Irresistible (a Harry styles fanfic)

You we're with your friends in America on holiday and you go to a theeme park and all after one trip your heart was stolen xxx


1. America...

"ok then I'll come" you sighed, giving up.

"yes" your friends cheered as you got hold of your bag and got the hotel key.

You and your friends had gone to America for a week and you had thought that it was going to be a chilled out Holliday but your friends had begged you to go to the theme park so you had finally given up today and you were going to go.

"Are we going to have a take way tonight or shall we just get back early?" Izzy asked as you were locking the door.

Megan looked up from her phone on horror and gasped "go back eary!? You must be bloody joking!" and she began to laugh. You gave the key to izzy and smiled saying "well have a take away tonight"

You three began to walk down the corridor and over to the lift. Megan pressed the button and soon after the lift doors pinged and it sprung opened.

The doors closed as you pressed the ground floor button and it slowly motioned down.

Izzy began to fiddle with her hair in the reflection of the metal doors and began to re arrange her messy bun. Just then the lift stopped then the doors swung open to reveal the ground floor.

You all skipped out of the lift and out of the main doors to find your taxi waiting for you.

Megan opened the door and she clambered in followed by izzy and then you.

As you got in, a barrier of body spray punched you right in the nose. It wasn't the nice deodorant the driver had on, it was kind of a musky, spiced one! It wasn't nice at all!

Izzy smiled at him before asking "could we please go to the fair ground... Erm... What's it called again Megan?"

The driver laughed "I know what you mean, I'll take you there don't you worry." and he set off to the fair ground.

Ten minutes later and you were there. Megan paid the driver and to all got out. You looked up at the theme park gates with your mouth wide open... It was huge!!!! Megan linked arms with you "come on slow coach, stop standing in awe and let's walk" she smiled at you and you smiled back and began to walk into the mega kingdom that's as calls a theme park.

After you had all paid for your tickets, you all set off to the ghost train and got a seat.

You were sat in the middle feeling a little nervous about what was going to come. Just then it jolted forward and the train began to creak forward into the pitch black. You felt Megan and Izzy's arms link up to yours as a loud howl haunted through the air. A light came on to reveal a zombie eating a dead bat. You were terrified! Just then the train stopped and the lights went out. Everyone went silent as they heard something scuttle above your heads. Just then the light came on again at the roof of the room.. Above your heads were bats hanging from the roof. Megan screamed as the zombie got hold of her arm and the train began to move again. But just then the zombie jumped onto the back of the train where you three were sat and chucked the dead bat on Izzy and you all began to scream with compleat fear. Just then the zombie fell off to your relief as you came into the last room.

The train stopped again and the light came flickering back on again to ravel a little boy crying in the corner of the room saying "where did mummy go? Mummy? Where are you?" a shiver came down your spine as you looked over in the other corner of the room a pile of bones were lying in the room.

The train started again and just then a hand came shooting out of the bones and you screamed so loudly. You wanted this to end as soon as possible. You closed your eyes and snuggled into Izzy's arm saying "it will be over soon"

A few more screams later you could see the light at the end of the room and you took a sigh of relief as you came out of the doors.

As the carriage screeched to a halt the safety bar roes and you three stumbled off the ride.

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