To The Moon And Back

when lil' ol' Alyssa's life comes crashing down around her at age 12, when her parents pass, will she be able to get by on her own , or will she need the assistance of 5 lovely band members to mend back the pieces missing all along and flip her world upside down? but the question that needs to be answered is...

for better or for worse?


12. Sorry Readersss

~~ Okay. i know this one kinda sucks. i was kinda hoping to start a totally new one tho :/ it'll be easier and i can update more since i got a NEW LAPTOP!!! HELLZ YEAHHHH! Well...say goodbye to "the moon and back" ps. Anyone have any requests as to 



~main charac.


~ch. names

~1st ch. details.

~background info


i was kinda hoping u guys could help with that :)))) thanx <3


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