Playing by the Rules

A One Direction Fan-Fiction. │Caution: This story has cussing and moments of intimacy. If you have a problem with any of those, then this might not be for you. │© Copyright 2014. All rights reserved. This material may not be reproduced, displayed, modified, or distributed without the expressed prior written permission of the copyright holder. For permission, contact Megan (: on


9. Chapter 9

 "Gahh I'm sooo borrred." I said stretching upside down over the arm of the couch. I laid my hands on the carpet and started to try a hand stand.

 "Harry, look, I'm doing it!" I squealed. Harry glanced up from his phone and looked at me. He smiled and stood up. 

 "Careful." He laughed. And as if predicting it, I fell over.

 "Woah." I said sitting up. Harry chuckled and sat down next to me.

 "We need something to do." He sighed. 

 "Yeah.." I sighed back. I looked at my phone and noticed Red still hasn't texted me back yet. Well, then. I tossed my phone on the couch and laid back on the carpet.

 "Wanna play a game?" He asked facing me.

 "Sure." I smiled, sitting up and facing him too.

 "Ok, It's called, Never Have I Ever. It's supposed to help people get to know each other. Have you heard of it?"

 "Yeah, but I'm not too familiar with the rules." I said.

 "Ok it's really easy. You put up both your hands and hold up all your fingers, like this." He grabbed my hands gently and spread them out with his. He left my hands standing in the air and continued.  We both are going to take turns saying something we have never done before. If I say something and you have done it before, you have to put down a finger. You have to try and get me to put down all of my fingers to win, or vice versa. Ok?" He explained.


 "Alright I'll go first if you want?" He asked.

 I nodded my head. "Please."

 He chuckled. "Ok, never have I ever eaten sushi."

 I lowered my finger. "Really? You've NEVER eaten sushi before?" I asked, shocked.

 "Nope." He shrugged.

 "Wow, I'm surprised." I giggled. "Ok, never have I everrr... had a girlfriend." I smirked.

 "Ohh I see what you're doing here." He said, placing one of his fingers down. "Well two can play at this game. Never have I ever had a boyfriend." He smiled and pretended to wave bye to one of my fingers.

 I laughed and lowered my second finger. "Never have I ever kissed a girl." I gave him a smug look as he lowered another finger.

 "Never have I ever had sex with a boy." He asked. Jerk, now he'll know I'm a virgin. Well I could lie. But I really don't want to lose. Urhhh. I kept my remaining eight fingers up. 

 "Ohhh I see." he smirked. I slapped him in the leg lightly and he just chuckled. I'd ask the same thing, but I obviously know the answer to that question. Gee, thanks mom! Sarcasm.

 "Never have I ever drunk alcohol." I said, leaving Harry with seven fingers left.

 "Ok, It's official, I'm taking you out soon. You need to live life a little bit." He laughed.

 I laughed with him. "Maybe."

 "Better yet. When does you mom get home?"

 "She left before we got back earlier so probably around 11:00 tonight. Why?"

 "Be right back." He said getting up and walking out the front door.

 Ummm... Ok?

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