Best Friends Sister: Book I

Tiffany is the sister of Ryan Butler. What else to say?

How about this - She learnd in the fines school of New York. But one day she calls her parents and they transver her to live with them in Stratford. At that piont she goes to school with Ryan.

Justin... he? He is Ryan's best friend. He knows that Ryan has a sister, but he never have sawed her. When he meets her... he finds her hot. Like Chaz do too...


23. Back Home and Fights: Part 2

Tiffany's pov


I fell in the coutch when Ryan spoked up ''What happen to you?'' he asked and walked out, not waiting for my answer.


What happen to me? What happen to all of them? They are the one's who have change.... or maybe it's really me. No, it's not me!!


I stood up from the coutch, grabed my coat and walked out, slaming the door in process. They all are just jealous. Yeah that's it. Jealous. All of them.


I walked along the street, the cold December air hitting agiants my face. ''Hey. Tiffany'' someone called behind me. I turned around to who ever was calling me.


''Oh hey Holly'' i smiled and smile in her way ''What's up?'' i asked, my hands in the pocket of the coat. Well it was freazing.


''I heard from Britny that you'll be a pop star'' She said, not stalling anything.


''Have she?'' i asked to my self ''Well yeah, it's true'' i said looking up at her ''So...''


''So what?'' she asked, kinda confused.


''You want to yell at me too?'' i asked. Well that wouldn't be suprise now, not anymore.


''What?'' she forrowed her eyebrows that they met in the middle of her forehead. ''Of course no.! Why would i do that?'' i shrugged ''Anyways you want to go get coffee?'' I nodded.




''So how are things at school?'' i asked taking a sip from my cocoa ''Anything new?''


She laughted and than spoked up. The words which left her mouth kinda shoked me. ''When people heard what happen to you and Selena Gomez they were so worried. Everyone asked Ryan if he knew anything'' she explained ''Even how wierd that sounds Britny and her wannabe's were worried'' she added


''Shoking'' i breathed out ''Well im fine now'' i smiled a fake smile. I was soooo not fine. I wasn't even close to it. I took another sip from the mug and turned to Holly. ''Excuse me. I need to call someone'' i said and she nodded.


With that said or done i stood up and heated in the direction of the girl bathroom. I walked in and pulled out my phone. I pressed call at the number and waited till she picks up. ''Hello?'' girls voice said on the other side.


''Hi Sel'' i said, rather in sad tone ''when is closet i can go back to LA? I mean closet to New Year.''


There was a long pause from Selena's side of the line. Finally after whatfelt like ages she started to  talk ''Well...'' she started ''...Christmas is on December 24th and New Year is on December 31st. So that is a week between'' she pused ''Well you have atleast to come on 26th or 27th''


''Okey...'' i nodded to my self ''Hey is there any chance i could take a friend with me?'' i asked. I looked in the big mirror, which was all over the opposite wall from the stals. 


''Of course you can'' by the way she said it i could imagine her smiling ''But you'll have to introduce me with her''


''Of course'' i answerd smiling my self ''Well okey. i'll call or text you went i got the ticket for plane''


''Sure'' she replyed. We said our good bye and than i hungged up. Taking in a breath, i let it out. I took one last look in the mirror and turned around heading for the door when some one bumbed in to me.


''Oh im so sorry'' A girls voice ranged through the bathroom. When she looked up at me it seemed like she sawed a ghost or something. I was about to say something when she spoked again ''Aren't you Tiffany Butler?'' she asked.


For moment there i was shoked and confused. It was like the time have frozed or something. I just stood there and stared at her and she did the same. After what felt like next year i cleared my throat and spoked up ''Yeah'' i nodded.


''You are the girl that Selena Gomez talked about on TV'' she smiled looking at me ''She said that you're gonna be the next big thing. Is that true?''


''Well..'' i started, going for lost of words


''Celia'' she finished for me with warm smile.


''Well Celia..'' i started again ''...yeah that's true like 24 hours ago i sighed a contract with a record label'' i returned her smile


''That must be so awesome'' her eyes sparkeld like the thin layer of snow outside ''Anyways if it's not much to ask: Can i have an autograph?'' i nodded as she handed me a piece of paper. I sighed it and handed it back to her ''Thank you''


''Your welcome'' i flashed her one last time a smile and walked out of the bathroom. I sighed as i made my way back to the table where the red haired girl with piercing in her noise sat. ''Hey Holly,'' she looked up once i mentioned her name ''how would you like to come with me to LA for New Year?''


''That's sounds good, but i need to talk with my parants'' she said looking up at me. Holly was that one girl at school who everyone like and hated at the sametime. By the way she looked some would think she's somekinda bully. But she was nothing like it.


''Okey. Cool'' i nodded and sliped a little piece of paper over the table ''It's my number. Call me or text me about what your perants' said'' i staited as she nodded. I fleshed her a smile ''Bye for now'' i sanged and hugger her.




''Mmm mom this is amazing'' i smirked at my mom from across the table ''To be honest i kinda missed your cooking''


She shoot me a smile ''In that case i'll have to go down there pretty often''


''Maybe you should'' i staited ''You could meet all these nice people. Go see how Los Angeles looks'' i said looking at all my family ''And im sure, dad, that there would be something intresting for you to do too'' i said looking at my dad and Ryan's soccer coach.


''Im sure they would'' he smiled at me and than looked at my mom ''Maybe we would go there when Ryan haves his Spring break'' he suggested at the same time when my phone buzzed in my pocket. But injoying this moment with my family i ignor it.


''Oh honey that's a great idea'' mom giggle like shool girl. Atleast they were happy about the idea going to LA.


While mom and dad had there own conversation with each other i turned to look at Ryan. As if feeling my gaze on him, he turned and looked at me ''Ry chear up. In LA there are some pretty hot girls'' 


As if in alarm his eyebrows shot up ''Really?'' he asked sounding interested. I nodded my head and smirked appeared on his face ''Now im totally going there'' he said rather to him self, but i heard him anyways.


I turned back at my perants when my phone buzzed again. And like last time i ignor it. "'Mom, Dad'' i said and they turned to look at me ''After Christmas im going back to LA'' i said.


Not taking long mom spoked up ''Why?''


''I have a feeling some people hate me.'' i said referring to Nicki, but im not gonna say that out loud ''So for the New Year i'll be there''


''Oh hunny-'' mom started, but dad cut her short


''Well in that case..'' he started '''ll have to come visit us in January'' he smiled


''Of course i will. If i already missed mom's cooking'' i smiled at her and than looked at Ryan ''and my jerk of a brother.'' mom and dad laughted at my comment which led Ryan to pout ''Won't work'' i sanged.


When i was done with the dinner i stood up and walked up to my room. I shut the door to my room closed and pulled my phone out of my pocket. Once it was unlocked two masagges poped on the screan.


I glide my finger over the screan and pressed open the first text.


From: Unknow

hey it's me Holly. yeah i'll be abel to go with you to la


I saved her number and smiled at the response.


To: Holly

great. don't worry about the ticket i'll buy it. AND don't worry about money.


I pressed send and pressed open the second text masagge. Well this shoked me. To be completely honest i didn't know i'll get a text from her.


From: Nicki

hey. i um. well i bet ur really mad. i understand. but can we plz talk?


With out second thoughts i pressed reply and quicly typed in the text. Well if she gonna be like this than i don't know any more. And beside what ''best friend'' would treat there (best) friend like that.?


To: Nicki

well how about we don't talk? i mean why would we.? we have nothing 2 talk about. u already said everything earlier this morning.


I pressed send and locked the phone. Dropping it on the bed i walked in the bathroom and looked at my self in the mirror. The -Ryan's- question ecoing in my head again. Well more likely all day, but that i managed to ignor it.


''What happen to you?''


What does he mean by that? I am the same old me. Nothing have changed.


Are you sure? A voice at back of my head asked.




Well maybe you have changed. If you wouldn't than why did you and Nicki get in fight? There it goes again.


Because she was being a bitch.


See you have changed. The old would NEVER call her best friend in names. It spoked. Im getting annoyed by that voice.


Well even if- I was cut short because my phone ranged in the other room. I sighed and headed back in my bedroom. I walked over to the bed and picked up the phone.


From: Nicki

look, im sooooooooooo sorry. i should never said what i said. & my act wasn't the best either. really can we talk?


To: Nicki

no way. & it doesn't matter that ur sorry. 


Not mere seconds later -after i sand the text- was reply from her. If i said i was annoyed by that voice in back of my head. I was more annoyed now from all these texts.


From: Nicki

c'mon Tif. ik u don't believe me, but let's meat. key?


To: Nicki

uhhhhh fiiiiiiiiiine. tomorrow at 1pm. starbucks.


I pressed send and quicly turned the phone of. When that was done i let out another sigh and sat down on the bed. Befor i could lie down a knock from other side of the wooden door ecoed through my room. ''Come in'' i yelld.


The door open and in walked Ryan ''We need to talk'' he said and closed the door ''Tiffany'' he started after long pause of silnce. As quicly as that was said the silnce was back.


''Ryan will you start talking or are you waiting for next year?'' i asked pissed. I seriosly just want to go to bed and that is all. Is that much to ask?


He took a seat on one of the chairs in my room and looked down at the blood-red carpet. ''Tiffany'' he said again and looked up to meet my gaze ''Why did you change? Who changed you?'' he asked. Sadness flashing in his eyes.


All i could do was sit and look at my self. First, i was a bit taken back by his questions and Second, i don't even know what to answer to him.


Why did you change?


Who changed you?


His questions ecoing in my mind once again.

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