Best Friends Sister: Book I

Tiffany is the sister of Ryan Butler. What else to say?

How about this - She learnd in the fines school of New York. But one day she calls her parents and they transver her to live with them in Stratford. At that piont she goes to school with Ryan.

Justin... he? He is Ryan's best friend. He knows that Ryan has a sister, but he never have sawed her. When he meets her... he finds her hot. Like Chaz do too...


2. Basseted or not

Tiffany's pov


Nicki went home like an hour ago. And now.. Ryan is pounding on my room door. I think Justin is still here. But, i don't really know, because from the moment Nicki left i haven't left my room. 

And rigth now, like i said, Ryan is pounding on my room door. ''What you want?'' i spat.

''Tif, please don't say anything to mom and dad. Im begging you'' he pleated

''Why wouldn't i do that?'' I asked ''There's no reason why i wouldn't do that''

''If you don't tell, i'll do anything you say''

''Anything?'' i smirked. That evel smile of my, creeping on my face.

''Yes, anything.'' he pused ''But that don't tell''

''Okey i won't tell. But you better don't lie'' I warned. Im really lieing. Im not gonna keep it to my self. I want my parents know what he and his friend did to us.

''Yes. She wont tell'' i heard Ryan chear ''We are safe''

''Told you bro'' I heard another deep voice. And nobody have came, so that is... Justin. Okey that answers my prevoise question.

''You know, i can hear you'' i called out.

''I don't care sissy'' Ryan called out

''RYAN..'' i shreaked ''DON'T YOU EVER CALL ME LIKE THAT''

''Ha ha to late for that'' i could tell he was smirking. Ugh, i hate him.

The house growed silent as the BOYS went in one of the rooms. Soon afterwords the front door opend and closed.

''Mom!'' i yelld and jumped off of my bed. I quicly rushed out the door and down the stairs.

''Oh hey sweetheart'' she smiled and hugged me.

''Mom can we talk?'' i asked pulling away. She nodded and we walked in the kitchen ''So... while you guys were away. Me and Nicki were watching a movie and Ryan with his friend Justin scared us''

''I'll have a talk to him about this'' she smiled ''RYAN''

''Coming mom'' i heard him call back and than foor steps coming down the stairts ''What's wrong?''

''Tiffany said you and Justin scared her and Nicki'' she truned to look at Ryan ''Is it true?''

''No mom'' 

''How can you lie?'' i spat

''Tiaffny...'' my mom warned.. I mumbeld 'sorry' and gave him dead look. She nodded and turned back to Ryan ''Continue''

''She's lieing. She wants me to get in truble''

I gasped ''Oh please'' And walked out of the kitchen. Leaving him and mom. ''Hey dad'' I smiled and walked upstairs to my room.


Ryan's pov


 I was sitting in my room with Justin, when my mom called me ''RYAN''

''Coming mom'' i call back and got up from my seat ''I will be right back'' he nodded and i walked out of my room and down the stairs. ''What's wrong?''

''Tiffany said you and Justin scared her and Nicki'' she truned to look at me ''Is it true?''

''No mom'' 

''How can you lie?'' she spat

''Tiffany...'' mom warned.. She mumbeld 'sorry' and gave me dead look. Mom nodded and turned back to me ''Continue''

''She's lieing. She wants me to get in truble''

She gasped ''Oh please'' And walked out of the kitchen. Leaving me and mom. 

''Ryan, please tell me the truth'' mom looked at me with pleading eyes.

''I am telling the truth'' i reapeated ''Can i go now?''

She sighed ''Okey, but we'll have this talk later, when your father will be.''

I nodded and walked upsatirs. Insted of going to my room i went to Tif's room. I didn't bother to knock, so i walked in. ''Why the hell did you tell mom?''

''You seriosly thought i'll keep it a secreat?'' she asked turning to look at me ''You should know me better than that''

''Yeah i thought. I guess so.''

''Brother, dear, next time don't guess.'' she pused and msirked ''Know.''

''What that suppost to mean?'' i questioned ''Somekind of song lyrics?''

''No'' she spat ''That is for me to know and for you to find out. Now leave''

''Okey, okey. Im going'' i put my arms up in the surender and turned around ''Oh and our little deal thing is over'' and i walked out.

I walked down the hall and into my room. ''So how was talk?'' Justin asked

''Made my way through with lie'' i smiled ''And than Tiffany...''

''What about her?'' he asked, somehow finding intrest in that subject. If he wouldn't have a crush on my bitchie sister, he wouldn't be intrested. 

I sighed ''Drop it Justin''

''Okey okey'' he looked down at his phone and than back at me ''I gotta go'' I nodded and he was gone.


• the next day •


Tiffany's pov


''So how things went yesterday when i left?'' Nicki asked as i opend my locker.

''I told my mom and than she called Ryan downstairs and he lied.'' i pused ''H etold her that he didn't do such thing.''

''Seriosly?'' she questend me with wide eyes ''That is something i wasn't waiting from him''

I nodded ''Yeah, me too. But look he did it.''

''Okey,'' she claped her hands togetter ''Let's for get about it''

I smield ''Yeah. Let's get to Mr Greys class. I don't want to get in truble.'' She nodded and we were of to our fisrt class - Math.

''Hey babe'' someone called. I don't need to turn around to know who it is.

''Jusitn, i told you leave me alone.'' I said not looking at him

''Baby don't be like that'' he said a took me by my wrist ''You know you love me''

''Get your facts right.'' i pulled away from his grip ''I. Don't. Like. You.'' I said and walked away


''What was that all about?'' 

I shruged ''You know, Justin being Justin''

''Hey Tiffany'' someone called out ''I head you and Justin are a thing now''

''What? Where did you hear this Stephanie?''

''Justin is bregging about this in the hall way. I bet the whole school knows by this time'' She shruged and walked away

''Oh he will get it now'' i hissed and ran out of the Math class ''JUSTIN''

''Hey babe. Shouldn't you need to be in Math?''

''Oh cut the act.'' i rolled my eyes ''First, the lessin doesn't start for fifteen more minutes and Second, im not your babe or girlfriend.'' I hit him and walked away.

While i walked back to the Math class, i got some awkward stairs, but i shrugged them off.

''I think he wants him self some truble'' i said as i sat back down in my seat.

''What did you tell him this time?''

''I told him that i not his babe and girlfriend.'' i pused ''And than i hit him''

''Whoa you hit him?'' she asked suprised from what i told her

I nodded ''Yeah...''

''You and Ryan and, i don't know what. You're just both full off supries.'' She smiled


Justin's pov


I was standing in the hall when someone called my name. ''JUSTIN''

''Hey babe. Shouldn't you need to be in Math?''

''Oh cut the act.'' she rolled my eyes ''First, the lessin doesn't start for fifteen more minutes and Second, im not your babe or girlfriend.'' she hit me and walked away.

''What was that about?'' Ryan asked walking next to me

''I don't know.'' i shrugged ''Your sister just came to me and tols somethings and than she hit me''

''What things?'' he questined

''You know she isn't my babe and girlfriend''

He laughted at that. ''Yeah..''

''What's so funny?''

''Ah, you both.'' he pused ''But that you and Chaz have crush on her is gross. I can't stand that.''

''We wouldn't have crush on her, if she wouldn't be so hot'' Chaz said as he walked up to us. We did our handshacke and walked in the class.

''I told you guys, don't ever call her hot.''

''We can't help it'' I smiled and sat down.

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