Irresistible (a Harry styles fanfic)

You we're with your friends in America on holiday and you go to a theeme park and all after one trip your heart was stolen xxx


4. First time...

You woke up later on to look at the time that read "6:18pm" just then you heard someone open the door and you close your eyes quickly.

It was Harry... He crept in and got his beanie off the side and went back out again.

You sat up slowly and you stretched out and just then Harry walked in again and smiled at you awkwardly saying "hey Annabel, are you feeling any better?" he came over to the bed and sat down next to you making you roll towards him a bit because he made the mattress dint a little.

You felt a lot better after that sleep and nodded politely at harry "yes, thanks"

"we are going out to dinner and we were wondering if you want to come?" he began to play nervously with his fingers and he blushed a little as he waited for your answer.

"I don't have much money left from the fair ground so I can't afford anything."

He quickly looked up "I'll pay for you, don't worry"

"no, no, you cant do that Harry. I don't even know you, that won't be fair at all" you uttered.

"well just think it as a treat from me" he smiled.

"well, ok... I'll pay you back"

"no it's ok, I don't want your money" he said back refusing to take your money "I'll see you in a minute."

He got up and left you to get up.

As you opened the door Niall and louis spun round and smiled at you.

Harry came over to you and every one walked out into the corridor and over to the lift.

As liam pressed the lift button you noticed Harry was staring at you and you looked up at him and smiled.

Just then the elevator pinged and you all got in. Harry stood next to you and as the lift was going down you felt Harry's soft fingers touched yours. You glanced at him and he was staring over at the other wall looking a little nervous as his fingers brushed yours again. Your heart began to beat faster as he slowly linked fingers with you. You heard Harry awkwardly cough and he glanced down at our fingers intertwined.

You felt your cheeks flush a little but you soon calmed down. Your heart was still beating fast though.

It felt like you had been in the lift for ages as he tightened the grip on your fingers and began to rub his thumb on the back of your hand.

You didn't know what to say to him so you kept quiet.

When the lift opened you all walked out into the lobby

You looked up at harry and he gave you a beaming smile back letting his dimples go on full display.

You walked out side to find a black limo waiting for you all. It was amazing! you gasped with awe as the driver opened the door and let them get in.

Just then Harry stepped back from the limo and said "after you" and you got into the limo to find all the boys starring at you.

Just then harry's head popped into the limo and he smiled at you before he clambered in and sat down next to you.

Harry looked at the boys and mouthed something to them and just then they all stopped starring at me and began to talk to one another.

Harry budged a bit closer to you so your arms were touching. He began to look down at your hand, he slowly touched your hand and you reacted by looking down at your hands to.

You watched how Harry linked his fingers with yours again as you smiled out the window.

You didn't know if Harry acted like that with every girl or just with you so you just simply smiled at him.

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