To The Moon And Back

when lil' ol' Alyssa's life comes crashing down around her at age 12, when her parents pass, will she be able to get by on her own , or will she need the assistance of 5 lovely band members to mend back the pieces missing all along and flip her world upside down? but the question that needs to be answered is...

for better or for worse?


10. no chapter again again hehe

    So hey guys! Umm turns out im definitely not doing one tomorrow since im going on one of my dads works party things at kimble farm (or however you spell it)  AND the boys are going to be on the today show tomorow at seven so i gotta be up for that. I thought it would be easier just to stay 'Up All Night' (no pun intended ;)  ) well, if i stay up all night tonight, i can fit a story in, do what i want, watch the boys at 7 and go to kimble farm and then my sleeping schedule can get back to normal since i have school in 5 days... :( NOO! And lately iv'e been staying up till my parents start to get up for work (4-5) then i bolt to my room to not get caught and sleep till like 2 pm. so thatll change in time for sch-sch-scho-school! ehh! it makes me wanna puke.

         @@#@@@ (Amazing words of wisdom from the one, the only, Zayn Malik) xxLissie

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