Best Friends Sister: Book I

Tiffany is the sister of Ryan Butler. What else to say?

How about this - She learnd in the fines school of New York. But one day she calls her parents and they transver her to live with them in Stratford. At that piont she goes to school with Ryan.

Justin... he? He is Ryan's best friend. He knows that Ryan has a sister, but he never have sawed her. When he meets her... he finds her hot. Like Chaz do too...


15. Hello LA

No one's pov

Today was the day when Tiffany will 'start' new life. 

Once again she's leaving home. But only this time she's heading to West. Los Angeles, California. No New York this time.

"Moooom you will sqeaze me" Tiffany tolde her mother.

"Oh im sorry" she quicly pulled away from her doughter "It's just that i'll miss you"

"I'll miss you too" she smiled "But i'll be back for Christmas and New Year"

She nodded, agreaing and being happy with her doughter. As Tiffany wanted to speak again her boss beat her at that ''Tiffany you redy?'' she asked coming in the house.

Tiffany turned around and smiled ''Um yeah im ready. But give me minute to say bye to Justin.'' Selena nodded and walked out.

She turned back around and looked at her mom. She nodded her head upstairs. Tiffany smiled one last time and ran upstairs to her room.

''I'll miss'' Justin said as she walked in

''I know'' she sighed ''I'll miss you too''

He turned away from window and opend his arms ''C'mere'' She smiled and walked in his arms, for the hug ''But promise we'll skype'' She nodded aginats his chest ''And don't look at thos Cali guys''

She laughted and looked up at him ''You're so jealous''

''What can i say?''

''TIFFANY WE HAVE TO GO'' Selena's voice ranged throught the house.

''COMING'' She shouted back and pulled away from the hug ''I've gotta go'' she pointed with her thumb to the door.

''Let me walk you down'' she nodded and they walked out of the room and down the stairs.

''Finally'' Selena said looking at her new dancer ''I thought i'll have to go up there and drage you down''

They all laughted and hugged one last time ''Don't forget your brother'' Ryan spoked.

''how can i?'' She asked and ran to hugged him.

''C'mon Tiffany we'll gonna miss our plane if we don't move''

She sighed and looked at everyone one last time befor leaving ''Okey let's go'' They walked out of the house and got in the cra.

How much it hurt her to leave home, she dreamed about this when she was little. And finally her dream came true.


''Sel is there chanse i can come back home for Christmas and New Year Eve?'' she asked leaning forword

''Of curse'' Selena smiled ''I - my self- will go home for the holydays''

''Cool'' was her replay.


But in the mean time on the other side -in North- of the country 


''You stood us up'' he barked

''Im-Im sorry'' 

''Sorry won't do your fucking job'' the guy slamed his fist in the nearest wall. When he was calmed down he spoked agian ''She's hading to Los Angeles. So if i would be you - i would be on the next plane there''

''Im going'' he stood up and headed for the door when the guy spoked agian

''And Chace don't mess this time up'' not saying a word he walked out. Slaming the door behind him.


''Chace what happne?'' his buddy Mike spoked as he came down the stairs.

''Im fucking fine'' he spat back and walked out the door and to his car. He sat in side and wated till his friend gets in too.

''Chace can you fucking tell me what happen?'' Mike asked his friend as he at in the car ''And don't fucking lie''

''We're going to LA.'' he pulled away from the wherehouse ''Today. Now. Get tickets''

Not saying a word Mike pulled out his laptop and went onlain to get two tickets fro flight to Los Angeles.


Back in Startford...


''Where are the gates? We'll be late'' Selena panicked

''Sel calm down.'' Tiffany laughted "And we're here''

''Oh'' she blushd ''Sorry about that''

Tiffany gave her warm smiled and hugged her ''If i may know - Why are you so stressed?''

''Friends'' she truth fully said ''That day when i came here Vanessa called and we got in fight''

''Sel if she's realy your friend she'll be sorry''

''Thanks'' Selena smiled and this time she hugged Tiffnay.

''Girls out plane is waiting so movie'' Kevin said and pushed both girl

''Hey, hey. No pushy'' Selena giggeld and walked with Tiffany. They showed there tickets and walked on the plane.


Somewhere over the USA


''Dude are you really gonna do it?'' Mike asked for the hundert time

''Yes'' was all what Chace answerd ''Now drop it''

He sighed and looked out the window. 


LAX in Los Angeles


''We need to get a car'' Chace said as they waited for there bags ''And place to stay''

''Let me call my buddy Scott. He'll have a car for us'' Mike answerd.


At the same time on other side of LAX


''Got the bags'' the girls both yelld in union and earning wierd looks from the other people, who were there.

They're so happy, but they know what will happen and who's here. They're clue-less.

''You got everything?'' Kevin asked the girls and they nodded. They headed for the door when Kevin spoked agian ''There might be paparzzi, so stay close'' once again they nodded and walked out.


Now they were in LA, but they weren't the only ones here. Someone should be worried and someone should look out.

This time Los Angeles isn't so safe anymore and you should really look behind your back.


''Tomorrow you'll meet the rest of the dancers'' Selena said as they drove away from the airport.


''When we'll get to the hotel, we'll start planing.'' Chace said ''I want this over already''

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