Irresistible (a Harry styles fanfic)

You we're with your friends in America on holiday and you go to a theeme park and all after one trip your heart was stolen xxx


18. Isn't this exciting!

You both walked out of Harry's room to find all the boys starring at you...

"Harold!" Louis said folding his arms.. "we heard all about the things you were doing in there."

Niall laughed "and Annabel was with her top off just in her bra!"

You blushed "erm.."

Liam raised his eyebrows at you "wow! Harry you cheeky chappy"

"sorry Niall that you had to see that" you chuckled and looked at  Harry.

"well I'm glad I didn't do what I was going to do because that would have been very awkward for you Niall" Harry said grinning widely at you.

You blushed slightly and looked down to the floor and smiled.

Louis said "I could just imagine walking in your bedroom Harry to find you two naked on top of one another!"

Harry chuckled saying "same with you and Eleanor"

He chuckled a little "yep!"

You felt very awkward listening to this and you said "ok, then! We get it.. We are going to go to Perrie's so I can ask if I can borrow a top because mine is in the washing machine..."

Harry grabbed his jacket and you both walked out of the hotel room and the same routine to go down to the lobby of the hotel.. When you both stepped outside a nice warm breeze hit you both and made your hair flow in the wind.

"here.. I'll drive to Perrie's so we don't have to bring attention to ourselves using the limo." he said throwing his keys up in the air and catching them on the decent down.

You asked "what car have you got?"

He pointed over to a big, black car and said "a range rover sport" he pressed the lock and it opened, he walked over got to the passenger door and opened it "they you are babe" and you climbed up into the passenger seat. The. He shut the door and walked around to the driver's side and got in.

As he clipped his seat belt in he looked over at you and smiled "so off we go" and he put the key in the ignition and we set off down the road.

About ten minutes later Harry slowed down and put his indicator on, he went up someones drive and you looked up at the house... It was huge!!!!

"so were here!" Harry announced to you getting out of the car.

You opened the door and jumped out of the car and walked over to Harry and slid your hand in his and you both began to walk hand in hand over to the main front door.

There was a knocker on the door that was in the shape of a bulldog holding a bone. Harry pulled the bone up and knocked it on the door in a lovely little tune..

You heard a dog bark.. And then a muffled voice say "ok then darling.. I've got it"

Just then the door opened to reveal Perrie holding a cute black Labrador puppy in her arms.. "heya you two! What a nice surprise! Come on in!" she said warmly welcoming you both in.

When you got in, Perrie paused her music and came over, putting the dog down.. "that little rascal there" she pointed to the puppy smiling "is called Bella" the puppy came up to Harry and Harry crouched down and began to speak to her softly and began to stroke her.

"wow, this is an amazing house!" you uttered to Perrie.

"I know right" Perrie said looking up to the ceiling "it's my friend's house.. So I'm staying with her for a while.." she paused, looking back at you "so why are you two here?"

"well.." you said and paused, then looked back at her "I only have one top and I was wondering if.. I could borrow one of your t-shirts"

She looked excited saying "yes sure!!! I can get you some outfits.. And do you need any" she came closer and whispered into your ear "any pants? You look the same bra size as me so I will chuck you some bra's in as well babe" she smiled and began to talk normally again "so.. Let's go up to my room.." she looked over at Harry "we will be back in a minute Harry" she smiled as she ran upstairs followed closely by you.

She turned off into one of the bedrooms and when you got in there she as already picking you some outfits and began to put them in a bag..

You came over and looked at the bag of clothes.. Your eyes flicked through he clothes at the top of the pile.. There was a lacy, leopard print bra.. A black tank top.. A strapless pastille pink dress with two pieces cut out in a triangle shape on both hips.. A bright luminous green bra with pink luminous straps and in between the cups of the bra, a yellow bow sat there.. Also there was a pair of pants that had a picture of animal on the back of it and the writing read "party animal"

Just then Perrie stood up from the drawer and asked "does this look like your type of style?" she asked holding up a pair of dungarees..

"yeah, I haven't worn them in ages! I'll give them a go if you don't want them.." you said politely to her..

"oh isn't this exciting! We can be best of friends and we can swap clothes and stuff like that!" she gave you a huge hug and skipped back over got he bag and put some more clothes she had found in the bag.. Your clothe taste was defiantly different to Her's but you would give them a go any way until you got your clothes from Izzy and Megan's hotel room...

Just then Perrie came over to you and handed you the huge bag of clothes "here you are darling" she said warmly to you.

You both went back down stairs to see that Harry was laid on the sofa in the living room sprawled out with his eyes shut, and the puppy laid on his lap..

You though in your head that Harry looked so cute asleep and just then Perrie whispered "Aw, your boyfriend looks so cute fast asleep.. I had a good chat with Zayn yesterday in the phone when you all got to bed.. I heard about the fight! I would have been terrified!" she looked at Harry again, then back to you "wow! Did Harry bust his lip during the fight!?"

"yep" you said quietly.

Just then the puppy woke up and strolled along the sleeping Harry until the puppy got right up to his face and planted a massive doggy slobber lick on his cheek.

Harry woke up amediatly and wiped his cheek. You and Perrie burst out into laughter as Harry began to moan and try and push the puppy away but it kept on bouncing up and licking him.

"oh, Bella! Stop it! I'm trying to sleep..." he said in his tired deep voice.

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