To The Moon And Back

when lil' ol' Alyssa's life comes crashing down around her at age 12, when her parents pass, will she be able to get by on her own , or will she need the assistance of 5 lovely band members to mend back the pieces missing all along and flip her world upside down? but the question that needs to be answered is...

for better or for worse?


2. Getting comfy

***Alyssa's POV***


***(Skipping the completely awkward and uncomfortable plane trip...)***

    Lena squealed as we stumbled out of our terminal with my 2,000 ton bag. I couldn't blame her, I was just as excited but I wanted to contain it till I was in the comfort of my new home.

    When we finally pushed our way through the sweaty crowd, Simon motioned us to his car. we entered and that's when it hit me... I, Alyssa Lynn Pantollana...was now living in THE home of sexy british men...oh how exciting this would be.

    " ugh... hate to burst your bubble there but ..I gotta go. I need to check in to the college to see what bitches im going to be living with for the year." Lena rolled her eyes and sneaked in a giggle. "Be back tomorrow babe I promise! Bye Lyss!  oh anD WELCOME TO ENGLAND BABY!!" she screamed the last part as she was walking to the door of her college. Wow... im jealous of...a college? what?.

    As we drove what seemed like days, I took in the sights of London. It brought back memories of when I lived here as a kid. It was so much more...what should I say...ugh..bigger? no...umm..itwas...I don't know, but I was more curious as a kid to explore every centimeter. I was snapped out of my thoughts when the vehicle came to a halt.

    I glanced up as I drug my bag out of the car... And damn should I tell you! That place was on fire! I mean like straight up play boy mansion!


" I know." Si ran up to the door and shoved his hand in his pocket for the key.

    You know those houses that are big on the outside but small on the inside? This is NOT one of those times. I walked in and got a face full of rich-bitch.

"I-is this all mine?" I asked eyeing the place the front were huge stairs, enough for 25 people to walk on the same step at the same time, a chandelier as soon as you look up at the sky window, a huge ass hallway leading to god knows where, another hallway on my left, And doors at every empty space available. Other than that, it was quite empty, no pictures, no paintings, just white paint and red furniture.

"For now its yours. Until Lena gets back from college at the end of this year. then you share it for the summer and the cycle starts again basically. You like?"

"Mhm..." I trailed off, wondering down the hall on my right. I just wanted to explore every square inch of this place. The ENTIRE hall is basically all window on your right and empty white paint on the left. SO BRIGHT! definitely buying shades for that.

    at the end of the hall was the kitchen. FOOD!! I thought, but all I could think about was the bedrooms.

"well, ill leave you to it then. I have to get back to the studio, call me then yeah?"

"OH! yeah, THANK YOU UNCLE SI SO MUCH!"  I twirled and hugged him good bye. Not minutes later I heard  the door click shut.

    I took it upon myself to scope the rest of the place out. if you walked  straight past the island in the kitchen, theres a white pole thing and fi you go around it, it takes you to the right of the big stairs. so like... a really big oval. Down the left hall is the living room, which also is like a really big oval and takes you to the left of the big steps.

    Suddenly I had the worst urge to pee. shit... wheres the bathroom? So it obviously wasn't down here so I took the steps up and barged into the first room that caught my eye. Damn. That was a hot room! Like cute-hot not hot-hot. it was actually pretty chilly. BATHROOM! yes, I found it.

*** (yeah yeah I wazzed. big deal. eww that gross! shut up -_-)***


    so I found out, that was the only room and bathroom so I was lucky I barged into that room. The doors on the left consisted of a game room and a music studio (I play guitar mostly, but sing a bit too.) then there was a hall with one side a railing so I don't fall onto the 1st floor and on my right was just-like downstairs hallway. if I went around down that hall, it took me to a balcony outside.

    on the right of my room had 2 doors and that's it. one was a gym and another was the laundry room. pft. for what clothes? I barely brought enough. ha.

    I quickly rinsed off my jetlag (not literally. That's impossible.). I jumped into my 'Sheerio For Life'  t-shirt and some yoga shorts and decided for a movie night. its not as fun as it sounds when your alone.  Its scary.Every sound is magically  transformed into some type of murderer.

    in no time I was asleep on the couch, one leg on the armrest , the other falling off the cushions. Popcorn bowl flipped upside down on the floor, kernels everywhere, scary movie 5 select scene theme song playing over and over.

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