To The Moon And Back

when lil' ol' Alyssa's life comes crashing down around her at age 12, when her parents pass, will she be able to get by on her own , or will she need the assistance of 5 lovely band members to mend back the pieces missing all along and flip her world upside down? but the question that needs to be answered is...

for better or for worse?


4. Settling down

***Niall's POV***


    We had finally finished our 'Take Me Home' tour across the US. And to tell you the truth i was pooped. I missed Nandos...Thats my favorite restaurant by the way. I could use some food right now too..

"Hey, Lou? can we get lunch at Nandos today..i kinda miss the place." I asked after silence had settled in the car. Luckily everyone seemed up for it.

"Yeah, i guess so" And he made a 'U' turn straight around and into the parking lot. We all wobbled in, having been in the car for so long. I lifted my head from my twitter feed and saw the most gorgeous thing to ever walk the planet. Her electric-red hair flowing perfectly down her shoulders onto the straps of her apron. Just under the black apron i could make-out a white t-shirt. It fitted her in all the right places, clinging to her body to show off her figure. im sure she didnt mean it to saying its a t-shirt but she did look good in it. then i saw familiar curls amongst the top of her shirt...

    damn it! shes a Harry girl...

***Harry's POV***


    Niall had insisted on going to Nandos and to be honest i was actually craving just that. When we got in i noticed this waiter. She had blinding red hair and her apron said 'Nando's' on the pocket and a name tag just above it.


        My names Alyssa

    She wore a red ribbon in her hair making the color POP and her blue eyes stand out. If i wasnt mistaken today was the day 'This Is Us' first came out in London. And if what i read on Instagrm was true then i believe the red ribbon meant she was a Harry girl. Unless i was totally just taking it the wrong way and she just felt like wearing a red ribbon. I looked down to her whit shirt and saw the infamous curls...

    Yep, shes a Harry girl..


***Alyssa's POV***


i woke up at around noon , and cleaned up a bit. I quickly made myself some coffee and a bagel and sat myself down on the sofa reading a newspaper left at my doorstep this morning. I saw and ad for a restaurant called "Nandos?". it was hiring now at ages 16+ and i thought i'd give it a go.

    I took a quick shower , brushed my teeth and hair just putting it up in a messy bun. I didnt really care about make-up so i brushed over some lip gloss and headed out the door with my purse, my Harry Styles t-shirt, red jeans, white sneakers, and my red bow.

    when i got there they had to verify my age and my birth certificate and then they asked me some really stupid questions and said that i start in an hour if that was okay with me. i guess they really liked me. i can you not tho? look at me! im gorgeous! lol no. im kidding but seriously. you want this! i Grabbed my apron and was trying it on to see if it was cute then i hopped over to the 'Employees Only' labeled bathroom and checked myself out. it wasnt the best fashion choice but hey!, i dont look like Miley Cyrus! i mean she great and all but shes been escalating lately. My hair looked a mess though so i tried my best to save it but failed epically, so i decided to leave it down. I loved my red hair, ive been dying it since i was 14 and i guess it looked kinda cute so i kept up with it. Its electric red. No not like Ariana Grande's.No. its more like so red its almost hot pink! I reaplied my lip gloss and headed out the door for my shift.

"Hey Alyssa!" My manager called to me. "Uhm..we usually dont let newbies do this but we're gonna let you assist the celebrity table." He said twiddling with his fingers.

"Okay. when? and which table is it? im sorry i havent quite gotten used to this place." I asked excited , but nervous at the same time. what if i totally embarassed myself infront of a FLIPPING CELEBRITY!

"Now. They specifically asked for you to be their waitress. they turned down Madia and shes our best." He said pointing over to the back room. i go..dont embarrass yourself dont embarrass yourself. wait? did he just say 'they'? oh god its more than one celebrity!

    i slowly opened the door to see 5 smiling faces. HOE-LEE-SHIT! i thought.

"um...hi..uh my names A-Alyssa. H-How M-M-May i help y-you?" Great! now they probably think i have a stuttering problem! my favorite boyband in the freaking world , One Direction, thinks i have a stuttering problem.

"Dont be nervous babe" i Heard his deep bradford accent speak. dude, i just had like an ear-gasm just listening to him say 4 words! I relaxed a bit a flashed a weak smile.

"I'll have the chicken wrap and a diet coke please" Oh, the irish accent sent chills down my spine as i wrote the orders down one by one. when i finished, i walked away awkwardly.  i let out a sigh when i finally left the room. i could feel the awkwardness in the air of that room!

    when the orders were done and i had to do what i dreaded most. i had to go back.  I hobbled in with a tray with 5 orders on it and my co-worker Agnis helped a bit. i Handed harry his Chicken gurger and set it down infront of him with his pepsi.

"Careful, its hot" i said without knowing. its like my mind knew what to say. shit this was awkward. i wasnt planing on talking to him unless he was ordering, to save myself the embarassment ...god.

"I know" he said leaning his chair back to look at my ass.That bitch. i brushed it off and he quickly grabbed my ass without anyone seeing. I turned around and swatted his hand away as he winked at me. i just rolled my eyes and opened the door when he whistled at me.THATS IT!hes going down!   i heard everyone laugh and i shot him death glares at the back of his head towards the curls. i actually think he felt it cause he mouthed an 'ouch' and turned around. There were no guard in the room and no manager and nobody except me and them. shit was bout to go down. this is my chance.

"Alright you listen here cupcake!" i pulled him by his collar and emphasized 'cupcake' to make myself sound sarcastic. "Pull one more fucking thing on me and i swear to god i'll fucking rip your dick off and shove it down your throat! you hear me? go ahead try me. just know that your little 'fuck and screw' ordeal, will. NEVER. happen again!" I let go of his collar. I heard a loud gulp from each of them and then a howl of laughter from each.

"Meow!" Damn Louis and his sassyness made me want to strangle him. Harry's eyes were wide staring deep into mine. i slowly walked away and towards the door.whoa! where did that come from? i like this new 'Sassy Alyssa' its different. i lay my hand on the door knob and twist it when i hear a voice form behind me

"Hey, i like you. your kinda should call me sometime" he said while slipping the number in my apron pocket and i could feel his breath on my neck "Nice shirt" he whispered. I could almost picture the dumb ass smirk on his face. oh how i wanted to tear it off.

    That night i finished work at 4:30 and once i got home i plopped on the couch and flicked through the channels when my phone flashed green. i got a text.


From: ***/***/****

            Hey there beautiful!, got your number from a friend of yours. i need to talk to you ASAP so message me back when u get the chance. bye love xxHerreh


    i decided to message back in hope to find out who this mysterious man/woman was.



               Whos this? cupcake from nandos? haha. no. i dont think so why whats the ish? xxLyss

    i got one back almost instantly.


           Yes cupcake. come on please? theres something important i need 2 tell you! if u do come anyway meet me at 435 Main st. I'll be out front at 8.  meet me? see u there hopefully! xxHerreh


     I saved his number in my phone to the cutest name ever. i thought for a minute...wait! THE Harry Styles wants to meet e me up and i need to think about it? the fuck am i doing? off to wherever this pace is! here i come babehh! dont leaaavee!

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