they rescued me

lily,emily and jahnus have just gone through the dunalley bush fires 2013 their house is gone their school their life. but what happens when one direction come to help out and niall brings his sister will they find happiness again?

this is a true story jahnus is my brother emily is my sister and well im LILY my house did burn down i did loose my school but there was no ONE DIRECTION or love sadly :-(
and it was dunalley fires 2013 waaaaaaa


5. takeout and problems


I dragged niall out by the hand to lily and the boys they were all looking at the rubble that once believe it or not was my house we started looking through it too.


I was looking through the rubble with harry  by my side when I found something that caught my eye it was an envelope that was half burnt I flipped it around to find my name  scribbled on it. Harry noticed I found something and came to look what it was his eyes wondered the envelope until he found my name he look at me before saying  “what’s that” I looked at him then back at the envelope “um I’m not sure” I whispered but loud enough so he could hear me. I flipped it back over so I could open it better I ripped it open and found a letter and a pebble that was shaped as a love heart I didn’t relies it had a chain until I flipped (I’m saying flipped a lot ha) it over to its other side engraved in it was my name lily I opened the letter and started reading it out loud.

Dear lily,

 It is a great Tragerty to say I am dying and will not make it to see your lovely face I would of loved to see you grow up and have a lovely life with your sister Emily ha and how I would warn you about boys not that you would listen to me. I would love to tell you that I hope you find the right person that loves you and will look after you until your dying days. I love you so much lily don’t you ever forget that I know what a strong women you will be when you grow up. The pebble I’m guessing you are wondering what it is about well just for you to hang by your heart to know I will always be there for you

Love from, Grandma

I didn’t know I was crying until I finished the letter harry hugged me tight like it was the end of the world after a while of him comforting me I stopped crying I wiped my eyes with my sleeve. Overcame Emily with the rest of the boys smiling, which made me smile straight away. “soooo I was wondering if you guys would like to go get takeout and you know were lily" she says smiling at me I nod in understanding the boys just looked confused but nod. Harry puts his arm around my shoulder as we walk off.

We walked over the bridge and turned left and walked straight into the duh dah dada fish and chip shop to see Bruce “lily, Emily long time no see” he says smiling “hi Bruce” we both say at the same time “And you brought friends” he says smiling like crazy his shop was small so he didn’t get a lot of costumers. Then around the corner comes yappy barking in joy I smile and bend over and pick him up “PUPPY” Louis yells I laugh and give him yappy while Bruce is chuckling with the other boys “so usual” says Bruce “times 8 oh and lily it’s on the house” he says smiling I thank him before he walks out the back. “No probs” he just yelled back. We had a great time until veronica this girl from school came in who bullies me “oh look what the tied washed up “she said smirking all her so called friends started laughing at her comment “what are these sexy young boys hanging at with you two skanks” she growls I can feel harry tense up and see Niall’s fists go white “well theres five of us and five of you” she says she turns head to her friends and says “I bags curly” that’s when harry stood up.

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