Best Friends Sister: Book I

Tiffany is the sister of Ryan Butler. What else to say?

How about this - She learnd in the fines school of New York. But one day she calls her parents and they transver her to live with them in Stratford. At that piont she goes to school with Ryan.

Justin... he? He is Ryan's best friend. He knows that Ryan has a sister, but he never have sawed her. When he meets her... he finds her hot. Like Chaz do too...


12. I can't believe it. Finally

December 5th


Tiffany's pov


''I can't believe today is the day''  i said as i looked in my clothes ''The day we're meeting THE Selena Gomez''

''Yeah i know'' Nicki said lying on my bed ''So how's your baby? And in which week you're in?''

I turned to look at her and than turned back to my closet ''Well baby's fine. And im in third week'' I smiled to my self. ''Why ya ask?''

''Just wanted to know.'' she laughted ''You are my best friend. So i have every right to know''

This time i laughted and pulled out and outfit i could wear ''Okey what do you think of this one?'' I asked turning around and facing Nicki.

She looked the outfit from top to botom. ''It's so cute'' she squild taking me by suprise.

''Okey. You could atleast said it normaly.'' i laughted ''You scraed the shit out of me''

She just rolled her eyes and stood up. She looked down at her watch and than back at me ''Okey, im hading home. Call me when your going'' I gave her quick hug and she left.

I sighed and put outfit down on the bed. I looked at the clock.


''I have few more hours.'' i said to my self and walked downstars. ''Hey'' i called out to shirt-less Ryan

''Hey'' he quicly answerd ''What do you want for breakfast?''

''I would be good with cereal'' i shrugged and sat down ''What's up with you?''

''Mom called''

''And what did she say?'' i asked leaning on the counter infront of me

''They'll be home next week'' he said and turned around ''So when they get back we're in deep shit''

''What do y-'' i cut my self off ''Look they'll understand. Pattie was like my age when she had Justin. And mom is really understanding''

''Yeah, well they won't be mad at you. But at me'' he wisperd the last word ''I was suppos to look after you.'' he looked me in the eyes ''What will i say?"

I got up from the stool and walked over to him ''We'll figure something out'' i said and hugged him. I was happy when he hugged me back ''Now don't ruen my mood'' i jocked as we pulled away

''Wh- Oh'' he smiled and i nodded ''Well i can't take you. Im meeting Chaz'' he said and turned around

''Well than i'll take Justin with me'' i smiled ''And you don't know what you're missing'' i teased ''Selena is really hot''

He turned around and gave me wierd look. ''Ew im not lesbian. And im just teasing you'' i pused ''But she is hot''

''Well i gonna miss it'' he laughted. ''Here's your breakfast'' he said and sat white bowl infront of me.

''What's this?'' i said looking down at the bowl

''Your breakfast'' he said simply

''That's sooo not Captain Crunch'' i looked at him ''What is it?''

He shrugged ''I don't knwo. We don't have any CC'' 

I stood up from my seat again ''Than you can eat it your self.'' i said and turned to walk out ''Im going to iHop''

I walked up to my room and threw on some sweats and t-shirt. I pulled on my black high tops, grabed my phone and ran back down stairs.

''Bye Ry'' i called out and closed the door. I walked down the street and pulled out my phone. I dialed Justin's number and pressed 'call'. It ranged five times when he answerd.

''Hello?''  he asked in his morning voice.

''Hey sleepy head'' i teased ''Did i wake you?''

''Hey Tiffany, baby'' i blushed. The effect this boy head on me ''No. So what is my princess doing?''

''Well im going to iHop'' i smiled ''Though you want to come along''

''I would love to.'' he pused ''So where are you?''

''I can see your house'' i said, not quit answering his question

''Okey. I'll be down in five''

''Okey'' i smiled and we hunged up. I walked down to his house and sat down on the steps. 



''So you want to come  with me and Nicki to see Selena Gomez?'' i asked

''Sure'' he smiled ''What time?''

''Well the concer starts at six and we want to be there early'' i smiled looking at his hazel eyes. This boy is something... ''So four'' He nodded

''Look girls...'' high pitch voice ranged through the almost empty diner ''..what we have here''

''Brinty, everyone can eat here'' i stated looking up at schools BIGGEST bitch and slut

''I know. But atleast you could've dressed your self better'' she spoke looking me up and down.

At that comment i lost it ''Look you bitch. I sooo don't give a fuck who the fuck is your dad. But you fucking don't go around and trash talk people'' the people here were staring at us by this time. But right now i don't give a fuck

''This is free world. Everyone can dress like they want. And because you being a bitch and slut doesn't mean that everyone needs to be. And you can't even go anywhere with your wannabe's.'' i turned to Justin, who had shocked writen all over his face

''C'mon Justin, we'll find a better place to eat'' he nodded and took my hand

''Looks like some can really love someone like her'' she laughted

I turned around, Justin still holding my hand ''Well atleast someone loves me. And i don't go around and fuck with every guy that passes me. I even bet that you have HIV or something.'' i laughted ''That wouldn't even suprise me''



''Ryan im home'' i yelld as i walked in ''Ryan'' i called again and walked in the livingroom just to find note on the coffee table. I walked over and picked it up.


sorry sis. Left early. i didn't want to be home when u start screaming lol. no really it's kinda loud.

im at chaz just like i said. if anything just give me a call. but i shouldn't be worried justin's going with u, rigtht?

anyways have fun :) see u in few hours

love ryan


I thow the note back on the coffee tabel and sat down on the coutch. I looked at the clock whick hanged over the big TV in the livingroom.


''Wow i need to get ready soon'' i said to my self and turned on the TV. I flicked through the chanles when i came up on some news. 

''Watch this Saturday how Hollywood's bigges stars sing at Pencils Of Promise charity. Which is hosting in New York. Come down to Madison Square Garden and donate or just watch them peform.  Im Mary Underwoods and you're watching Goodmorning America'' the lady spoke and some show started.

''Wow that lady had a voice'' i laughted and got up. I walked in the kitchen and got my self a drink. I was drinking my orange juice when my phone buzzed in my pocket.

I pulled it out and  answerd the call ''Hello?''

''Hey baby'' Justin spoke on other side of the line ''What are you doing?''

''Well..'' i sat the glass down and walked back in the room ''...i was just about to get ready.''

''Cool. So can i come over?''

''Yeah, sure.'' i smiled ''If i don't answer, which i posably wont, than just right in.''

''Okey. See you soon. Love you.''

''Love you too'' And we both hunged up. I turned the TV of and ran up to my room. 


''I can't believe we're gonna meet her.'' Nicki gasped

''Yeah i know'' i smiled and looked at Justin ''Thanks for coming'' i wisperd

''Anything for my girl'' He wisperd back and of cusre i blushed

''Ohhh Nicki i forgot to tell you something'' she looked at me and gave me the 'what is is? tell me' look ''Well me and Justin were having breakfast at iHope and Britny with her wannabe's came.

She started to trash talk me so i told her what i think. And can't believe but she shut up after i said that i don't go and fuck every guy who passes''

''Omg i love you'' Nicki squild and hugged me ''Finally someone get some senc in that girls brains'' she laughted which made me laught to.

We were just standing there when i spoted Selena. I nughed Nicki and she gave me 'wtf?' look. I mensend her in the direction Selena was. And when she saw her she almost screamd, but i qicly put my hand over her mouth

''Nicki keep calm'' i spoked my hand still on her mouth ''When i take of my hand, i want you to be completely calm. Understand?'' she nodded. I ceerfuly took of my hand

''Thanks for camling me down'' she smiled 

''Hey what are friends for''

''We need toget picture with her befor the show'' Nicki said pretending to think.

I looked back at Selena and she was walking our way. I gribed Justin's hand tigher and have it a squize so i wouldn't scream

''Hey'' Selena spoked standing infort of us ''You guys ready for the concer?''

''Hey Selena'' i smiled ''Yeah we are''

''Great'' she smiled back ''So want pictures?''

''Yeah. That sounds good'' she nodded and we took some pic's with her. I can't believe that she's cooler in real live.

''Okey i'll see you guys in the arena'' she smiled and walked away to get ready

''I can't believe we met THE Selena Gomez'' i say huggig Justin ''Justin is this dream?'' i look up at him.

He shock his head ''No babe. This is the real deal'' he smiled and packs my lips.

''Wait the sluts here about this.'' Nicki chirps ''They'll be so jealous''

I laught ''They probably turn pink from all the jealousy thing''

''Why would they turn pink. I though it's green'' Nicki looks at me with confused look

''I know. But they don't look good in green'' We laught till it's time to go in. We walk in the arena and take put seat.

''Row two, Secon A, Seats 1A;2A;3A'' i read from our tickets ''Wow look how close to the stage we are'' i smile and sit down

Justin takes seat next to me and smiles at me ''How's my girl and baby?''

''We're good'' i smile back and kiss him. I smile too much.. But how can i not smile? I just met Selena Freakin' Gomez. ''Thanks''

''Why are you thanking me?'' Justin looks at me with confused face

I shrugged ''Because you didn't leave me when i told you that im pregnant with your baby'' i could tears at back of my eyes ''Anyother guy would have left by this time''

''Hey don't cry'' he spoked and slide his thumb over my cheek ''Im here and im not going anywhere. And i always wanted happy family''

I hugged him and just enjoyed the concert.

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