Irresistible (a Harry styles fanfic)

You we're with your friends in America on holiday and you go to a theeme park and all after one trip your heart was stolen xxx


10. You can tell...

You looked up and summed the incident up "there were a group of lads in the lift and they were causing some trouble towards me and Harry got to over protective over me and erm.. Yeah" you looked back down at your arm and began to mess with your bracelet that you had on.

"wow, you can tell Harry likes you Annabel..." Liam said as he sat next to you.

Zayn sat next to Liam and they began to eat there toast.

Liam looked up at you, finishing his mouth full "go and get something to eat Annabel, the food comes free with the hotel room."

You looked up at him "oh, I'm going to wait for Harry."

Zayn looked up at you "you like him don't you?" he said sounding considerate.

You nodded slowly.

Zayn smiled then said "he thinks you don't.. He said last night to me and Liam that he liked you but he didn't think you were interested in him."

Your smile widened and your heart beat a little faster. You were going to show him you were interested in him when the right time comes...

Just then you saw Louis and Harry come back over towards you. You stood up and walked over to Harry and gave him a huge hug. You could tell he was shocked by this because it took him a few seconds to wrap his arms around you to. He cuddled into your shoulder and you whispered into his ear "thanks for earlier" you pulled out of the hug and looked into Harry's green orbs, he had an expression of shock but at the same time happiness all splashed on his face.

"let's go and get something to eat." you began to skip over to the food area. Harry followed close behind and you picked up a tray and Harry came over to you "do you want some pancakes?"

"what ever you want" you grinned.

He got four pancakes and put them on a plate and carried on to the drinks section "what drink do you want?"

"just a cup of tea"

"ok then" and he got two teas and put them on the tray and you two walked back over to the table.

You sat down next to Liam and Harry sat next to you. You smiled at Zayn and he gave you a beaming smile back.

After you had finished your pancakes you and Harry set off up the street and began to go shopping.

Later on that day after you had gone shopping with Harry and had an amazing time.

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