Irresistible (a Harry styles fanfic)

You we're with your friends in America on holiday and you go to a theeme park and all after one trip your heart was stolen xxx


19. No problem

Just then you walked over to Bella and picked her up "come here baby girl, your so cute!" you began to nuzzle the top of her head.

Harry looked up "Thanks babe, you saved me" he winked at you.

Perrie smiled at Harry "why are you still tired Harold?"

"I don't know!?" Harry said stretching on the sofa.

You put the puppy down and it bounded over to Perrie full pelt and began to roll at her feet.

"come here baby" Perrie said crouching down to Bella and patting her gently on the head.

You were just about to walk over to Perrie but Harry grabbed your leg and you fell on the sofa on top of Harry.

He began to laugh, putting his arms around you, pulling you close to his chest "got ya" he said, nuzzling into you.

You began to laugh trying to push away from him but his strong grip held you to his chest.

Perrie laughed "you can try and escape from Harry's  grasp but I promise you, you won't be able to... It's one of his famous Harry hugs you are trapped in there Annabel"

He smiled at you whilst you were still trying to escape "you know.. Perrie is right Annabel" he winked at you.

"Harry, let Me go" you pleaded.

"only if you give me a kiss" he said doing puppy eyes at you.

You smiled at him before placing your lips on Harry's soft lips. He pushed his head up a bit so he could kiss you harder and you felt him bight your bottom lip softly.

Just then you peeled your lips off his and he opened his arms "your free to go princess" he said grinning at you.

You got up looking at Perrie. She smiled sweetly and said "Aw, you two are just so cute together.. Your like two little lovie dovies!"

You looked back over at Harry, he gave you the biggest smile on the planet and then winked at you.

The puppy was sat on the floor chewing a huge bone that was nearly the same size as itself.

You thought this was cute of the puppy and wished Bella was yours.

"so.. We better get back to the flat to hang your new clothes in my wardrobe" Harry said standing up.

You nodded looking up at Harry.

"ok then you two.. I will hopefully see you two later with the wrest of the boys later on today." Perrie said picking up Bella.

"well.. I thought of staying in tonight woth Annabel so we could have some alone time" Harry said looking at you cheekily.

"oh.. Well.. If I don't see you later.. We will see each other soon." she said smiling at you and Harry.

We all walked over to the door and walked out of the house, giving Perrie a gigantic hug "bye Perrie" you said as you both walked over to the car.

When you both got in the car Harry looked at you "so.. When we get back to the hotel room it will be empty.. So.. What do you want to do babe?"

You blushed a little because you knew what Harry wanted to do so you said "erm.. Why don't I try all my new clotures on and you can tell me if it looks nice on me or not."

He looked at the bag of clothes and saw the luminous green bra and pulled it out of the bag.. "well.. Only if you try these on as well" he began to look at your body and bit his lip.

"hey, you! Keep your eyes up here!" you said sternly to him.

"just pointing out you have a beautiful body that you should be more bold about." he said cheekily.

You smiled, letting your eyebrows raise.. "well.. Let's just see what we feel like when we get back home"

"ok babe" Harry said as he put the gear stick in reverse and you reversed onto the road.

He turned the right way then put it into the right gear and set off back to the flat...

As soon as you knew it you were parked in the private car park that the boys had been assigned to with there hotel room.

Harry took the keys out of the ignition slot and held them in his hand, turning towards you he said opening his own door slightly "so let's go" he smiled at you before opening his door fully and jumped out.

As you opened your door you slipped out and walked over to Harry and you both went into the hotel lobby.

As you both walked over to the lift, you heard someone say Harry's name... You turned around to see a lady behind the counter "hey, Erm.. I was wondering.. Harry.. Could I have a signature.. My daughter is a huge fan.. She buys everything that has your name in.. And when I'm on my way home I have to check in the newsagents to see if there is anything about you.." you looked over at Harry and turned back around to try and hide your face away from the lady so she didn't get suspicious of who You was.

Harry walked over to her and smiled "Yes, sure"

She got a piece of paper and pen and gave it to Harry.. He wrote a message to the little girl and then signed it at the bottom "there you are" he smiled giving her the paper.

"thanks Harry" she said sounding great full.

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