Irresistible (a Harry styles fanfic)

You we're with your friends in America on holiday and you go to a theeme park and all after one trip your heart was stolen xxx


5. The restaurant.

"so... I can tell your not from around hear... Why are you here? A Holliday or something else?" he asked looking interested at you.

"I come from England. Me and my friends decided to go on Holliday together so we did." you said then paused "why are you here?"

"I'm here with the boys because we had decided to go to America for a break.. And Which part of england do you come from?"

"I live in yorkshire, where do you live?"

"London" he said smiling.

You looked over at the rest of the boys who began to laugh at a picture Louis had taken on his phone... It was a picture or Zayn fast asleep with lipstick on and eyeliner.

"wow you must be a heavy sleeper Zayn" you said laughing.

He nodded "yep, I sure am"

After another ten minutes speaking to Harry and the boys the limo came to a halt and the door opened by the limo driver and you all got out and into the restraint.

The waiter took us to the back room that looked out over a beach and you could see the blue water from the window.

Louis and Zayn pulled some tables together so there was enough places for us all. Louis sat next to Niall and Harry whilst you sat on the other Side of Harry and on the other side of you sat Liam.

Liam smiled before looking at the menu.

Harry tapped your shoulder and shared a menu between you and himself.

As you were reading the menu you saw Harry was looking at you so you just tried to keep reading the menu to yourself or you would have looked up into harry's eyes and never look away from his magical green eyes ever again.

It was a chinese restraint so you didn't real no which one you wanted.

Harry smiled "hard to choose isn't it?" he asked you as you looked up into his eyes.

You nodded at him then looked back down quickly... You couldn't be getting a soft spot for Harry... You were just a normal girl who had bumped into him.. You weren't anyone special... You were just Annabel.

"I'm going to have the special chow main.. It's quite a large portion so we could share it if you want Annabel?" he said sweetly.

"ok then" you nodded politely and Harry turned the menu round to look at the drinks...

You thought to yourself you weren't going to have alcohol tonight so you said "I'll have a lemonade please" and Harry looked up at you and his dimples appeared on his cheeks clearly.

Just then the waiter came over and asked for our orders.. Harry said "can we have a special chow main with two lemonades... Louis would like sweet and sour chicken balls with a gin and Tonic... Liam would like a lime soda with the lamb and seaweed chow main... Zayn would like a Carlins with special fried rice.. Niall would like Carlsberg with duck chow main and thats it thank you"

The man nodded and walked away and into the kitchens.

"you have beautiful eyes Annabel" Harry said looking deep into your eyes.

You blushed a little "thanks Harry, you have nice eyes to"

"so... I was thinking... Because you only have one outfit, us two could go out and get you some clothes tomorrow" letting his dimples show he looked down at your outfit then back up to your eyes.

"but.. You have already bought me dinner.. I would feel guilty if I take any more money off of you!" you said shaking your head.

He lent closer to you and whispered into your ear "Here, if you feel guilty for me buying you stuff, just think it's your birthday and I'm giving you some money."

"well... Ok" you said giving up.

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