To The Moon And Back

when lil' ol' Alyssa's life comes crashing down around her at age 12, when her parents pass, will she be able to get by on her own , or will she need the assistance of 5 lovely band members to mend back the pieces missing all along and flip her world upside down? but the question that needs to be answered is...

for better or for worse?


5. A fresh start

***Alyssa's POV***


    After our little conversation there it was about 7:03 so i called up Si to see what he's up to


S: Hey whats up? like the new place yeah?

A: Yeah its great. i actually got a job down the street. I started today. its called 'Nandos' i think.?

S: Ok. Hows work so far then?

A: its pretty good, but this guy was being a COMPLETE douche to me today when i was serving him. uhh..actually It was uh...Harry Styles.

S: Really? He works for my record label. Be careful of him. Hes been known to you know...sleep around.

A: what do you mean? but Yeah i will. Im going to meet him up in about 45 minutes. said he had something important i needed to know.

S: Nevermind but bring your phone and stay safe yeah?

A: I will Si

    And the phone call ended. ive been walking in circles now, a habit i had when i was on the phone i got dizzy and plopped myself on the couch dialing another number. Lena.


 L: Oh em gee! whats up? hows the place? I'll be home in about 2 hours by the way.

A: Its great i got a job at 'Nandos'  down the street already and i started today. You WILL NOT guess who i met today!

L: Oh my god! who?



A: Yes way. i met them at Nandos they specifically asked me to be their waitress! But then Harry started being a douche so i told him off. then he said he liked me gave me his number and now im going to meet him up in a few. So when you get here i'll already be gone.

L: I thought you said he was being a douche?

A: I did but you cant tell me you would say no to meeting up THE Harry Styles would you?

L: I guess not.

A: well, the key is under the mat if you need it and i have an extra on me. And Theres only One room saying that you'll only be here in the summer. you can put your stuff in any of the closets downstairs if needed but you can also put it up in our closet in the room. Dont forget to lock the door when you leave and...I'll be back sooner or later lay?

L: Yeah got it. well' i gotta go my roomates being a bitch. And shes tired at 7 fricking 45 . bye. Love you Lyss

A: kay bye. Dido!

    And the phone call ended again. oh god. its 7:45!? I gotta get going. i'll just call a cab i guess instead of walking. I changed out of my t-shirt not wanting things to get too awkward. I threw on a black 'Blink if you want me' half shirt with a white tank top and left on my red pants and white sneakers and replacing my bow with a white snapback. Totally thug life. My phone vibrated making me giggle cause it tickled my hip.


     From: Cuppycake <3 XD

              You comin? xxHerreh

    I smiled at this knowing i was definitely going. I didnt bother to reply. i would be there in 5 anyway. I called a cab and told him the address. 

    "Im sorry madame but i cannot bring you there. thats-" i totally interrupted him and showed him the text and Si's caller id. "Oh. Im very sorry for misunderstanding." And with that he drove off.

 ***Harry's POV***


    She still hasnt responded to my message yet. does that mean shes not coming? of course shes not coming! i screwed up yesterday. i didnt think she'd stand up for herself and tell me off like that. I thought she would be a fangirl and fuck me whenever without doubt. this girl...shes got confidence and pride. Shes not looking for a fuck and screw...shes new here i can tell. Her accent is so cute. She can barely pronounce her 'R's Boston accent? it could be New York... I just hope she shows. shes different and didnt have trouble threatening me saying that im THE harry styles. shes not gonna take any bullshit..which is why i dont think shes coming.             

    i turned to head back into the house, when a cab pulled up and i heard that accent.

    " Thanks ted!" that mustve been the taxi drivers name. she handed him the money but he refused and told her it was on the house for him..'mistreating her?' She waved as the yellow car pulled away. i stared at her intently as she whipped out her phone as mine lit up.


 From: Alyssa 

         Im here what do you want? :/ xxLissie

    I smiled up at her but she didnt see. her sight was focused down on her phone.

To:  Alyssa

         Maybe if you'd look up and get over here i could tell you ;) xxHerreh

    she responded immediately

  From: Alyssa

           Maybe i dont wanna go over there. ;) i wanna stay at the park :( pweaze i'll love you fowevah! xxLissie


  To: Alyssa

           You already love me and you know it! miss harry styles t-shirt! hehe. but finee! xxHerreh


     From: Alyssa

              Fuck you! lmaoo XD xxLissie


     To: Alyssa

                Promise? xxHerreh


        From: Alyssa

                Just get your curly ass over here! xxLissie


    I skipped over the street and she flashed her cute little over exaggerated smile. Sh ran away in the opposite direction of me.

"Where are you going?" i shouted after her. she just kept going until she plopped herself on the swing. oh. i followed.

"So..whats so important?" she asked as she cocked an eyebrow

"oh nothing. i just wanted to say sorry for being a...guy. haha. i mean for disrespecting you earlier. we started off on the wrong foot and i just wanted to start over?"


***Alyssa's POV***


    Start over? he wants to start over? i guess itll do. if he wants to try again. lets do this. i held out my and in his direction.

"Oh my god your harry styles! Hi im Alyssa!" he chuckled at my acted excitement.

"Im Harry. Nice to meet you Alyssa." He smiled while accepting my handshake. "Wanna hang at my place?" he asked. haha 


"but.." He frowned.

"I dont go into strangers homes" i winked. thats when he lifted me by my waist and carried me across the street, me fisting his white t-shirt and kicking my legs. i laughed uncontrollably "Rape rape! haha. hes kidnapping me!" i screeched while giggling through my words. he covored my mouth with his hands as he let me down inside the door. 

"sh sh sh! your gonna get me noticed" he laughed while whispering. i felt his warm breath against my cheek. as he pinned my hands above my head and kissed my cheek seductively. all i heard was our breath. we stood in that position for a while just looking into eachothers eyes. damn..his eyes were beautiful. like a pool of green magic.

"Hi." i said to the boy at the top of the stairs watching us. i was too busy watching harrys eyes to notice who it was. harry looked away to the back of him and saw niall at the top of the steps.

"Harry, we're doing a twitcam and the fans are asking for you.come up." He looked into my eyes searching it for something. i stared right back into his blue orbs. we stayed like that for a couple seconds. Harry turned watching Niall, the back of his head facing me, his curls tickling my nose. Niall, staring down at me and  i did the same. staring up to niall. Niall moved his eyes from mine and turned to glare at harry. Harry returned the glare the same way. I just kept my eyes on the both of them watching their every move.

"Alyssa, come upstairs with me. You can stay for dinner." Harry released me from my grip and i followed him up the steps.


***Niall's POV***


    He stole her. he fucking did. i knew there was something with him when she served us. i knew it! and now he was basically seducing her in the way he does to get in her pants. she didnt know. i knew she didnt by the way she let him stand there and do that. How could he. we stood for a couple seconds in the position we were in.she looked at me and i looked right back into her eyes. i was looking for an emotion...any emotion.

    Harry told her to go upstairs and wait for him and i pulled him back to the stairs to get a word in.

"Harry, you knew" i whispered in His ear and glared at him. A smirk played on his lips and he walked up stairs. That player. Hes gonna hurt her and i know it.


***Harry's POV**


I knew i stole her form him. i wasnt gonna lie. but she would prefer me anyways and i was saving him from hearbreak. She waited for me in the kitchen where the boys told her to go. i quickly hopped infront of the screen and said hi to the fans and ran back to Alyssa in the kitchen.

"What was that about? you and Niall." Shit..she noticed.

"Nothing. He um hes having a bad day. you know ..paps" Nice save harry. Nice save.

"Oh. well...Mr.Styles. what now?"

"Well Mrs. uhm.." damn it i dont know her last name! fuck!!! 

"MS. pantollana" she exaggerated the Ms. damn harry. shes obviously not married! theres no ring! wait! fuck! i dont even know if she has a boyfriend...

"So..MS.pantollana" i copied her tone. "Wheres your boyfriend at?"

"Boyfriend?" she said sipping the apple juice from her cup that i poured.

"Oh so your single then?"

"I didnt say that." she smirked

"So your taken."

"I didnt say that either." she walked away to the table and sat.

"okay fine. be that way. lets get to know eachother then shall we. ms stranger?"

"Kay, you first." she lightly pushed my shoulder. haha. her hand was so small and she was so weak compared to me. it could be so easy to kidnap her right now. haha. wait what? thats the weirdest think i ever thought...

"Well my name is Harry Edward Styles im 19 going on 20 in february, my mum got divorced when i was young and i lived with her. Im obviously now in One favorite color is orange and i used to be in another band called white eskimo when i was younger."

" i feel stupid. why did i ask you that. i already knew every word you were going to  say. haha. um..My name is Alyssa Lynn Pantollana Im 17 . Yes i have a boyfriend, i live with my best friend Lena and shes off to college. My favorite color is Pink and Green , my favorite food is.....mexican. i like soft tacos better than hard shell tacos, i HATE school, i cant keep still for more than 10 minutes and.....Lena's uncle Simon brought us here. He said you work for his record label is that true?" i could tell she knew the answer and felt completely stupid for asking. i could see it in her face. i smiled

"yeah. what about your parents?" I had noticed she completely skipped over that. 

"Um..theyre..uhmmm...on a business trip right gotta go." she got up pulled her purse over her shoulder and ran out the door. i lightly pulled her arm back. she turned around and her eyes were beat red. she was going to cry. shit what have i done. i let go of her arm letting her go where she pleased. I walked back in and fell on the couch over all 4 boys laps.

"get in her pants already?" 

"Shut up lou." i sighed and stared off into space. why was she cryi- fuck.


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