Irresistible (a Harry styles fanfic)

You we're with your friends in America on holiday and you go to a theeme park and all after one trip your heart was stolen xxx


14. Keep calm and walk on...

Harry sighed and then lent on the wall behind him and you stood there starring at the road, shivering and hugging yourself to keep you warm.

Just then Harry's arms crept around your waist, pulling you in tightly to his body so you could get warm again.

After a while the black limo pulled up on the pavement beside you and he opened the door and he smiled and let you both in.

Harry sat next to you and you lent on him as he pulled you closer to him "we will be there soon" he whispered into your ear reassuringly to you.

After the limo ride Harry got out first and when you got to the door Harry gave you his hand and he helped you out.

He faced the limo driver and he said kindly "cheers mate" and Harry opened the lobby door to the hotel and let you in.

The two of you walked over to lift and Harry pressed the button of the lift and it opened slowly.

You both walked in and the lift was empty.

You lent against the bar of the lift and Harry came over to you smiling.

He stood next to you and lent back on the bar as the lift went upwards.

After a while the lift stopped at the right floor and you both got out and began to walk over to the boys door.

When you were half way through the corridor you heard a shout behind you that said "hey, it's you two again! Hey there sexy chick!" you heard whistling.

You kept walking trying to ignore them and you whispered to Harry "keep calm and just walk on"

He listened for the first three seconds and then all of a sudden you looked over at Harry to see he was angry and he had a massive crees in-between his eyebrows, he had a huge scowl set on his face like concrete.

He stopped in his tracks and clenched his fists, looking down at the floor.

You looked back to see the three boys were walking towards you.

Oh shit!

"Harry, please.. Let's go" but it was to late.

One of the boys came up to you and touched your shoulder saying "so.. We didn't have any time to speak earlier-"

"GET YOUR DIRTY FRICKING HANDS OFF MY GIRLFRIEND!!!" Harry shouted with venom in his voice right down the ear of the boy.

The other two boys came closer to Harry saying "wow, hang on there mardy arse.. Haven't you heard the word share?" as the boy pulled you away from Harry's grip.

Just then one of the boys grabbed your bum and squeezed it tightly. You quickly pushed away from him trying not to say a word.

Harry saw this and his faced turned venomous "I will give you one warning to get away from my girlfriend or I will beet the shit out of all of you" his hands began to clench tightly into fists.

The boy looked up and sniggered at harry before facing you and pulled you close to him going into kiss you whilst he touched your breast.

You tried to retaliate but you were still tipsy and couldn't do much.

Harry got hold of the bloke and pulled him off you and punched him. The teenager fell to the floor.

You jumped back in shock and looked down at the boy on the floor who had blood streaming from bus nose.

Just then another on of the boys jumped on Harry's back and began to pull his hair. Harry grabbed hold of his leg and dragged him off his back, the boy went crashing down to the floor.

Just then the other one pulled Harry back and punched him in the lip!

Your tummy did a flip as you saw this in slow motion.

You covered your eyes trying not to look but you had to!

You looked back at Harry to see Harry's bottom lip was streaming with blood.

"Harry!" you cried out, but he didn't hear you... He punched the guy and he fell to the floor.

Just then one of the other ones got up and went back over to Harry and took a swipe at Harry but he missed. Harry got hold of him and pushed him into the wall.

"Please!!!! Stop!!!" you shouted to them all.

Just then the lift next to you opened and Louis, Liam, Zayn and Niall clambered out and gasped at the sight they saw.

You launched yourself at Zayn, he held you tightly  saying "what the fuck is happening!?"

Louis, Niall and Liam ran over to the three boys that Harry were fighting with and Niall got hold of one and pulled him back.

Just then Zayn let go of you and ran over to another one and pushed him over to the wall and kept him there.

Just then the one Niall was holding kicked backwards and hit Niall's leg really hard and Niall went crashing down got he floor.

Louis ran over and punched the dude and he fell to the ground.

Liam pulled Harry away from the other one shouting. "calm down man! For fuck sake! What has happened!?"

The other gang member ran away followed closely by the other two..

It was terrifying!

"what the hell happened Harry!?" Louis said holding his own hand tightly to his body in pain.

"they... Were harassing Annabel.. They were touching her and... And..." Harry gasped out in rage.

you sank down the wall and curled up into a ball on the floor and began to cry.

Zayn went over to you and pulled you up off the ground "did they hurt you Annabel?" he said sounding scared.

You shuck your head whilst looking at Harry's lip.

Zayn went over to Niall who was on the floor in pain clutching his leg.

You staggered over to Harry and he pulled you into a hug as you burst into tears again.

Liam got his spare key fit the hotel room and unlocked it and told you all to go in side.


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