To The Moon And Back

when lil' ol' Alyssa's life comes crashing down around her at age 12, when her parents pass, will she be able to get by on her own , or will she need the assistance of 5 lovely band members to mend back the pieces missing all along and flip her world upside down? but the question that needs to be answered is...

for better or for worse?


7. Good Morning?

***Zayn's POV***


"Fuck!" I whisper-shouted. damn couch. Why you gotta be in the way all the time. It was probably about 6:20 Am. i really could not sleep at all. I pulled out a pack of cigarettes from my back pocket and lit on up out on the balcony. I really need to stop this..oh well. 

     When i finally finished it i squished it and left it in the ash tray. I wobbled inside and poured myself some coffee. I sat at the table and just thought for a minute. Morning were the only time of day where i can actually sit and have time to myself. I like that girl Alyssa is it? The moment i saw her all jittery about being our waitress i just thought she was so cute. I'm not a love sick puppy like Niall and/or Harry but i thought she was a nice bird. I couldnt see myself with her but i mean like maybe friends with benefits? i dont know.  I walked up and lent my body on the doorway watching her sleep with Haz. Damn he was good. Hes already slept with her and hes only just met her yesterday. Its not like they did anything though but still. Its a big deal. They were all up in eachother cuddling. It was cute. But if anyone knew Harry it was me. We've been club buddies for god knows how long, 

      we'd just stand at the bar checking out girls and when we finally got our eye set on one. we did everything to get in her pants. Thats how we were. But i can tell Harry feels different about this one. I mean she wouldve already been out of the house if they had done anything. 

    I sat myself back down on the sofa and sipped the last bit of my coffee.

"Hey Zayn. Enjoy your view a few minutes ago?" she joked. Oh god she was up ahah.

"Sorry did i wake you?"

"No, didnt even get a wink of sleep last night."

"What was on your mind?" I wasnt stupid. When someones staying up all night in silence, theyre thinking about something. something important.

"Nothing really. Just...thoughts." She sat down next to me on the sofa with her coffee that she'd been pouring through the whole conversation.

"Cool." i didnt want to go too into her thoughts. that was her business.

"Why are you up so early?"

"Couldnt sleep either. But unlike you i can actually admit i was thinking about some things."

"Like what?" She raised one of her eyebrows in one of those cute questioning looks

"You." Oh shit. why'd i say that!? I might as well just let the rest slip.


"I was thinking about you. Your a cool lass. I think Harry will do fine with you."

"Me and Harry? N-N-No. we're not-. no" She hurried through her sentence. Oh i see. Thats what shes been thinking about all night.

"You dont want to date Haz?"

"I mean i do. no wait i mean thats not what i meant but i just dont not trying to come across that way but.....oh nevermind."

"I get it. Leave it. You dont know what you want. haha. you dont need to know its only been a day. calm down. UM.. its 7:30, i should wake the boys" U got up and left my mug in the sing, as she did the same. "I guess i'll Wake Harry and Liam. You can wake Louis and Niall?"                            "Oh. Leave me with the wackos. thats cool. haha. who evers team is out in the livingroom last has to make breakfast deal? okay. 1-2-3 Go!" She bolted for Niall and Louis's room as did i when going to Harry and Liam's. 

"Get the fuck up!" I yelled in both their ears as i could trying to make a loud ringing sound in their ears. Hell it left one in mine.

"What man? God im trying to sleep!" Harry through a pillow at me only for me to catch it in time and whack it off his tired, sleepy face.

"LIAAAM! HAZZAAA! GET UP NOWWW! ALYSSA'S IN NIALL AND LOUIS'S ROOM AND I MUST WIN THIS COMPETITION! I SUCK AT COOKING!" I shouted from the end of both beds. Nothing.Okay if this isnt working. i'll Have to do it the Hard way... game on bitch.

"OH MY GOD HARRY! AHHHH! ALYSSA'S BEEN KIDNAPPED NO! HELP HELP HELP!" Liam and Harry shot up and ran into the living room. Only to see Louis Niall and Alyssa just walking out of the room.

"Run!" I shouted to Harry and Liam. and they saw and raced to the couch. Haha. 

"I will triumph!" She shouted in my face with louis after walking to the kitchen and bumping louis' fist.


***Alyssa's POV***


"...Okay. 1-2-3 go!" i shouted and immediately i bolted for Niall and Louis's room. I'm a girl i know exactly how to wake them up. i mean come on.

"Niall. Baby wake up please. pweaze." i pouted and jumped on his bed

"No. 5 more minutes." he groaned into his sheets. okay. lets do it.

"Niall? Please? I Wuv youu." I pouted once more with more power and started  bouncing on the bed on my butt trying to shake him out of bed. Still nothing. so what i did was i plopped down infront of him and started giving kisses all around his face. Not kisses-kisses, just short pecks. on his nose, then his forehead, then both of his cheeks then his head. i then kissed his lips passionatly . His eyes fluttered open and he smiled. god was it a beautiful. And his eyes were a dark blue. it was magic. He kissed my lips and i screamed at him to get up before he laughed at me.

"Up up up. now i am going to win this! i do not want to loose this. Unless you want to do all the work in cooking i this you should get your ass up. I got you both in on this bet. zayns got Harry and Liam on his team." I slapped his arm and got up over to louis' bed where he scared the shit out of me.

"we will triumph!"louis shouted jumping up on his bed and running to the door. We all stomped over eachother getting to the door only to see Harry, Liam, and Zayn doing the same. we shared glances and thats when zayn yelled

"Run!" and we all raced to the couch. we all fell on eachother tangled in a mess of people. Liam was at the bottom...which means they one.

"we will triumph!" Me and louis said in unison fist pounding eachother,i felt warm arms wrap around my waist as i layed the bacon in the pan and the curls against my cheek. Damn this boy already acted like we were an item. Although i did almost drowned Niall in kisses this morning so..okay we're even. 

"Are we even gonna talk about last night?" I asked him, knowing that he thought i was sleeping.

"what about last night? we ju-" Harry started but was interrupted by Niall.

"Are we gonna talk about this morning?" Niall snaked his arm around my neck and kissed my cheek. shit.

"what happened this morning?" Harry released his arms from me and gave me a look. i didnt want him to know. then it would ruin anything i wanted to be with him. wait..what did i want to be between us?

"what happened last night?" Niall asked harry and at the same time Harry asked me. fuuck. i didnt want to ruin my friendship or whatever i had with Niall.....god..Then they both looked towards me with the same look on both their faces.

"Oh god. Okay first we didnt do anything last night so last night. Harry thought i was sleeping and i wasnt and he kinda said uhm..he said..uh..he loved me." Harrys eyes widened at my words showing off his pretty bluish greenish eyes. Niall looked at him and in a way looked like he was going to kill him. then it was harrys turn. he coughed and looked back at me.

" happened this morning?" 

"well..uhh me and zayn had this competition thing as you know and i had to wake up niall and louis and he wouldnt get up so i..kinda..kind his entire face..and he kissed me back. it wasnt anything though. it was a quick kiss." i assured him. both their faces grew red and harry began a rant.

"Niall! you kissed her back!? you've only known her a day! why would you do that! And you!" he turned towards me. Im not gonna lie i was kinda scared. "How could you kiss him all over like that!? Your such a slut!" my face softened and my eyes fell to my feet.wait! he cant yell at me and niall. for fucks sake he said he loved me after not more than 9 hours after knowing him.  

"No! you cant blame this on me! you cant put all the wait on my shoulders! not even after 9 hours after knowing me you said you LOVED me. And your gonna call me a slut and get all angry cause i kissed him lightly!? no! i can kiss him if i want to! its not like we're a couple anyway! you cant control me because the last time i remember i wasnt the one who said he loved me!" And after my rant i went straight to niall to prove my point. I kissed him on the lips.not a peck on the lips, but kiss-kiss with tongue and all. He pulled away angrily as soon as i started. thats when i remembered he's been quiet throughout this entire conversation.

"Nothing? it was nothing? you didnt feel anything when i kissed you? nothing at all? thats what it was? nothing." my heart dropped.

"no niall. thats not what i meant.. i meant-"

"save it." he said eyeing me up and down. "you can have her." He said looking to Harry. i fucked up..



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