Best Friends Sister: Book I

Tiffany is the sister of Ryan Butler. What else to say?

How about this - She learnd in the fines school of New York. But one day she calls her parents and they transver her to live with them in Stratford. At that piont she goes to school with Ryan.

Justin... he? He is Ryan's best friend. He knows that Ryan has a sister, but he never have sawed her. When he meets her... he finds her hot. Like Chaz do too...


13. Great News

Tiffany's pov


I woke up to beautiful snoring. I turned around and were face-to-face with the most beautifulest (i think. idk) boy ever. Justin sleped over last night.

I kissed his nose and just looked at him. He looks so cute while sleeping.

''Tiffany i love you'' he mumbeld while sleeping ''I can't wait for the baby to be born''

I smiled at his words. He really wants the baby. 

"Babe wake up'' i shook him ''We need to get ready''

''Mmm'' he murmeld and kept sleeping

''My parents are coming home today'' i spoke. The though that we need to tell them hanting me. I know that we need to tell them at one point, but what will they say. ''Justin wake up''

He smiled, which ment he was up. ''Morning'' he spoke in his morning voise, which was sexy as fuck.

''Morning'' i smiled and kissed him ''Ready for today?''

''Yeah'' he nodded ''I can promise they'll be happy''

''I hope so'' i mumbeld

~ ♥ ~

''So what do you want for breakfast?'' i asked as we walked in the kitchen

''You'' he wisperd slding his arms around me

''Very funnyJustin'' i giggeld ''But seriosly what do you want?''

''Hm i would love a bowl of cereal'' he looked at me

''Coming right up'' i nodded and got Capteyn Crunch from the top shelf. I turned around and looked at Justin ''What milk? Chocolate or normal?''

''Normal'' he spoked and gave me wierd look

''What? You haven't ate CC with chocolate milk?'' i asked puring the cereal in the bowls. ''Here'' i passed him his bowl.



''Mom. Dad'' i yelld as i hugged them ''I've missed you so much''

''We missed you too princess'' dad sppoked and kissed my head ''So where is your brother?''

''In his room playing video games, like always'' i smiled ''But...''

''But what hunny?'' mom asked

''I need to tell you something''

''Okey what is it?''

''We need to wait for Pattie'' i smiled ''Than i'll tell you''

''Okey'' she kissed my head and walked up to her and dad's room. I let out a breath i didn't know i was holding and sat on the floor.

I was sitting there with my eyes closed when some one spoked. ''Are you okey?'' i opend my eyes and Justin was stading infront of me

''Yeah'' i nodded ''Just bit stressed. What will my parents say? What will Pattie say?''

He sat next to me and hugged me ''Everything will be okey. And i bet they'll be happy''

''I hope so'' i wisperd

~ ♥ ~

''Mom, Dad, Pattie'' i smiled looking at all of them ''Me and Justin have to tell you something. But you need to promise not to be mad''

''What is it hunny'' Pattie smiled warmly at us.

''We promise that we won't get mad at whatever you have to tell us'' Dad smiled

I looked at Justin ''Okey. First me and Justin are dating'' i spoked and all they did was smile

''We knew that you guys would date someday'' mom smiled warmly

''Anyways that isn't really what we wanted to tell you guys'' i looked at Justin from corner of my eye.

''What Tiffany is trying to say is - She's pragnant''

There was long puse. If you'd droped a pin, you could hear it. ''I'm happy'' mom spoked and hugged me ''I didn't see this coming, but im happy''

''Thanks mom'' i smiled

''Im happy too princess'' dad spoked and kissed my head again ''And knowing it's Justin who you're with makes it better''

''So that means you're not mad?'' i asked

''Tiffany how can we be mad?'' Pattie spoked ''I was at you age when i had Justin and you're mom was close to it too''



''So you told you're parents?''

''Yeah'' i nodded ''I did.''

''And what did they say?''

''They're happy?''


''Nicki you ask too many questions'' i laughted ''And yes really''

''Well how can i not ask too many qustions?'' she scuffed ''You don't give me nothing and i want to know''

''Well at least you could've said tell me everything'' she just rolled her eyes ''So anyways you going to prom?''

''If someone askes me''

''Wait, so Hunter did ask you. Than what did he ask you?''

''Math homework'' she spat

''Okey. Don't worry someone will ask you''

''I doub it'' she mumbeld ''Atleast you have date to prom''

''Who? No one have asked me''

''Justin.'' she spoked ''You guys are dating, soo that means you guys are going to getter''

''Okey'' i shrugged ''But still he haven't asked me''

''Don't worry he will''

''You think so?'' i asked, worried look taking over my face

''Totally. He's sooooo in love with you. He won't let this slip''

''Hope you're right''

''Of curse i am'' she smiled


Selena's pov


''Selean we need one more girl'' Kevin said and paissed from one spot in the room to another ''Where we'll find in such short time''

''I have one idea'' i spoked and he stoped ''But we need to go back to Stratford''

''Why?'' he asked crosing hands over his chest

''Because i met three teens, my age, and i got to know there names.'' i explaned ''And one of the girl would be perfect for this''

''Okey'' he nodded ''But how are you gonna find her?''

''I'll go to the school.'' i smiled

''Okey'' he sighed ''I'll go buy tickets. Get ready'' he waved and walked in the other room.

I smiled and skipped to my bedroom to get ready. I pulled out my red suitcase and trowed everything i need in side

~ ♥ ~

''So where are we staying?'' i asked as we walked through the airport.

''We'll find a hotel'' he shrugged

''Wait'' i stoped ''You haven't planes where we're staying?''

''Really no'' he looked at me ''but how could i?''

''Okey'' i nodded ''Let's get there and i'll go to the school on Monday''

''Okey'' he nodded and we walked to our plain.

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