Best Friends Sister: Book I

Tiffany is the sister of Ryan Butler. What else to say?

How about this - She learnd in the fines school of New York. But one day she calls her parents and they transver her to live with them in Stratford. At that piont she goes to school with Ryan.

Justin... he? He is Ryan's best friend. He knows that Ryan has a sister, but he never have sawed her. When he meets her... he finds her hot. Like Chaz do too...


11. From Sad To Happy

Tiffany's pov


I walked down the street to my house. While walking i pulled out my phone and diald his number. ''Hey. Im gonna be home soon''

''Hey'' he said ''That's cool. So how about we go and see a movie?''

''Um yeah'' i said. I walked up the steps of my house and walked in. Ryan and Chaz were in the livingroom playing xBox so i just walked past them and up to my room

''Okey cool'' i could feel him smile. When you're dating someone you should be happy, right? Well if you're dating someone like him, than how much you try you can't be happy. ''So i'll pick you up at 7''

''Yeah, yeah'' i mumbeld in the phone

''Okey bye babe''

''Bye'' and than the dialing tone was heard. I slide down the wall till my butt hit the floor. I pulled my knees close to my chest and slinetly cryed.

But my crying was interrupted by my phone ringing. I crawled over to my phone and answerd it ''Hello?''

''OMG TIFFANY I HAVE AMAZING NEW GIRL'' she screamed in the phone

''What heppen? Tell me?'' i asked holling the phone with both hands


''OMG WHEN'' i squild too ''YOU KNOW WHAT COME TO MY HOUSE'' I said that and heard the dialing tone again.

I'll  take that as - She'll be here soon.

I got up from the floor and walked in the bathroom. I washed my face and hand. When i was done i walked back in the room and downstairs to wait for Nicki.

''Why did ya scream?'' Ryan asked not looking at me

''Wait and see'' i said and walked in the kitchen. I took a botle of water form the fridge. I was about to sit down when the door bell ranged ''I'll get it'' i yelld and ran to open it.

''OMG SHE'S COMING'' Nicki yelld as i opend the doors

"'Ahhh she's coming'' someone yelld in girly voice. I turned around and Ryan and Chaz were laughting there asses off

''What the fuck?'' i yelld

''Okey inaf laughting.'' Ryan said serios ''Now tell me why are you both yelling. And who's coming''

I look from the guys to Nicki ''Well Selena Gomez's coming to Startford'' I said. The biggest smile on my face.

''She's coming in December 5 and she'll be here till December 10'' Nicki add. And that moment both of our screams when out

''OMG'' i yelld ''THAT'S NOT SO LONG TO WAIT''

''I KNOW'''

''Yey Selena Gomez's coming'' Chaz macked girls voice again. I hit him on the arms ''Ow! What was that for?!''

I laughted ''That's for ruing our fun'' I said and sticked my thongue out at him. He just shrugged and they walked back in the livingroom to play who knows what.



I was lying in my bed and just dreaming about the day when Selena get's here. She'll have great time here. 

I mean there aren't many fans. It's me, Nicki and some sluty girls form my class. And than some little girls. But knowing sluties they don't care. And when it comes to Selena they get jealous.

Ha ha losers.

''Tiffany, Chace is here'' Ryan yelld from downstars. Wow i must been deep in thoughts because i didn't here the door bell rang.

I got out of the bed and walked to the door. Grabing my phone on the way there ''Coming'' i called out as i walked out of the room.

I walked downstares and put fake smile on. ''Hey Chace'' i said and hugged him.

He hugged me back ''Hey'' he wisperd in my ear. ''Okey we better go'' he said as we pulled away ''Don't want to miss the move''

''Yeah'' i said akwardly, but i don't think he noticed. I turned to look at Ryan ''Okey i'll be home later''

''Okey'' he nodded and gave me a hug. We pulled away and me and Chace walked out.

''How are gonna get there?'' i asked ''Because i don't see a car or something''

He looked at me ''Bus''

''Are you serios?'' i asked shocked ''If so im back in. Im not taking the bus. You can ride it buy your self''

''Well...'' he stoped '' have turned in Diva''

''Well i am older'' i spat ''What you thhough that i'll stay the same? Heck no'' i turned around and started walking back to the house ''Im going back. Get a ride and than plane something''

I walked in and slamed the door shut. I walked in the livingroom and plopped on the coutch ''Why are you back?'' Ryan asked pusing the game

''Not in the mood to goo somewhere'' i said looking at the TV screan.



Next morning i woke up with feeling i will puke. I quicly got up from the bed and ran in the bathroom. I druped to my knees and puked ibn the toilet bowl.

''Hey Ti- Omg Tiffany what's wrong?!'' Ryan said and rushed in the bathroom

''Can you please hand me my phone?'' i asked. He nodded and walked back in my room. After few seconds he came back holding my phone

''Here'' he said and gave it to me.

''Can you please leave me alone?'' i asked dialing his number.

''Uh yeah'' he said and walked out.

I pressed call on my phone and it ranged three times befor he answerd. "Hello?''

''Hey. Um can get me pregnancy test?'' i asked in the phone.

''Yeah. Be there in 20'' he asnwerd

''Thanks. I'll be waiting'' i asnwerd and the line went dead. 

I sat there for few minutes and when i felt better i got up and walked back in the room. I got dreasses. I were grey sweats and black over size t-shirt.

I walked downstairs to find Ryan making breakfast. ''Goodmorning'' i smiled. I sat down on of the stools ''What's cookin'?''

''Morning'' he looked at me wierd ''You feel good?'' he asked and i nodded. ''Okey... Well im making pancakes, eggs, bacon and orange juice''

''Mmm'' i smiled ''My favorirte''

he laughted. He was about to say something when the door bell ranged. I got up from the stool and ran to open the door.

I opend the door and it revealed smiling Justin ''Here'' he handed me a brown paper bag. I didn't need to look inside to know what was in there.

''Thanks'' i smiled and hugged him ''Ryan's in the kitchen'' he nodded and walked in. I closed the door and ran up stares to my room. I walked in and closed the door.

I walked in the bathroom and took out the pregnancy tests, which were three. I took one by one and did what i needed to do.

I sitting on the toilet with the lid down when there was a knock on the bathroom door. ''Tiffany you in there?'' someone asked. And that someone was Justin.

''Yeah'' i answerd.

''Can you let me inside?'' he asked

I stood up from my seat and opend the door ''Yup'' i smiled and let him.

''So what ya doing?'' he asked.

I laughted as his silly question. ''You know you can just kiss me'' i laughted. He smirked and walked over to me. He leaned down and over lips met.

But this beautiful moments was interrupted but my phone ringing. That means ten minutes have passed. I picked up the tests and looked at all of them. And all of them showing one sighed and that was lil' pink plus.

I turned to look at Justin. ''Justin...'' i traild off ''...we're parents'' I smiled

He looked at me shocked and than he lifed me up and kissed me ''Im so happy''

''Me too'' i smiled back

He put me back down and looked at me ''But you're still with him''

''We got in fight yesterday'' i looked down and than back up at him ''And i don't think i can live like this''

''Guys were are you?'' Ryan shouted through the house ''Breakfast is ready''

''Yeah we're coming'' i yelld back ''Let's just Ryan that we're togeter and i'll take care of Chace later'' He nodded and we walked out.

We walked in the kitchento find Ryan sitting at the table ''Finally. Where were you two?''

''In the bathroom'' i answerd ''We kinda need to tell you something'' i looked at him ''But you need to promise that YOU won't freak out''

He nodded ''Okey i won't freak out''

I looked at Justin and he took my hand in his ''Im pregnant'' I said and closed my eyes to avoid  Ryan's stare on me

There was silent and than Ryan spoke ''Im guessing Justin's the dad'' I nodded and i could hear the stool scratch agants the floor and than two arms around me. I opend my eyes to see that Ryan was hugging me.

''Your not mad?'' i asked confused. I thought he would be mad.

''A bit am, but im happy because Justin's dad not some random dude'' he said as we pulled away ''But what are you doing with Chace''

''I'll talk to him'' i said and sat down



''Hey Chace'' i said as i sat next to him on the bench ''I need to talk to you''

He looked at me and sighed ''Yeah, me too.''

I nodded ''Okey. You go first''

''Well i got a job in New York'' he pused ''And well as you can't come i though we should break up''

''Oh'' was all i said. On out side i was all sad, but on inside i was doing happy dance.

''Yeah. I hope you're okey.'' he pused ''But we can always be friends''

''Yeah. Im okey. And that would be great'' i hugged him ''Well than see you went i get there. If i get there''

''Okey'' he smiled and stood up ''Bye''

''Bye'' and with that he walked away. I smiled to my self

No more Chace

No more Miss UnHappy

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