I Have A Lot To Say *Liam Payne*

Blaque Dark is that quiet girl who examines people. She always has a lot to say, but she tends to keep it to herself as she knows that anything she can say can hurt anyone. She is bullied yes, but she ignores it as no one will stop. One day, everything just goes too far for her and she explodes with her colorful words. She talks about everything that she has examined on people for a couple of years. Liam Payne is attracted to her, yes, but he has this HUGE reputation to keep. This outburst triggers Liam to fall in love with her. I don't think she's attracted to anyone though. She just speaks the truth that she has scanned. It's not like anything is going to change anyway, right? Everyone has their opinions, but she has the best and wise opinions, she tends to not speak or think of them though. The future awaits.


2. Chapter Two

A/N Hi! Updating once again! The polyvore up there is what Blaque is wearing to the party, c: xoxo stay strong and beautiful! <3




Blaque's POV


When I finished changing, I walked over to Vinnie who was still sleeping, I tapped his shoulder triggering him to wake up. 'I'm going out, if you want friends over just call them, don't make a mess.' I signed, he nodded and went to go walk to the home phone.


"Ready?" Liam asked, I nodded, "So, uh, is Vinnie deaf?" Liam said awkwardly while closing the door behind us. 'No, I just don't feel like talking right now.' I shook my head and responded.


He nodded and pulled me along the sidewalk to their flat, their flat isn't that far, so I feel a bit of energy left in my soul.


"You might want to stick to the shadows, it's going to be dangerous in here, if you need me, I'll be inside." he whispered, he pulled me through the back door and placed me in a corner.


I looked at everyone, two people caught my eye, Lacey Brass and Harry Styles.


People who do too much PDA disgust me. Oh fucking jesus christ, WAIT WAIT DON'T READ THAT! I used my colorful word, please don't read it! You read it? Oh no...


I quietly sneaked away from the dark dimension and was out on the spot light, I froze like I was stuck to ice when someone called my name. "Hey, Dark!" Lacey greeted, shoving my a bit towards the pool.


I waved slowly and tried to move forward but then she and Dameon Hester stopped me.


Dameon took my hat from my hands and threw it in the pool, making me frown. "Why'd you bring your bag?" Dameon questioned, struggling to take it away from my arms. "For medical reasons." I mumbled while looking down.


"Don't you want to go for a swim?" Lacey questioned, tilting her head and batting her eyelashes innocently. "Lacey, I don't think that's a good idea." Zayn warned from behind her, as everyone watched us intently.


"I-I'm sorry, I don't know how to swim." I stuttered as I tried to walk around them, Kirk Fisher on the other side, making it impossible to move around.


"Oh please, don't lie to us, stop being such an attention whore, take off your clothes and go take a swim!" Kirk urged on, I looked around, everyone had their eyes on me. --NOT LITERALLY-


"We'll push you if you don't." Lacey warned, moving closer.


I shakily took my boots and socks off, then came the ring which was placed on a lawn chair, I put my bag down carefully, I took my bracelets off as well.


I took my jeans off slowly, becoming self conscious about myself. I put it down on the floor and hesitated to take off my sweater that was covering my bra and my panties.


When I had my sweater fully off, all of the boys were looking at me. I covered my chest as I felt self conscious again.


Liam's POV


My jaw dropped at the gorgeous girl. It's like she isn't even Blaque anymore!


Her eyes showed that she was disgusted, uncomfortable and self conscious.


(I'm going into detail of what Blaque's body is like)


Her body was a perfect kind of thin, her bra made her boobies (Sorry I had to do that) look bigger, basically it's lacy lingerie is what I'm thinking, but it's just regular panties and bra.


Her collarbones looks beautiful, her legs were slim and long, her bum seemed perfect--everything is perfect.


I can't describe her anymore.


She looked like pure SEX. (Had to do that too Cx)


When she put her sweater down, Lacey furiously pushed her into the pool. "WOAH! What the fuck, Lacey?" Zayn and I shout, running towards the three bullies.


"What? She was being a whore?" she said innocently as Harry glared at her.


"SHE CAN'T FUCKING SWIM!" Niall shouted right in her face. I looked down to view the pool but then there was a vast area that had some red liquid flowing around.


My eyes went wide as I saw a huge cut on Blaque's arm.


I jumped into the pool with my clothes on and desperately pulled her up from the pool. Slowly, I put her onto a lawn chair while Louis went to fetch her bag that she said had medical supplies.


"Okay, I don't know medical stuff but I'll try." Louis said as he crouched down beside me, he took out some gauze, disinfecting alcohol, some medical tape and some more gauze.


I poured a good amount of the alcohol on three pieces of gauze and handed it to Louis, he carefully padded the huge cut slowly and gently. I then passed him a handful of gauze, he took them and made a white line as in he aligned them on the cut.


"Pass me the alcohol." he muttered a he held out his hand. I handed it to him, he poured it on the small cotton balls and then took the medical tape. He randomly taped the gauze so that it would stay on her arm.


I think he used too much tape though. I took her clothes in as Louis carried her and onto our sofa. "Help me put her clothes on, she's already passed out." I mumbled, Harry took her pants, Louis took her shirt while I took her socks and boots.


"Niall, get her hat from the pool." "Why can't I do anything?" Zayn pouted and crossed his arms, "Remember you can't swim?" I reminded him as I tied the laces of the boots. Niall walked back in with her hat, bracelet and ring.


I placed the ring on her middle finger, bracelets on her right hand and I laid the hat in her hands. "Wow, Dark has a nice body." Ian, my brother said as he took a drink of his Gin. "Shut up, Ian." I growled as I put a blanket over her shivering body.


Ian is the bad boy in my family, he goes to our school but he's usually not noticed, I figured that Blaque has noticed him though, she's very interesting as she notices everyone.


Ian has a lip ring studs on his lobes and a bunch of tattoos.


"Ian go outside." I say in annoyance, "But no one knows me!" "It's because you're always you're hiding in the shadows! Now go!" I scolded him, he glared at me while walking out.


"WOAH, WHO'S THAT?!" a bunch of girls shouted. We all craned our heads to view what was happening, girls were surrounding Ian.


"Ouch..." we heard a loud thump and that's where we saw Blaque on the floor, rubbing her arm and head. "Your arm okay?" I ask while sitting her up, she tilted her head back and heaved a sigh, "Yeah, yeah." she mumbled.


She turned her head, "Oh, Ian's here." she says quietly with a small smile tugging at her lips.


"You know him?" Harry asks, his voice uneasy. "Yeah! We're friends, but we don't talk much." she answers with a happy sigh.


"Is he nice...To you?" Zayn questions with a pause, "Of course! Why?" she furrowed her eyebrows and pulled the hem of her shirt down as it was riding up her stomach.


"He's a bit dangerous..." I whispered, she looked at me like I was crazy, "Liam, your brother is pretty much a gentleman and he doesn't care about reputation, he actually cares for people." she growled, she stood up and walked away outside.


I groaned and ran a hand through my hair.


"Woah. Sassy. I think she said that rude remark because she thought that you were too heartless to even care of what she said." Louis laughed and clapped my shoulder while Harry ruffled my hair.


That's just depressing.


Really depressing.




A/N Hi! I won't be updating tomorrow or the next day after that or something, I need to work at Starbucks, literally I live in Starbucks, being homeless is not fun because I need to work for WiFi and a charger. xoxo stay strong and beautiful!







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