Best Friends Sister: Book I

Tiffany is the sister of Ryan Butler. What else to say?

How about this - She learnd in the fines school of New York. But one day she calls her parents and they transver her to live with them in Stratford. At that piont she goes to school with Ryan.

Justin... he? He is Ryan's best friend. He knows that Ryan has a sister, but he never have sawed her. When he meets her... he finds her hot. Like Chaz do too...


29. February 14

Tiffany's pov


It's been over a week since my brithday. And i'll say it have been a good time. Me and Sel have gone to some interview, had amazing move nights and just chilled and talked to out fans. I still can't get over the fact that i have fans. Fans.


It all is just so amazing. And right now im working on my first song. Never thougt this day would come.


And even though it's Valentines day im gonna stay home. Selena of course no. She said that she haves a date. Im happy for her.


"Forever is a long time, I'm not gonna lie Is that a promise you can make?

Are we in the right place at the wrong time? Right now I really need some space

Together on the front line Look me in the eye and tell it straight to my face

Are we gonna work it out or pack it in? I guess this is the chance we take''


I don't know if it sounds crazy, but this song it kinda about Justin. Wow, i never though i'll write a song about him. But never say never, right?


Taping the pencil on the side of my notebook, i tryed to think of the rest of the lyrics. Hmm.


The taping turned into somekind of melodie, but that my phone ranged, making me stop. Picking it up, i didn't look at the caller ID. ''Hello?'' i asked, once i pressed answer. 


''Uh hey'' girls voice was heard from the other side ''Tiffany, right?''


''Yeah.'' i nodded to my self ''Who's this?''


A giggel left that girls throat ''Oh sorry'' she said ''Im Christian's sister - Caitlin.''


''Oh yeah'' i mentally face-plamed my self ''I remeber you"


She giggeled again ''So how have you been all this time? I heard that you're gonna be a star.'' she pused and than spoked up again ''I would love to see you.''


''Im good. Yeah.'' this time i pused. Did i really want to see her? ''I don't know about that. I have to look at the times. You know, i have all these interview and stuff.'' Okey, free time i hade on my hands. But i wasn't really sure if i want to meet her, again.


''Oh. I understand.'' she paused once again ''Well give me a call if you have the time. Bye.'' she said and with that the line went dead. Okey than.?


Putting my phone back down, i stood up and tossed the notebook on my bed. Walking out of the room, i made my way down the stairs and into the kitchen.


Taking a water bottel out of the fridge i noticed a piece of paper on the counter. Walking over, i looked down at it.




Tif, can you please by some milk? Thanks.

Sel :)


Of course! Why didn't i think of it befor i read it? Turning around, i made my way to the livingroom. I truned on the flatscrean TV and right as on cue Two and half man started. ''Okey than'' i said to my self.






Getting out of my car, i quicly pulled my black ray bens over my eyes and snap on my head. You never know if your fans are out and can might see you. So better be safe and sound. Not drawing any attention, i walked in the WallMart.


Walking down the the aile where the milk and other dairy produce were, i couldn't stop looking at this cute little girl, just few meters away from me. She seemed lost or she lost someone.


''Hi'' i sofly said, once i reaxhed her. She looked like she was 5 - 6 that age. ''Im Tiffany. And you are?'' i asked.


''H-Hi'' she shyly answerd ''Im Mia'' she smiled.


''Beautiful name for beatiful girl'' i smiled back ''But you seemed sad. Is everything alreaight?''



Justin's pov



''Hey Chaz'' i said as he walked down the rows of desks in the Chemistry class. He and Ryan like four days ago got home from LA and might i say - they both look like shit, still. ''Nice look'' i laughted.


''Oh shut up'' he rolled his eyes and dropped in his seat "And i feel like shit.''


''Dude it've been like four days since you both got home.'' i staited, looking at him ''How much more time you need to have to get out of your 'hangover'?''


''Oh don't push my bottons Bieber.'' he wiggeld his index finger in my direction which only made me laught ''What's so funny?'' he turned around and raised one eyebrow.


''Nothing.'' i smirked. He was about to shoot back with something ''smart'' back, but the bell cut him off. With one last glare he turned back around and fixed his attention to Mr Jones. 


''Okey class'' Mr Jones said, standing infront of the class ''Today we're learning about water.'' Seriosly water?




Shutting my locker closed, i turned around and walked down the hall to my next class - French. Well the good news are that im good at it.


On my way there i couldn't stop noticing girls wispering to each other and red hearts in there hands. And in that moment something clicked in my head - it's February 14 or Valentines Day. Sighing, i tryed to ignor them all. 


Walking through the door of the class room, i let my gaze wonder over my classmates. Mostly girls were holding red hearts in there hands -just like the girls in the hallway-, but guys were just talking as if today didn't matter. 


If Tiffany was here or atleast she wouldn't have broke up with me, it would matter, you know? But who really cares? It's just one dumb day were girls want to get roses, chocolates and go to romantic date. Well you can do that on normal days too.


Sitting in my usuall seat, i opend mu notebook where around ten blank pages were lockated. But on the firts page one word was scribled down.




''Hello class'' the voice of my French teacher sudenlly ranged through my ears. I must've been in deeps thoughts or what because i honestly didn't hear the bell. ''Today we're gonna talk little about French history.'' she said and PowerPoint presention was shown. 




''Finaly home'' i said once i shut the door to the house ''Mom" i called out, dropping my backpac on the floor by the door.


''In the kitchen.'' she called out few seconds later. Putting a smile on my face, i walked in the kitchen where she trully was ''Hey hunny. How was school?''


''It was great.'' Not. ''How was work?''



Tiffany's pov


''You sure you don't have any plans?'' Selena asked for the 100th time this hour. She's going out with her date, who ever that is? And since she's going out and it's Valentines day she's hopping im going out too.


Well i would go out on date if i... you know just forget about it. It's in the past anyways. ''Sel, what's wrong with that im staying home?'' i asked looking at her through her mirror.


''Nothing'' she lightly shrugged, fixing her eye make-up ''It's just weird, you know?''


''It's not weird'' i protested ''It's normal. And i like normal. Not always you have to have a boyfriend.''




''Okey, okey'' she stood up and turned to me. Her dark blue dress hugged her body perfectly. And the way i fixed her hair, just summed everything up. Who ever is taking her out is very lucky. And i hope he doesn't break her heart. ''So how i look?''


''You look amazing'' i beamed at the same time the doorbell ranged. Smiling one less time she walked out of the room. 




Okey, maybe spending Valentines Day home alone and watching romantic movies isn't such a good idea. But what else should i do? It was MY mistace why im here now. And im talking about the alone part.


But that's in the past now and we can't do anything about the things we do/say in the past, can we? And beside you're gonna date many guys (or girls -for boys-) till you find the real love of you're life. Plus im still young. Im only 18.


Dicating to change The Last Song to 21 Jampstreet my phone ranged on the coffee tabel. Putting the DVD back in it's case i picked up my phone. ''Hello?''


''Hey sis.'' Ryan's voice ranged through the speakers, but actuality it wasn't the only one. There were like two more guy voices in the background. ''What'ya doing?''


''Hey'' i replyed ''Just watching movies. Nothing speacil. You? And what is that noise?'' Looking around the room to check if i had everything i need for tonight, my eyes lamded on the big baby yellow bowl on the coutch. Where once was popcorn now were only crums.


Taking that in my other hand i walked in the kitchen, this day it might be my 5th time. But, oh, well. ''Oh. Me, Chaz and Justin are just playing video games.''  Ryan spoked and for second there i forgot i was talking with him ''Yeah. So they are the noise'' he said more to them, than to me.


''Cool'' was all that left my mouth as i put the popcorn pack in the microwave. Setting it for four minutes i pressed my lower back agiants the counter. ''So why did you call?''


He chuckled ''Just wanted to see are you on date."


''That's it?''


''Yup'' he said pupping the 'p' and  more laughted was heard from his side of the line.


''Dude tell her that she could ask out her pillow.'' Chaz's voice ranged through the speakers of my phone.


''You know Chaz i can hear you.'' i smirked to my self ''Oh and hi Justin.''


There was a slight pause. In which you could only hear my breathing and maybe Ryan's. Plus if you'd drop a pin, you could hear that. Well this was awkwrd. ''Anyways.'' i started. I just couldn't take this anymore ''Bye Ry and bye guys. I gotta go.'' not waiting his answer i pressed 'End'.


And at the sametime the microwave beemed, signaling that my popcorn was done. How didn't i hear the popcorn poping?




Ryan's pov



''Justin why didn't you answer her?'' i asked after the phone call with Tiffany ''And don't tell me you didn't hear her.''


He just shrugged. Something was wrong with him. Taking my gaze from him, i looked at Chaz. As if reading my thoughts he looked at Justin and opend his mouth: ''Care to tell us what's wrong?''


''Nothing'' he mumebeld and stood up ''It's late. I should get going.''


''Whoa'' i steped infront of him ''Where's the hurry? And it's only 8pm.'' i staited.


''Seriosly, bro, tell us what's wrong." Chaz spoked, standing up now.


Justin turned around and looked at him ''Why?'' he simply asked ''Why do you want to know so bad?''


''Because we're your best friends'' this time i spoked up, which only led me to talking with Justin's back ''And we want to help you.'' i paused ''Plus Tiffany still loves you. You might won't believe it, but she does. She actuality was such a downer at her birthday party.''


''Maybe it's her act.'' He spat, turning around to face me ''Maybe she's lieing.'' And with that he stormed through the door, to God-know-where.



Justin's pov


I ran down the street. The only light was coming from the dim light post. The anger was still boiling in my vaines. Ryan's word still replaying in my head.


'Plus Tiffany still loves you. You might won't believe it, but she does. She actuality was such a downer at her birthday party.'


That all doesn't sum up. She was the one to break up with me. How can he she still love me? How?


Maybe she did want to... the voice at back of my mind spoked.


She didn't want to what?


Break up with you.


Than why did she do it?


Maybe you should as her. You know, if you have the guts.


Stoping there, i shook my head. Im going crazy. And stoping at running, i looked around. The cold February air brushing againts my skin.


Some Valentines day, i'll say.




anyways, as i said in the previes chapter, im doing book two: [insert the name here] lol. yeah, i have the next books title figured out, but i gonna keep it to my self.


so about this chapter - Tiffany still loves Justin and Justin still loves Tiffany. They can't admit to one another. Confusing? Yes? No? Good.

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