Irresistible (a Harry styles fanfic)

You we're with your friends in America on holiday and you go to a theeme park and all after one trip your heart was stolen xxx


16. False alarm you guys!

The next morning you woke to the sound of peaceful breathing coming from behind you. You looked down to see an arm draped around your body.

Your eyes widened as you remembered who's arm it was.

You slowly turned to face the sleepy face of Harry fast asleep.

You  got your hand and placed it on Harry's nose and you slowly made an invisible line that led from his nose, to his left eyebrow, down to his jawbone, to his chin and up to his bottom lip, you moved back to his jawbone.

Just then Harry let out a deep breath and he moved slightly.

You took your hand away from Harry's face quickly and stayed still looking at him.

He mumbled slowly "Aw... Babe why did you stop"

"I didn't want to wake you" you said smiling a little.

He hugged you tighter so your body's were touching "well.. I'm awake now" he said in his morning voice.

Just then you heard louis' voice on the other side of the door ask "where the flip is Harry"

Harry opened his eyes and his dimples showed on full display.

Just then you heard a knock on your door... "Annabel... Do you know where Harry is?"

You smiled at Harry and let a little giggle out.

Harry said back "What would you care?"

Just then louis laughed "Harry!? Are you in there!?"

You heard Niall laugh in the background.

Just then the door burst open and Louis and Niall launched there selves at the bed. Liam and Zayn came strolling in and they stood next to the bed and smiled qt you both with there hands on there hips.

Louis began to laugh "you cheeky Chappy Harold!"

Niall butted in "did you two do anything last night in here?"

Harry grumbled "just because me and Annabel decided to sleep together doesn't mean we had sex! Ok!?" he said sternly to the wrest of the boys.

"ok mardy arse, no need to get like that!" louis said sliding under the covers so he was on the other side of Harry.. "ah.. Itz nice and warm in here!" be budged closer to Harry and quickly sat up saying grossed out "ewww, Harry!!!! Your naked under there!!! You did have sex!!!!!"

Harry sat up saying "no! I have my boxers on!"

You felt very awkward and snuggled into Harrys arms.

Niall sat up "prove it!"

"ok then" Harry said pulling the covers down to reveal his boxer shorts.

"well.. Ok then.. False alarm you guys!" louis said laughing to himself.

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