Best Friends Sister: Book I

Tiffany is the sister of Ryan Butler. What else to say?

How about this - She learnd in the fines school of New York. But one day she calls her parents and they transver her to live with them in Stratford. At that piont she goes to school with Ryan.

Justin... he? He is Ryan's best friend. He knows that Ryan has a sister, but he never have sawed her. When he meets her... he finds her hot. Like Chaz do too...


26. Happy.. what?

Tiffany's pov




The croud below us cheard along with us.






 And finally the clock hit Twelve 


''Happy New Year'' everyone cheard at once, drinking from there drinks and hugging one another. Along with me, Holly, Selena, Taylor and some other Selan's friends.


''It's officialy 2013'' i said smiling. Looking up at the sky were hundert fireworks were released in the air. ''2013'' i wisperd to my self and took a sip from the drink i was hoding  in my hand.


''HAPPY NEW YEAR'' I and Tyalor yelld, leaning over the railings of the balcony.  The sound of two girls laughting following after it.


''2013'' this time we all yelld and laughted in after words.




''So what are we doing about this?'' i asked, pointing down at the notebook in my lap. It have been two weeks since the New Year and now we sat in the Selena's room/recording booth writting anf thing of new song. ''Because we need to do something''


Selena shrugged from the other chair ''Any ideas?'' she asked looking at me. I gave her look as if saying ' Really? ' ''Okey. What do we have so far?''


I took the nore book in hands and picked it up as i started to read the lyrics to the song ''You come from here, I come from there

You rock out in your room, I rock a world premiere

We're more alike than anybody could ever tell

(Ever tell)

Friday we're cool, Monday we're freaks

Sometimes we rule, sometimes we can't even speak

But we can get up and let loose and LOL



I looked back at Selena who nodded her head ''Okey.'' she finally said and stood up. I was about to ask her what is she doing when ''You wanna go get something to eat?'' 


''Yeah sure'' i nodded.I threw the notebook down on the sound board and walked after Selena. 



~ January 28th, 2013 ~


No one's pov


The two figures walked down the streets of there hometown. Talking and laughting, ignoring the cold January air that brushed againts them.


''Oh my god'' the girl with blond hair laughted at the things her boyfriend  told her.


''Believe it baby girl'' he wisperd back ''Because that's true Britny''


''Justin'' Britny said and hit his hand playfully ''You're such a child sometimes''


''But you love me'' Justin smirked looking down at Britny aka his girlfriend.  Britny was about say something when Justin's phone ranged in his jean pocket. Sliding his right hand in he pulled it out and looked at the name on the screan.


Incoming call: Tiffany


Taking in deep breath he pressed ignor and slide it back in his pocket, Britny's voice following after it ''Who was it?'' she asked in her high, pitch voice.


"Just an friend'' Justin shrugged as if that -what he did- wasn't big of a deal. But deep down -in his heart- he knew he wanted to answer and hear her voice ''Let's go get some coffee''




Pulling away from Britny, Justin smiled looking at her. But that wasn't the smile he could smile around Tiffany. No, this one was fake. Fake as hell.


''I'll see you tomorrow'' Justin said -lied through his teeth- holding her hands. She nodded and quicly gave him one last kiss befor turning and walking in her house. Shutting the door in Justin's face, he sighed and turned around.


Not taking five steps forward his phone ranged for the second time today. Sighing again, he pulled it out and this time not looking at the caller ID he pressed answred and put it to his ear ''Hello?'' he asked.


''Justin?'' girls voice was heard from the other side of the line. As his name was spoken out, this little buterflys formed in his stomach ''Uh hey''


He lightly gulped, looking for words to say. What felt like ages he spoked up ''Hey Tiffany'' there was another silenc from him ''So uh how is it going?''


They both know that they still love eatch other, but they just don't want to tell the truth. And even if they tell, there is just one little problem - Justin's dating Britny Landcaster. 


''Yeah, it's going good'' Tiffany spoked, kinda he knew that she's lieing, but that wasn't his bussines anymore ''How are things there. I heard that you and Britny are dating'' she spoked. The pain in her words noticeable.


''Yeah we are'' Justin said, sighning for the third time today.



~ following day ~


Tiffany's pov


I sat in the livingroom, alone. Selena headed out. She said that she needs to take care of somethings. After the talk with Justin i've been feeling wierd. And now that i think of it: I don't even really know why i called him last night. 


Shaking my head i changed the channel and new (!) were one. Great. ''Recently singer and actress Selena Gomez talk about new girl in the music bussines.'' the lady spoked ''And getting in more deatails about that we managed to get her name and the star her self with a little help from her mom have sighed her to her own recoding label.

Tiffany Butler from all the things Selena have said sounds a great girl and already close friend to the Disney star.-'' I changed the channel when i stoped to new episods of Jersey Shore.




Walking down the long coridor, i couldn't stop feeling nervous. Coming here with someone (in this case Selena) was nothing, but when you come alone it feels wierd. What felt like i ages i finally came to stop at the dark, brown door. Pushing it open, i walked in.


''Um hey'' i said once the door was sshut closed behind me ''Im here''


The guy at the control/sound panel turned around and the women (?) looked up at me ''Oh'' she smiled ''You must be Tiffany'' i nodded as she stood up and hugged me ''Im your manager''


I smiled ''Nice to me you''



Selena's pov



''So how did you enjoy the New Year's party?'' i asked Chace as we sat down at one of the tabels in Starbucks ''And im sorry that we didn't get a chance to meet up''


''It was great and don't worry about that. I still had fun'' he smiled at me and took a sip from his coffee.


''So im having another party in February'' i said, looking around ''And it's for Tiffany. And i was thinking you could come. You guys are friends''


''Yeah'' i nodded. Maybe a bit unsure, but i think she didn't notice it ''So when is it?''


''February 9th'' i looked at him as he nodded. Now i just need to get her parents and some friends and everything is done. Oh, shit. I still need to get her a gift.

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