Irresistible (a Harry styles fanfic)

You we're with your friends in America on holiday and you go to a theeme park and all after one trip your heart was stolen xxx


20. Where was I?

"no problem" he said smiling.. He looked back over to you and then looked back at the woman "well.. I better go to my apartment" he said walking away from the woman and then he came over to you "sorry about that babe" he said pressing the lift button, as the lift opened we both walked in "so.. Where were we before that woman interrupted our time out.." he paused, he took hold of you tightly and you lent against the lift wall and smiled at him as he whispered into your ear softly "I remember" he kissed your earlobe softly and a shudder came down your spine. He trailed wet kisses all the way to your jawbone, cheek bone, forehead, to the other cheek bone and to the other jawbone, he stopped, he took deep breaths going over to your lips, his warm breath washed over you and made you have tingles all over your skin for a few seconds.

He looked down at your perfect lips and without any warning he tilted your head a fraction higher and then his lips parked on yours, he made a pleasurable moan and began to kiss harder, letting his Tongue slip inside your mouth and swirled it around in your mouth.

He kissed you lighter then and just then the lift stopped and pinged open.. Harry lifted his head up from your lips and chuckled slightly "come on then baby cakes" he said softly.

He took hold of your hand and you both walked along the corridor and stopped at the hotel room door and plunged his hand in his pocket and pulled out the hotel room key. He stuck it in the lock and turned it until the lock clicked, indicating it had opened.

He turned the door handle, opened the door slowly and let you in first.

You plonked the bag of clothes down in the living room, next to the sofa.

Just then Harry came up behind you and put his arms around you "so.. Let's hang your clothes up in my wardrobe darling" he kissed you softly on the top of your head and Picked up the bag of clothes and brought it into the bedroom and emptied the entire contents of the bag on his bed.

He walked over to his wardrobe and opened it grabbing some hangers out of the wardrobe to come back over to you and he picked up a top and put it on a hanger and hung it up.

You picked up a pair of skinny jeans and put it up on the hanger and you put it into the wardrobe, after another 20 minutes, you were putting the last piece of clothing on your last hanger, but just then you felt two hands wrap around your waist.. "so.." Harry said slowly then paused "what do you want to do now?" he asked you.

You smiled whist still putting the t-shirt on the hanger. He nudged you with the side of his face and wined trying to get an answer out of you.

You still didn't answer..

He turned you around in his arms and he tightened the grip around your waist, nearly touching your bum "so.. I will decide then" Harry said washing his warm breath over your neck.

He kissed your neck gently, taking your jacket off so you still had Harry's shirt on. You tilted your head up as he moved up your neck to your jawbone.

He came up to your lips and began to kiss you passionately. He moved forward to make you fall backwards onto the bed.

Harry laughed then crawled on top of you and put his arms on ether side of you so you couldn't crawl out of Harry's reach.

Your legs cradled Harry's hips as he motioned up and down slowly to his kissing flow.

Just then he made his body go up a bit so he was leaning over you by kneeling on his knees and keeping his hands on ether side of you. You were boxed in between the bed and Harry.

He kept kissing more, and more passionately with you and he moaned with pleasure. You did as well..

You felt Harry's hand fumble over your body trying to feel where the buttons were on his shirt you were wearing.. He finally got to the top one and he began to unfasten them All the way down to leave your top spread open to reveal your bra.

He kissed you harder on your lips again letting his lolling Tongue inside your mouth and back out again. Your tongues fought for dominance but Harry won.

Just then he began to fumble around with his hand again until he got to his own shirt he was wearing and he undid his and slipped it off, chucking it on the floor.

He put one of his arms Underneath your back so he could push your body against his as you were still kissing.

Just then he took his arm out from under you and began to fumble around your body again until he found your trouser hem.

He found the button and as he was just about to undo it you heard a "RING, RING, RING, RING!!!!" of your phone.

You pushed Harry's hand away from your trousers and put your hand in your pocket whilst Harry was still kissing you, you found your phone and pulled it close up to your face, he stopped kissing you as you looked who it was.. Your eyes widened as it said "Perrie Edwards"

You answered it whilst trying to push Harry away from your neck "hello" you said smiling at Harry.

"Hi Annabel.. It's Niall" an Irish voice said on the other side of the phone.

"oh, hi Niall" you said trying not to laugh as Harry was making his way back up to your lips.

You pushed Harry away gently trying not to make much noise. Harry whimpered with frustration "babe, tell Niall were in the middle of something"

You put a finger over his mouth trying to shush him.

"is Harry there with you Annabel?" he asked being nosy.

"erm.. No" you said unconvincingly.

"are you sure? I thought I heard someone say something like.. You were half way through something." he paused.

Harry raised his voice so Niall could hear him clearly "yes, it is Harry and we are in the middle of something.. So.. Leave us to our alone time"

You tried to roll away from Harry but he held you there and whispered cheekily "you should know better than that Babe, you can't escape from me!" he began to fiddle at your trouser zip again and you pushed his hand away giggling.

Niall said slowly "erm.. ok.. I was just going to ask you both if you wanted to come over and hang out with us all at Nandos?"

You said to Niall whilst trying to push Harry away from your other ear as he was whispering something dirty into your ear "oh ok Niall, well we are busy at the moment doing.. Erm.." you pause trying to think of something.. "we are making apple turnovers" Harry laughed out loud at this and you put your hand over his mouth trying to stop him from laughing.

"oh, ok.. Save some for us lot Annabel" he said smiling.

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