorrow'' i said as i walked down stairs

''Mmm'' she nodded ''But to my house befor school''

I nodded ''Yes i know. Okey bye'' i kissed her on the cheek and she smiled. I walked and few seconds later the door closed. 

Even if it's act i love it. I mean im as close to her as posible. And i even get to kiss her on the cheek. 

I walked down the street to my house. I don't live far from her. It's like five till ten minute walk.

''Bieber!'' someone called from the behind. I turned around and saw a guy my age running to me.

''Yeah?'' i asked confused ''That's me"

''Stay away feom Tiffany'' he said through grech theet

''Excuse me. What did you say?''

 ''I said, stay away from Tiffany'' he spat

''Sorry bro. No can do. She's my girl.'' i turned around and started to walk away ''Find your own''


''IN YOUR DREAMS'' i called back and walked in the house. ''Hey mom'' i called and closed the door

''In the kitchen'' she called back. I walked down the hall and into the kitchen ''How was school?''

''Amazing'' i smiled and sat down

''Care to tell me?'' she asked turning around.

''You know Tiffany?'' she nodded ''Well see we are togetter''  I lied. But kinda we are, so nothing bad. Right?

''Im so hhapy for you sweetheart'' she hugged me ''But now go up stairs and do your homework'' I nodded and walked upstairs.

I walked in the room and my phone buzzed in my jean pocket. I pulled it out and slide my finger over the screan.


One new masage: unknow


It read. I opend it.


Be cerfull or something bad will happen. And if i would you i would stay away from Tiffany.


What the fuck?

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