Irresistible (a Harry styles fanfic)

You we're with your friends in America on holiday and you go to a theeme park and all after one trip your heart was stolen xxx


12. "watch out you"

As you got up she took hold of your hand then asked all the group what they had wanted to drink and then Danielle stood up and spoke over the music "I'll come with you" and we all began to walk over to the bar.

When we got there Perrie told the bar person what we all wanted and the man gave them us.

I carried Harry's, mine and Niall's drinks whilst Perrie carried Her's, Zayn's and Louis, and Danielle carried Eleanor's, Her's and Liam's.

When you all got back with the drinks Harry took Niall's and his whilst you sat down. He passed Niall his and sipped his own.

After you had finished that pint Perrie bought you another pint and you drank that and whilst you were speaking to her about how she had met Zayn she bought another two pints.. One for herself and one for you.. And then that turned into another one, then another one.. Perrie stood up slowly and said "I love this song! Dance with me Annabel!!" and she went over to the dance floor with you and you nearly fell over but Perrie did.. She laughed as she sat up from the floor and as you tried to help her up you fell over. You were very tipsy and so were most of the others except form Danielle and Liam. Harry came stumbling over to you two and began to laugh as he both helped you up.

"thanks Harry" you said giggling away to yourself.

You felt yourself just about to fall again but Harry caught you and pulled you up close to him "watch out you" he said laughing.

Harry was also drunk but you two were not as bad as Niall, Louis, Zayn and Perrie.

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