Best Friends Sister: Book I

Tiffany is the sister of Ryan Butler. What else to say?

How about this - She learnd in the fines school of New York. But one day she calls her parents and they transver her to live with them in Stratford. At that piont she goes to school with Ryan.

Justin... he? He is Ryan's best friend. He knows that Ryan has a sister, but he never have sawed her. When he meets her... he finds her hot. Like Chaz do too...


9. Alright... we need to do something

Tiffany's pov


 I sat in the dark room. The only light came from the dusty window high on the wall.

By this time i have gave up on all. I have gave up on me seeing or even being outside. I have give up on locing for real.

But mostly i have give up on seeing my family. That's one think i though i wont give up. NEVER EVER. But once again i was wrong.

''So how are you doing?'' he spoke walking in the room.

I didn't make any contect with him. I sat there, in the corner and watched, well started at the wall in front of me.

''I was talk to you'' he spat and yanked my arm, so i would stand. But still i didn't look at him. ''Look at me bitch''

I slowly turned my head and looked at him. ''Chace, you never called me names and never abused me. Why are you doing this now?'' i looked at him. Pain and hurt masking my face.

I think it hit him because he looked down ''Im sorry'' he wisped ''I don't even know my self'' he sat down on the cold floor.

I didn't know what to do, so sat next to him ''What happen that you turned like this?'' i spoked sofly.

''I don't know'' he looked up at me ''I guess when you left me one and half years ago something clicked and i guess that why. I though i lost you. I loved you with all my heart.''

I looked him in the eyes and could tell he was telling the truth. But still it didn't make senc to me ''Why didn't you call?''

''I don't know'' he looked down ''And when i found out that your coming here, i really didn't think than and went after you''

''So you followed me over a coutry? Just to do this?'' i menchend around us.

He shoock his head ''It didn't need to be like this''

''Than like what did it have to be?'' i looked at him.

''I.. I wanted to talk to you. And than i saw you with him'' he spoke so sofly.

''With Justin?'' i questioned. He nodded

''Yeah. And than this jealousy kinda feeling hit me'' he looked at me ''And than all this shit happen''

''So you were Peter and you called me?'' i asked still looking at him

''Yeah'' he sighed ''Im really sorry about all this shit happening''

''Chace if you wanted me back, than why didn't you come to me or call me? We could've talk this out'' i said and put my hand on his sholder.

''I don't know'' he wisperd

''And Chace?''


''Do you still do what you did?'' i asked, while staring at the door infront of me.

It was silent for sometime and than he spoke up ''No'' he simply answerd.

''Chace what would you do if i'd give you another chace?'' i spoke. I don't even know where that came from.

''I would treat you right and wouldn't do the shit i did'' he spoke. I could feel he was watching me ''Are you giving me another cahnse?''

I shrugged ''I don't know'' i looked up at him ''You were sweet'

''And you were amazing'' he smiled ''So what are yo giving me?''


Justin's pov


After goodnight sleep, wearm meal and 'colecting' my self im back in the track. Im like i was befor. All srong and ready to fight.

''So what do we do?'' Chaz asked ''Because we need to something''

I nodded ''I know'' i turned my attention to Ryan ''So what we do?''

''We need plane.'' he spoke with out emotions ''And than do what ever we can''

''But we can't just break in his house and call things around'' i stated

''I know. That's why we need discretion'' he spoke and looked at me

''Bro, sorry im not doing it.'' he said and leaned back in my seat ''I don't want to end up broken''

''Good discretion would be a girl'' Chaz spoke up and i nodded.

''Okey. A girl?'' Ryan said ''But who?''

''How about Tiffany's best friend?'' i asked

''Nicki?'' Chaz asked and i nodded ''Don't think she'll be up for this''

''Well she'll be if we tell her it'll save her best friend'' i pointed out.


Tiffany's pov


I watched as he walked out leaving me alone again.

These past few minutes we talked everything out and he left to let me think abotu all this. About the way i feel about him.

I don't know why but part of me want to forgive him and give him another chanse. But other part of me doesn't.

'He treated you like shit.'

But everyone makes there mistaces

'Do you really think he's changed?'

I don't know. But he promised.

'Yeah. Well primises are made to be breaken'

But i really want to forgive him.

'But what about Justin?'

He's like brother to me. Nothing big. I hope.

'To you he maybe be a brother, but to him your more than that. He loves you. And you know that'

Yes, i know that he loves me. But Chaz does too.

'But Chaz doesn't love you like that'

Okey. Than what are you saying?

'You need to forget about Chace and move on. For crying out loud Justin is waiting out side these walls'

I don't know.

After the talk with my self, i closed my eyes and tryed to relex. But it was soon intruropted by door opening. I opend my eyes and looked as Chace came in and sat next to me.

''So you though about it?'' he asked and i nodded ''And what you came to?''

''Okey. I'll  give you another chase'' i looked at him and he pulled me in bone crushing hug. Something about this didn't feel right tho.

''I love you. And i wont hurt you'' he smiled and kissed me.

I smiled back ''I love you too'' i looked at the door and than back at him ''Can i get out of her now?''

He nodded and stood up. ''C'mon. I'll give you something to eat'' He pulled me up and we walked out of the room.

We were walking up when the door bell ranged. I looked at Chace giving him 'who is it?' look. He shrugged and went to open it.

''Hello.'' female voice spoke when he opend the door. But that voice i know it,

''Nicki'' i called out when it hit me. I ran over to the door and hugged her ''Oh My God. Girl''

''Ah Tif'' she squild ''I've missed you'' she said as we pulle away from the hug

I looked over to Chace and he had confused look on his face ''Oh sorry. Chace this is Nicki my best friend. Nicki this is my boyfriend Chace''

Chace looked Nicki up and down and put his arm around me. ''So you're the girl Tiffany talk about?''

''Chace'' i nugged him on the side

''Tif you talk about me?'' Nicki asked and Chace nodded. I didn'' really know what to say because rigth now he's lieing.

''So Nicki want to come in?'' i asked to avoied all the lie that would go down

''She shoock her head ''Sorry i can't. I just- I need to go. See ya Tif'' she waived by as she walked away.

I did the same and Chace closed the door ''Why did you lie?'' i asked turning to look at him

''Well i need to say something'' he pointed out.

I sighed ''Okey. Whatever.'' i looked at him ''Can i now get something to eat?''

He nodded and we walked in the kitchen ''So you coming back to NY or staying here?'' he asked as he fixed something to eat for me.

I shrugged ''I don't really know. Even if i would my parents aren't home''

''Can't you just leave?''

''Chace, i have parents'' i reminded him ''I need to tell them where i want tolearn. And we need to talk about the school life and everyhing''

''Okey'' he nodded and pasted me good looking sandwhick ''And when will they be home?''

''After month or two'' i said and took a bite of the sandwhich. 


Justin's pov


We were about to go in the house when Nicki came running to us. ''Guys don't'' she yelld.

We stood up and looked at her ''And why would we do that?'' i asked

''She... The guy.. Togetter'' she spoke in between breaths.

''She agreed'' i wisperd to my self. I looked at the guys and than at Nicki ''Thanks. Im going home now'' i said and walked away.

''Justin where are you going?'' Ryan yelld after me

I stoped ''I said im going home.'' i spoked my back still facing them ''She'll be home soon. Don't worry'' i said and walked away. This time no one stoped me.

I made it on the sidewalk and walked down to my house.

After what Nicki said ifelt my heart break in 1000 little pieces.

She said yes. She wasn't leing. She never loved you.

My mind spoke. And it all repeated like old song.

I would be lieing if i said it didn't hurt me. Because rigth now it heart like hell.

She was never yours'... She won't ever love you. I bet she doesn't see you more as her brother.

Mind spoked. And it's good thing that im home because i broked down crying. I ran up to my room and locked the door.

Nothing have ever hurt me as more as this...

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