they rescued me

lily,emily and jahnus have just gone through the dunalley bush fires 2013 their house is gone their school their life. but what happens when one direction come to help out and niall brings his sister will they find happiness again?

this is a true story jahnus is my brother emily is my sister and well im LILY my house did burn down i did loose my school but there was no ONE DIRECTION or love sadly :-(
and it was dunalley fires 2013 waaaaaaa


3. talking to the boys


I laughed at his facial expression he looked dumb founded.

He just started laughing with me after we both calmed down from our laughing fit we went to see what my dad was doing of cause he was still talking we just stood there and listened.


I grunted as I finished my sandwich I was really hungry all of a sudden a heard a quiet voice behind me.

I turned around to see a girl about my age “yes love” I said.

“I bet your hungry would you like to come and get something to eat?”  She said not sounding sure.

“Um yeah I’d love to” I said with a massive smile she chuckled

"Come on then" she said smiling

“So what’s your name love” I asked her

“Um Emily she said smiling at me I smiled back at her.

We walked into the place where I assume she was living it was pretty cool it had a kitchen and everything.

Emily walked over to the fridge and pulled out a load of things it all looked so good

“What do you like?” she asked me

“Um anything” I replied

She put everything back

“Well if that’s the case lets go get take away” she smiled

I smiled at her “would it be ok if the boys came”

“Sure and I didn’t get you name” she said not wiping that smile off her face.

Oh I’m Niall Niall horan

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