Best Friends Sister: Book I

Tiffany is the sister of Ryan Butler. What else to say?

How about this - She learnd in the fines school of New York. But one day she calls her parents and they transver her to live with them in Stratford. At that piont she goes to school with Ryan.

Justin... he? He is Ryan's best friend. He knows that Ryan has a sister, but he never have sawed her. When he meets her... he finds her hot. Like Chaz do too...


17. ''Im really sorry''

PREVIOUS No one's pov


Chace crashed in Selena's car sending her and Tifany to be in coma. hearing about this Justin only thought was to go to LA and be by her side.


No one's pov


''Someone hit your car and you girls both were in coma'' The doctor explained ''But don't worry in week or so you both can go home''

Tiffany nodded. ''But i have some bad news too'' the doctor spoked again

''And what are they?'' Tiffany asked. Her voice a bit higher than a wisper.

The doctor looked at her with sad eyes and in that moment Tiffany knew that it's hard to be told ''Im sorry Miss Butler'' the doctor spoked ''but you lost your child'' She finally said it

''H-how?'' Tiffany chocked out

''You see the car hit your side and it was very strong hit'' As the doctor's words sinked in. Tiffany felt like the world came crushing down ''Im really sorry''

She nodded, unable to say anything. ''How's my friend?'' Tiffany asked, well wisperd

''She would wake up any minute now.'' the doctor cracked a little smile, but that didn't really help Tiffany.


On one of the Stratford street's


''JUSTIN!'' Ryan yelld after his best friend. But no matter how loud he yelld he couldn't get Justin's attention.

But befor he could yell again the door to Justin's house slamed shut, leaving Ryan in the middle of the street.


Justin rushed in the house and up the stairs, ignoring the qutesions his mother gave him. He ran in his room and pulled out his duffel bag. As fast as he could he threw cloths in it.

Done packing he ran back down. He was about to head out when his mom stoped him ''Justin, sweetie, where are you going?'' she asked with concerd.

He turned back around to look at his mother. He sighed and dropped the bag ''Mom im going to LA. I have see how Tiffany is'' he said hugging his mom.

Not knowing what happen and what did her son mean by 'how Tiffany is' she asked ''What do you mean?''

He sighed again ''Mom'' he started ''someone hit Selena's car and they both were or are still in coma'' he explained to his mother.

''Hunny'' was all Pattie could say. Let's just that Tiffany was like daughter to her. 

''Mom i have to go'' he said and kissed his mom on the cheek. She didn't say anything, just nodded her head.

But befor Justin could closed the door she spoked ''Be cerfull'' he looked back and smiled.


Room 265  LA, California


Tiffany looked once again around the room. Her friend -maybe even best friend- haven't woke up yet and she was getting worried.


What if she doesn't wake? She thought. But how can she not? The doctor said the car hit my side nt her's. She'll be fine.


And with that thought she heard noice from next to her. She turned her head in the directon where the noise came and like wave of relef washed over her.

''W-where are we?'' Selena asked and looked at Tiffany.

''In the hostpital'' she replyed ''We'll be out i week or so'' Selena nodded and -did what Tiffany did many times sinc they're here- looked around.


Soon the door opend again and the same doctor walked in ''I see you're awake Miss Gomez'' she said looking at Selena

''I just woke up'' she replyed, not knwoing what else to say.

''Well it's good thing you woke up'' the doctor spoked and wrote something down on her clipboard ''I was getting worried because the car hit Miss Butlers side harder. Well it only did hit that side''


The doctor's words did afect Selena so much as they did to Tiffany. The time she had spend in the room, she haven't figured how she'll tell Justin and both family's.


''Okey girls'' the doctor spoked again ''I'll let you rest'' the girls nodded and she walked out of the room.

''Tiffany you okey?'' Selena asked looked over at her

''Y-yeah im okey'' Tiffany nodded, maybe too fast.

Of caurse Selena wasn't convinced by that. ''Are you sure?'' Did time she shook her head ''What's wrong?''

''That hit...'' Tiffany trailed off ''..i don't know how to tell Justin that''

''Tell what?''

''I lost the baby'' one tear passed Tiffany's cheek and landed on the grey blanket.

''Im sorry'' Selena wisperd. Needer of the girls knew what to say.


Somewhere in the air, over USA


 ''Ladys and Gentlemen we'll be landing in Los Angeles, California soon. Please buckel your seat bellts and thank you for choosing us'' The lady spoked and walked away.


Justin sighed and did as the lady told.


He could wait till the plane land and he can go find Tiffany. He need to make sure everything is okey with her. 


With her everything of caurse is okey, but... Let's just hope he'll be okey after that visit.


~ ~


The plane finally landed and he was the first one off of it. He ran through the airport and waited for his bag -which came fast- and ran out side to get taxi.


But one thing he ddin't know was that he ran past Chace. The guilty one.


''Bro, are you sure you doing good?'' Mike asked as he and Chace walked through the airport

''Oh so you want me to go to the police station and tell them that it was me?'' Chace stoped ''If so than we're both gonners. He'll kill us both befor even get away from here''

Mike looked down ''Okey sorry. And i didn't say that'' he said referring to what Chace said

He sighed ''Look Mike'' Mike looked at his friend ''im sorry. Let's jsut get out of here'' Mike nodded and they walked to there gate.


Good Samaritan Hospital


Justin came running in. He ran to the frint desk where this lady in her mid 30's worked. She looked up from the conputer to the boy infront of her ''How may i help you?'' she asked.

''Can you please tell me in which room Tiffany Butler is?''

''And you would be?'' she asked

''Her boyfriend'' Justin answerd. The lady nodded and wrote something on the computer.

''Room 265'' she asnwerd looking at the boy ''Second floor.''

''Thank you'' Justin called out as he ran for the stairs. Of caurse he coudl take the lift, but it was too long to wait. He need to get up now.


As he got up to the second floor he stoped and walked down the halways, looking at the doors ''260, 261, 262 .... 265'' he stoped in front of the room where both girls were in. Taking deep breath, he slowly pushed the door open and pocked his head in ''Tiffany?''

Her head sneped in the direction of the door ''Justin?'' she questioned.

''Hey baby girl'' Justin smiled and came in ''How are you feeling?''

''A bit better, but...'' she traild off.

''But what?'' he asked. Worry and concern lased in his voice

''I don't know how to tell you this'' she turned head to look at Selena ''Selena?''

''Sorry Tiffany.,'' she looked down ''This is you're fright''

''What fight?'' Justin looked at both girls in the hospital beds

Tiffany paded the spot next to her ''Come here'' un-sure Justin walked over and sat down. She took his hand and rubbed lil circles on his hand ''That hit...'' he nodded ''...hit my side very bad...'' she trailed off, her voice berly above a wisper ''...we list the baby''

Not once she looked up. As she said that she let go of his hand.



''Make a promise, please

You'll always be in reach

Just in case I need

You there when I call''


|| ♥ ||


''Not really sure how to feel about it

Something in the way you move

Makes me feel like I can't live without you

It takes me all the way

I want you to stay''

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