Best Friends Sister: Book I

Tiffany is the sister of Ryan Butler. What else to say?

How about this - She learnd in the fines school of New York. But one day she calls her parents and they transver her to live with them in Stratford. At that piont she goes to school with Ryan.

Justin... he? He is Ryan's best friend. He knows that Ryan has a sister, but he never have sawed her. When he meets her... he finds her hot. Like Chaz do too...


1. She's hot and Let the game begin...

Ryan's pov


Monday... What could be more depressing? Oh, yeah... The fact that MY best friend's are crushing on my sister.

''Ryan, bro, your sister's hot'' Justin said standing next to me. His back againts the lockers.

''Ew. How can you say that about my sister?'' i asked shuting my locker.

''Okey,  okey..'' he raised his arms up in the air ''But you know the fact that she's....''

''HOT'' Chaz finished for him. I  gave them dead glare, but they ignored it.

''Okey guys let's get to class. I don't want Mrs Black yell at us or something'' i said and picked up my back pack.

''After your sister goes away'' Justin drooled, looking past my sholder. I turned around and became face-to-face with my sister.

''Hey Ry'' she smiled ''What are you doing after school?''

''Hey sis. Nothing'' i pused ''Why?''

''Mom wants you to help her with something''

''Uh okey'' i sighed ''But why me?''

She shruged ''Beats me''

''Can i come with you dude?'' Justin asked steping next to me.

''I don't know'' I smiled ''I don't even know what mom wants from me''

''Ryan...'' Tiffany traild of ''I know why Justin wants to come... He doesn't want to help you, but look at me'' She pionted her finger to her.

I gave him dead glare ''Nah. I really want to help him'' He defented.

''Yeah.. sure'' she laughted ''Whatever helps you sleep at night. Bye Ry...'' She smiled and walked away.

''She is sooo hot'' Justin said and we walked to Math class.


Tiffany's pov


Justin is seriosly getting on my nervs. Ever sinc i moved her, he have been bothering with his stupid coments. I know what he is trying to do. He wants me to fall in love with him. But he and his stupid coments wont make fall in love.

''Hey. Tif. You okey?'' Nicki asked, snaping me out of my thoughts.

''Uh, yeah. Im good.'' i flashed her simpatyck look ''What are you doing after school?''

''Going home'' she smiply answerd.

''You want to come to my house?'' i asked her. If Justin is coming over to ''help'' Ryan, i need good reson why i wont come out of my room.

''Sure. But why?'' she turned all serios. I gave her knowing look and she nodded.

She knows  the situation with Jusitn and I. 

''Miss Star, do you have something to say?'' Mr Wallter asked. He's my History teacher. So that means we are sitting in History class.

I looked over at Nicki, she was blushing from the emberismment. She shock her head no ''Than stop talking and pay atenshen to what im saying. The same goes for you Miss Butler'' he worned and turned back at the class.

I rolled my eyes ''Few more minutes'' She nodded.


''Finally'' i cheard ''Let's go'' I grabed her by her arm and pulled her out of the class.

'Whoa, Tif, slow down'' Nicki gasped and stoped, pulling me back

''Let's go'' i nodded my head in the directin where the door was ''I want to be home befor Ryan and Justin get's there''

''I think it wont work''

''Why?'' i quetsioned. She pionted past my sholder. I turned around.. oh no. ''Let' go. We'll the the shortcut.''

''Whoa. Im not doing in that ally.'' she pulled away from my grip on her hand and steped back ''You can go, im not going''

''Nicki please. Just this one time. I will do what you want me to do'' i made my famos puppy dog eyes. And withing seconds she sighed.

''Fine'' I grabed her by her arms again and pulled her out of the school. We ran down the street and turned in the ally. We ran trhough the ally and soon my house came in view.

We stoped running. As we walked down the street to my house, i turned around. ''Here come Ryan and Jusitn'' i said and fasten my walk.

''We run again?'' she asked and i nodded. Once again we ran.


''Hey mom. I'll be in my roiom with Nicki'' i called out as we walked in.

''Oh hey girls'' she called back ''Okey''


Justin's pov


We were walking down the street when i spoted Tiffany and her friend Nicki? They were walking, when she turned to look back. I guess she spoted us, because they started running.

''Whart's wrong with them?'' i asked Ryan.

He srugged ''I don't know.''

''Okey'' i smiled.


''Hey mom. Im home'' he yelld as we walked in. I looked up stairs and Tifanny go up and ran to her room. I laughted at her.

''Hey sweetie. Can you help me?'' Mrs Butler said as she walked out of the kitchen

''Uh yeah. Tiffany told me that at school'' he smiled

''Oh hey Jusitn'' she turned to me and smiled

''Hello Mrs Butler.'' i smiled back

''Jusitn i said call me Sharon'' she said and truned to Ryan ''Come boys i'll show you what you need to do'' She walked out in the back yard and we followed ''You boys need to fixt that shat''

''But mom..'' Ryan winned

''No buts. Now get to work. And you need to be happy that Jusitn came'' she smiled and walked in the house

''Good luck Ry...'' someone yelld. We turned around and Tiffany was looking out the window ''You need that'' she laughted and shut the window

''I hate her'' he wisperd ''Okey let's get ot work''


Tiffany's pov


 ''Lover the white screen'' i said as i walked out of my closet.

''Why?'' Nicki asked going to the wall where the white screen was

''Like your here, i thought we could watch movies'' i squild

''OMG yes'' she squild with me.

I was about put the blenckets at end of my bed when there was a knock on my door. ''Hm i wonder who that could be'' i said walked to the door. ''What you want?'' i spat.

''I just wanted to see how is my hot girlfriend doing'' he smiled.

''Jusitn, for the hundred time, im not your girlfriend'' 

''Fiffanny that is for now.'' he smirked ''In no time you will be my girlfriend.''

''Yeah...'' i said sarkastic ''In your dreams''

''Nah...'' he kissed my cheak and walked away.

''I hate him'' i said as i closed the door ''I hate him so much''

''Tif, don't let him get to you. That's what he wants.'' he pulled me in tight hug ''But you need to worry about your date on Friday...''

''Yeah...'' i traild off ''I can't wait for my and Brad's first date''

''You both make so cute couple'' she squild ''That would be a shame if oyu wouldn't be a thing''

''Okey... Inaf with day dreaming. Let's watch movie'' She nodded and sat next to me.


Ryan's pov


''What are we doing now?'' Justin asked sitting next to me on the coutch.

I rsugged ''I don't know. What are girl's doing?''

He looked at me with smirk on his face ''Ah they... They are watching movies''

''Perfect'' i smirked. He looked at me with confused face, telling me to go on ''If they are watching horror - which they are. We'll scare the shit out of them.''

''I love it'' he got up ''Let's go'' I noedded and we walked up stairs.

We stoped at Tiffany's room to hear what movie they are watching ''No, please no. Leave me alone'' someone screamed.

''They are watching horror'' we both said at the same time.

''Let the fun begine'' i smirked ''Girls let me inside.''

''Ryan go away'' Tiffany yelld.

''Im not Ryan...''

''Okey.. Justin go away''

''Im not Justin eather. I think they were the boy's downstairs.''

''Very funny Alex...'' she laughted

''Im not Alex, who ever he is.'' i pused ''Who ever you call, im not them''

''Nicki, we are in deep shit'' i heard Tif wisper ''What do we do?''

''Nothing...'' she wisperd back. This is SOO funny...

''What you mean nothing?'' she wisperd-yelld

''That's what i mean'' she said. The room growed quiet. ''Okey what you want?''

''Im not gonna anwer that.'' i pused ''I will go away and you girl's can go downstairs and look what i did with your friend.'' I said and quicly ran in the closet, what we have in the hall way.

I watched as they walked out of Tif's room, scared. They took a look around and than cerfully walked down the stairs.


Justin's pov


I was lying on the coutch with my eyes open, when i heard foot steps and wispering. I quicly closed eyes and pretedned to be dead. 

''Is that Justin?'' Nicki asked

''Oh my god. That is Justin!'' Tuffany yelld-wisperd. she rushed to my side ''Is he breathing?''

''I don't think so..'' Nikci said. 'Maybe we need to call for help?''

''And tell them what?'' she stood up ''That soemone killd my friend and that my brother is missing?''

''No.. But do you have better plane?''

''No...'' she sighed ''Okey, first we need to figure out what happen and who did it and than we do something''

Nicki was about to say something, but i did it fist ''You wont find anything''

They both jumped away from the coutch ''Justin.. I will fucking kill you'' Tiffany yelld.

''I wasn't the only one'' i said and Ryan came running down

''Ryan how can you pospbly do that?'' she yelld ''If i tell mom and dad what you boys did, your in truble...''

''Hey, Tif, don't say to mom and dad.'' Ryan begged ''Im sor-i mean we're sorry''

''You needed to think about that befor you did it'' she turned to face me ''And you... leave me alone'' She yelld and they both ran up to her room.

I turned to Ryan and he had that look ''What now?''

''I don't know..'' he sighed ''I hope she doesn't tell mom and dad.''


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