To The Moon And Back

when lil' ol' Alyssa's life comes crashing down around her at age 12, when her parents pass, will she be able to get by on her own , or will she need the assistance of 5 lovely band members to mend back the pieces missing all along and flip her world upside down? but the question that needs to be answered is...

for better or for worse?


1. In The Moment

***Alyssa's POV***


    Its been about 5 years now since I've talked about  it. You know about my parents and all. I've gotten better actually. When parents are brought up into the conversation, I smile and laugh at the stories they tell about their families and how complete they are. My story is always the same...

 "oh..uhm..they're on a business trip again. pft like always right?" Then i'd turn and sigh to myself wishing I could tell them.



"Hey mum, are we there yet?" I squished and squirmed in my seat, unable to keep still. "MOM! MUMMY! HELLOO?! Can I see papa yet?" I kept whining unable to contain my excitement. until finally she snapped removing her hands from the wheel to turn to me and slap me across my face, causing the car to swerve in different directions earning honks from strangers. when it happened... the windshield cracked and glass flew everywhere as the car flipped numerous times.  At this point I had flown from my seat and into the grass over the guide rail. next thing I knew I was back home in a day or so. I woke up to the smell of burning bacon. I saw daddy on the floor lifeless..he had overdosed. that's when my life crashed over me, I went to the funeral and bawled my eyes out until there were no tears left.



    when my family asked who I was staying with at home I didn't know what to say so I lied. when my moms family asked I told them I was living with my dads brother. and when my dads family asked, I told them I was staying with my moms sister. so all in all, I Iived by myself, with no family around at age 12. I was living off of my parents will that was mine. it had gotten me a couple years until I finally decided on getting a job at this place called 'Wendy's'. it was the awkwardest little place but it held me over.

    although it may be every childs dream to live on their own, its not all its cracked up to be. I had to pay rent at age 12 I had to buy groceries at age 12 and I had to do everything my parents would age 12. so I guess you could say I was a smart child for my age and probably had the skills of a 25 year old mother. except..i didn't know all the things a mother or father would have taught you. like how to get over your first love or how to use a tampon for that matter. for all these things I decided that youtube knows EVERYTHING. that's where I learned most of my stuff. saying that I HATE school and I guess it was just easier this way. , so that was one less thing I had to pay for.

    the only person who actually knows my story is my bestie Lena. Shes been my friend since I was in 2nd grade. I always have her over even when shes not allowed...cause we're thugs like that. shes a couple years older than 3. Her family was always my family.



    one day I was hanging out with Lena at my place

" hey I have something to tell you!" she lit up at her own words and I signaled her to continue.

"well, I know you've been wanting to go live in a big place , and ive been wanting to go to college, so ive gotten uncle Simon to get us a house somewhere in London! when im off to college, he'll bring you to the place and you can look after it while im off to college. and one day when you go to colle-"

"im not going to college..." i interrupted her.

"well anyway, since i havent seen uncle Si in forever, he is going to take us to london with him and show us to the house. the good thing is.....hes paying rent!!!!! "  after she said this we had already gotten on the bed and started jumping around causing me to fall.

"ouch!" i moaned. my face to the cold floor. After this we settled down and fell asleep instantly. its been a long day...



    When we awoke in the morning...or should i say I woke up in the morning (no, no you shouldnt <---- see what i did there?) Lena was nowhere in bed. but there was a faint smell of eggs floating about the room. i ran downstairs screaming "FOOOOOOOD!!!" Although i was very petite, i could eat as much as a gazillion pound elephant that hasn't eaten in 6 years. i mean like damn, its a never ending hole down there! (Thats what she said!)

    she let out a slight giggle that could lift the darkness from any room. 

"you should start packing. Sy will be here in hour" she didnt look up from the stove top, but somehow sensed my confusion. maybe its the fact that i still havent moved. " We're leaving today to London. to go to the house. we have a long flight ahead of us. you should start packing or you wont have time." still not looking up from the eggs that she now flipped onto a plate. i shot upstairs as fast as physically possible. 

    I don't have time to pack everything!! AND i need to shower its been like a day and a half and i smell like nail polish and fish! what am i going to do!? 

    i thought to myself pacing the room back and forth before deciding to take a shower and not waist my time thinking about it. i hopped in and let the water rain over my body relaxing my muscles. after doing all that was needed i hopped out and grabbed a towel, wrapping it above my chest. As i ruffled through my drawers i decided upon something comfy, so i threw on some leggings and my over the shoulder hello kitty shirt. I went to my closet and  pulled out the biggest suitcase i had. i stuffed as much clothes and important things in it as possible. my lucky pajamas and all. i was sitting on my suitcase trying to zip it up when i heard the doorbell ring from downstairs. i grabbed my things and stumbled down the steps making as much noise as possible with my suitcase.

" Hey liss" Si dropped his things to engulf me in a hug. His hugs were always the best. I was never able to find a better hugger than Lena's uncle Si.

once we piled into his car, it was off to the airport. we got our things checked and  finally our flight was called just in time. We were let in first due to Si's popularity, and we quickly found outr seats. i was in the window seat, uncle Si on the outside seat, and Lena in the middle seat after a bit of complaining. This was going to be a LOOOOONG trip...

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