Katherine and her best friends arianna and Sam(sameerah) were just walking to school when seven guys with red eyes kidnapped them they wake up in a mansion and try to get out but the guys don't let them out.will they get out or will they stay and fall in love with them?


1. New in school

Katherine's pppov

me and my roommates/best friends just got into our new school and one day it all changed so let's get to the beginning of the story shall we?~~~


we all had or backpack and everything else for school we drove over to school and got our schedule for school and we all had the same classes so first we headed to sience this guy with brown curly hair winked at Sam.the next class was biology and this guy that was so cute sat next to me i swear he kept on staring at me and then chemistry this guy with black hair winked at Arianna and kept on giving her papers that had texts on them this is the coolest first day of school ever

ariannas pov 

the guy with black hair kept on giving me notes he told me his name is zayn Malik and that he thinks I'm pretty cute and stuff about him and that there was gonna be a surprise for me tommorow at lunch zayn kept on staring at me and didnt eat his was finally over and i told katherine and Sam about the notes and what they said i was so excited for tomorrow 

the next day~~~


i wonder what zayn is gonna give to arianna.we got our stuff for school and i brought my phone too and so did Kathy and Arianna.we were walking to school when 7 boys in an alley with red eyes came up to us and then i blacked out.

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