To The Moon And Back

when lil' ol' Alyssa's life comes crashing down around her at age 12, when her parents pass, will she be able to get by on her own , or will she need the assistance of 5 lovely band members to mend back the pieces missing all along and flip her world upside down? but the question that needs to be answered is...

for better or for worse?


8. Love at first glimpse...

***Harry's POV***


    Listening to her outburst like that made me realize that she was right. I had told her i was in love with her only a couple hours after we met so i couldnt blame Niall for jumping at the chance and we werent even a couple so she had all the right to kiss whomever. I guess i was just jealous. And now iv'e screwed up her , whatever she had, with Niall. I knew i had to fix it but i needed tim to figure out how...


***Alyssa's POV***


    Damn. After Niall slumped into his room slamming the door shut, Harry walked out to the balcony with Louis. And i was left in the living room with Liam and Zayn. I was left shocked. i cant believe i just made 2 bestfriends hate eachother. I was paralyzed not able to move from where i was. Staring at my feet with wide eyes in thought. God i screwed up. I mean it wasnt 'Nothing' i definitely felt something in it but i just wanted to get across to Harry that he shouldnt blame Niall for this insident. And it wasnt all my fault that Harry said he loved me or that Niall kissed me back. So actually i didnt deserve to be in this situation no matter how self concerned that sounds.

"Alyssa? Are you alright?" His deep voice gave me shivers. He wrapped his warm muscular arms around me as i just stood there not moving. Liam was doing all the hugging. "Alyssa, come sit down. we can talk if you want. Its not your fault. Harry just got jealous thats all."

"No Liam. Im sorry but iv'e got to work things out with Niall. I'll come back in a bit...maybe" And i hopped off to Niall and Louis' bedroom. It was locked. really? was that necessary?

"Niall? Let me in."

"Leave me alone. Go love Harry." ouch! that one hurt.

"I dont want to love Harry. I dont want to love anyone. Iv'e only met you guys yesterday. Now Niall can you please let me in so i can explain myself?" I heard a click and the door fell open as Niall jumped back onto his bed.

"You like him better. Otherwise you wouldnt have said the kiss meant nothing."

"No, i dont like him better Niall. Listen to me!" I took my pointer finger under his chin and pulled it up so his baby blue eyes met my green/blue ones. His eyes darkened into a periwinkle color."I felt it Niall. In that kiss, I felt sparks.But it was only a way to wake you up. I didnt want Harry getting jealous and blaming everything on you and thats why i said it was nothing. I think your a great guy your funny and damn straight sexy, but...I have a boyfriend babe. Dont worry, Harry cant have me either." I giggled through the last part. Niall smiled widely at me, satisfied with my answer, "Can we go now? I have to give Harry a speech too." He nodded and we left the room after i gave him a quick kiss on the cheek.


***Niall's POV***


    Haha. She had a boyfriend. That just makes everything awkward , but better. Now she has to talk to Harry and i think i should too. but after. Me and him need to work out whatever rivalry was between us. I liked her then he liked her then we got in a fight then none of us liked her and now she has a boyfriend, and me and her made up.....My life is finally interesting. if i kept a journal this would definitely be a historic event in it. hey..we still didnt get our food...


***Harry's POV*** 


     Liam and Zayn were in the kitchen finishing up the cooking after we had burned the bacon with our fight, Alyssa, i guess went to go make up with Niall and im out her in the daylight with Louis by my side.

"Hey Lou?"

"Yes Haz?"

"Do you think i actually LOVE her?" I turned to see his expression. Nothing.

"Well, if your a 'Love at first sight' type of guy then, i guess its possible." And he turned his focus back on the city. I sighed deeply.

"Nah, Im more of a 'Love at first glimpse' type of guy." And i let out an exaggerated laugh. Girls DIE for it. i wasnt very fond of it. But whatever the girls like, i guess.



"Hey um.. can i talk to you for a minute Haz...Alone" Alyssa bit her lip and leaned up against the doorway. Louis winked and skipped passed her into the kitchen.

"Whats on your mind Lyss?" I sipped some of my tea and leaned back on my sun chair and patted the seat next to me telling her that she could sit. She did.

"Well, i wanted to say im sorry for this morning. I didnt mean to make you guys hate eachother. I only kissed Niall cause i knew he'd wake up if i did. I mean im not going to lie to you Harry, I did feel something in the kiss, but its not like me and Niall would ever turn into anything anyways, as you too. Remember Harry? Before i walked out on you yesterday what i said? I have a boyfriend." Oh.... now i remember. Im such an idiot. "We good?"

"Yeah we're good" I pulled her into a hug and looked her in the eyes. I winked and left out the door. "Lets eat!" I shouted. Why am i so crazy?



    After about 1/2 an hour, we had all finished breakfast and were jut getting ready to get to our interview with Kiss 108. we'd be broadcasting at 10:30. Zayn drove Alyssa home to get herself changed so she could come with, after an argument about 'over staying her welcome' again.


***Alyssa's POV***


    After we finished breakfast, i told the boys that i should be going since they had an interview but again Harry insisted so i couldnt turn up a chance like this. Zayn drove me to me and Lena's place where i opened the door and found a note taped to it...



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