Irresistible (a Harry styles fanfic)

You we're with your friends in America on holiday and you go to a theeme park and all after one trip your heart was stolen xxx


13. "Oh My God Are You Ok!?"

You looked up into Harry's eyes giggling "I love you"

Harry smiled, still holding you tight and said slowly "I am glad you have come into my life Annabel!" he lent his forehead on yours and smiled, closing his eyes and taking a deep breath.

Just then Niall came barging over and hugged you both and began to slur up his words saying "hawy... Annabwel... You twoo Aw so cute togefer and your the Kwlest fwends eva!!!!"

Harry's eyebrows raised then said "well... Thanks pall" and smiled at you.

Niall stood between you both and put his arms around your necks and lent on you both because he couldn't really stand up well by himself at that point "your awesome" he said slowly to Harry before slowly making his way back to where the wrest of the boys were.

Harry began to laugh then say "wow Niall is pissed off his head hahaha"

You smiled as Harry took your hand and you both walked over to the bar to find Eleanor and louis snogging each others faces off nearly!!

Louis stopped and looked up and smiled at Harry "erm... Heya you two... I'll buy you all a beer in a minute" he said before he began to kiss her again.

You slowly everted your eyes away from those two and back at Harry who was holding two beer's "here babe" he said passing it to you.

After that beer you had another one with Harry and by that time you two were laughing away to yourselves in the corner of the room and you were sat on Harry's knee sideways with one of your vest top straps sliding off your shoulder whilst your arms were wrapped around Harry's neck and his fingers were linked together around your waist so you couldn't fall off his knee.

"so wah we gonna do tomowow babe?" he said smiling at you widely.

"I don't have a cluw!" you mumbled before Harry kissed you softly on the lips.

You never usually got drunk and you would have never usually got this drunk but for some reason you didn't care!

Just then you felt a bit dizzy and when you both got up to walk over to Perrie your head began to spin.

You stopped and held your head and began to moan.

"what's the matter babe?" Harry asked sounding worried.

You looked up trying to push your headache to one side and said "it doesn't matter darling" and you began to walk over to Perrie...

"heya you two... Can you find Zayn for me? I think he is out side having a fag... Could you check for be darlings?"

"yeah, sure" Harry said whilst nodding his head.

She smiled at you kindly "well I'll speak to you in a bit baby"

You smiled trying to not let the dizziness show...

As you began to walk again your tummy did a flip and as you were just about to walk outside you passed the toilets and you felt like you were going to be sick!

You let go of Harry's hand and turned back and burst through the toilet doors and into a cubical, not locking the door and began to puke up.

Just then you heard the bang of a door and then Foot steps walk up behind you "oh, baby! Are you ok!?" Harry rushed to your side as you began to puke up more... He held your hair back and began to make circle motions on your back.

"I shouldn't have had that last beer" you said in between gasps.

He began to say reassuring things to you and helped you up slowly, after you were sure you had finished puking... He sat you on the sink side and said calmly to you " I'll just get a glass of water for you baby and we will go back to the hotel so you can have a lye down."

You were to ashamed of yourself to look at him so he placed a finger underneath your chin and whispered to you "hey, it's ok! These stuff happen to everyone! I remember on the x factor For some reason I got stage fright wen we were doing the live performances and every time About 30 minutes until the performances I felt so worried I was sick in the corridors and it got that bad one time I was actually piling up blood!! So.. Trust me I'm used to this stuff Annabel"

You nodded and he smiled at you Before walking out to get you some water.

A few seconds later the door flung open and Perrie rushed in and came over to you "Aw Annabel, are you ok baby! I heard what happened!"

You looked at her feeling very weak and nodded.

Just then Harry came back in with a glass of water with ice clinking around in the glass.

"here you are" Harry said giving you the glass.

The glass felt so heavy! You took a sip of the water and let the cold liquid trickle down your throat.

After a while of getting dodgy looks off women when ever they saw Harry in the girls toilets Harry looked over at Perrie and said "well... I will hopefully see you soon darling" and he gave her a hug then looked over at you saying "right.. Let's go and let the boys know we are leaving"

And you got up then Harry put his arm around you and you walked out of the toilets with Harry by your side.

When you got over to the wrest of the boys they were all sat at the table and harry whispered in Liam's ear something and liam began to nod at you then pat Harry on the back saying "see you later mate"

Harry told Louis then you both set off out side to find Zayn sat on the bench across the road.

"heya you two" he smiled exhaling smoke from his mouth then speaking again "so what are you two doing outside? I am just guessing you havent started to smoke hazz"

Harry shuck his head and opened his mouth to say something but Zayn interrupted him by asking you "do you smoke Annabel?"

You looked at him slowly "no" you weakly said to him.

Harry continued on what he was going to say "Annabel has just been sick so we are going to go back to the hotel so she can get some wrest"

Zayn looked over at you with a concerned expression on his face "Aw bless ya" then he looked over at Harry with q huge smirk on his face "just make sure your just looking after her not something else master styles! I don't want to walk into our hotel and find you two on the floor together screaming each others names out! Hahaha" and he burst into laughter.

Harry tried not to laugh but you could tell he was laughing at this comment.

You were to tired to say anything so you just snuggled into Harry with his arm around you.

You looked to your left to find Liam saying to you "don't worry I have called the limo driver to pick you both up and he will be here soon." he gave you a warm smile and went back in with Zayn who had finished his cigaret.

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