The Werewolf Of Winsum

It's a story about the place winsum in Groningen, Netherlands. I come there like 2/3 days in a week and i wrote a stroy about it


1. The werewolf of winsum

In the village of Winsum is a mystery going. Anyone who went to the pastures did not return. Sheep were torn recovered. They heard every day, and after coming out of the pastures during full moon howling wolves. There was a werewolf in Winsum.

On a foggy, cold winter the nearly full moon on the village of Winsum. Seemed Everyone was inside because the days before, after and during full moon there was a werewolf active in Winsum. By 10 hours there was a 4x4 ride into the village. For The Golden Carp stopped the jeep and got two people. She walked to the Golden Carp. They heard wolves howling and soon they walked on. Inside there is a large bar with plenty of stools. There were also 12 tables where you could eat. You could down the stairs and then you came to the bedroom. The two men sat down at a table and ordered some food. The tallest man had salmon and the other had round steak .. However, they both had a coke. During dinner they were talking. "It's almost Halloween." Said Dennis. Dennis was the taller of the two, but not exactly the smartest. Stijn was the smallest and the Smartest. "Yes, the day after tomorrow." Said Stijn. "" Will the werewolf still strike at Halloween? "" I think so, "said Dennis. "But we have to get him!" Dennis and Stijn were sent by the * FUT (Fighting Unusual Things) to capture the werewolf. Dennis and Stijn counted off and asked Edzer (owner of The Golden Carp) if they could stay here. "Sure" said Edzer. He showed them the room and walked back down. Dennis and Stijn took off and went to sleep.
2 days later
It was very hot and at one o'clock in the afternoon and walked Stijn Dennis around a bit and then went to the store. They went to the C1000 and heard as people talk about the werewolf. They walked to the men and introduced themselves. "What do you know about the werewolf?" She asked the men. "Some say the werewolf with Halloween creeps Winsum and that the single people eat" said the 1st man. "But that's all right because it is rumored that there are people of * FUT  in Winsum are" said the 2nd man.
* Fighting Unusual Things

"Shh" said Dennis and he showed his badge see. "Don't tell that to anyone," he said. "Wow, FUT" the men said "We won't tell anyone." Stijn and Dennis asked the men if they knew more about the werewolf but they knew nothing so Stijn and Dennis continued with shopping ....


A few hours later

It was 9 o'clock and the children took to the streets because it was Halloween. But ...... it was full moon!! First there was nothing to worry about. All children were cozy in groups on street walking and called upon the people. There were many children. It was cozy everywhere. The street lights were on. Everywhere carved pumpkins with candles inside the houses. There were not only children on the street. Also Dennis and Stijn were present. They had long coats with different guns below containing silver bullets. The FUT they are so specialized that they use silver bullets against werewolves and vampires to impale. But .... So they walked down the street with guns containing silver bullets against the werewolf, waiting and ready to intervene. Meanwhile, many children were already inside but there were still a few groups around. Thomas was all alone on the street. Suddenly the lights from the lampposts were out. Just for a moment. A minor glitch. The lights came back on and there was Thomas, death and torn to the ground. The blood spread slowly between the tiles on the floor. Screams everywhere. All children ran home. Dennis and Stijn shouted "Everybody calm down, we are from the FUT". And when they saw it. Wolves legs injected into the blood. They walked to the meadows. She quickly followed the paw tracks in the pasture, guns at the ready. Halfway through the meadows they saw no traces. They heard a noise in the distance. Geknauw, the werewolf was eating. They ran to the sound. There was the werewolf. To eat leftovers from Thomas. Very quiet Stijn founded his gun, shot and missed by a hair. The wolf looked around and quickly withdrew. Dennis turned and shot the wolf in his foot. But the wolf was too far away and limped away and disappeared from there sight. Quickly ran Stijn and Dennis Wolf chase but they were too late. The wolf was gone. They went back to the Golden Carp and tried to sleep. Trepidation

The next day,

After the funeral of Thomas (what was left) everyone was present in cafe The Golden Carp. Stijn and Dennis were there too. She ordered a beer. Edzer limped to the tab for the beers ......

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