I Have A Lot To Say *Liam Payne*

Blaque Dark is that quiet girl who examines people. She always has a lot to say, but she tends to keep it to herself as she knows that anything she can say can hurt anyone. She is bullied yes, but she ignores it as no one will stop. One day, everything just goes too far for her and she explodes with her colorful words. She talks about everything that she has examined on people for a couple of years. Liam Payne is attracted to her, yes, but he has this HUGE reputation to keep. This outburst triggers Liam to fall in love with her. I don't think she's attracted to anyone though. She just speaks the truth that she has scanned. It's not like anything is going to change anyway, right? Everyone has their opinions, but she has the best and wise opinions, she tends to not speak or think of them though. The future awaits.


3. Chapter Three

A/N Okay, maybe I lied, I am going to update. This might be short so, I'm sorry.


xoxo stay strong and beautiful!






"Hey Ian!" I waved at him, he waved back, trying to get away from the girls surrounding him. "How's it going, since you're noticed now?" I laughed as he gave me an annoyed look.


"Not so great." he mumbled as he shook off a girl that was grasping his arm for attention, "Why are you talking to that skank?" Lacey looked at me with disgust and gave Ian a wink, I giggled as he growled and pushed her away.


"She is not a skank, and I am talking to her because we are best friends." he growled lowly while walking towards me and hugging me from behind.


"I have a friend." I say quietly and grin widely, "Ugh, whatever." she snarls and walks away, girls realizing they have the chance to get at him now.


"High fucking five." I gape while turning around, holding my hand up which Ian gratefully slaps. I'm not that quiet and nice when I'm around Ian, he brings out my inner bad girl.


Not exactly...


"That is the first time I've ever heard you cuss!" Ian fangirls and jumps around, I laughed while stealing a sip of his drink.


"Oi! That's not polite." Ian pouted and crossed his arms, "And when were you ever polite?" I sass back and snapped my fingers in a Z position.


"Well, one good reason, I'm polite around you because I know what kind of girl you are." he raises my eyebrows while I raise my hands up in defeat. "Don't tell me the truth." I playfully growl while punching his arm.


"I'm sorry, you just can't handle the truth." he shrugs while taking a huge gulp of his drink.


I giggle while pulling him back into his flat. "Oh, hello Ian and Blaque." Liam greeted, adding a glare to Ian. "Hey." Ian replied, raising his arm up.


"Since this is Liam's brother, you guys already know him." I mumble while sitting on the carpet, stealing Ian's drink. "Got any ladies yet?" Harry asks while nudging my shoulder obnoxiously. I looked at Harry and shook my head in a disapproving way.


"No, why?" he furrowed his eyebrows as he took the drink away from my hands and taking a big sip out of it. "You have the spotlight now!" Liam exclaimed like it was a big deal.



Ian and I both rolled our eyes, "Of course that matters to you." Ian and I growled at the same time, glaring at Liam. "And if I had a lady, it'd be Ms. Dark here because she's my best friend." Ian stated as he pulled me onto his back.


"It could've been something more." Louis suggested, earning a smack to the head from Liam. "Maybe, but it's his choice, I just don't really care." I shrug while taking the red cup and finishing the rest of the last contents.


I sighed and wrapped my legs around his waist lazily while trying to grab the liquor bottle on the table, Ian squatted a down a bit, I grabbed the bottle and poured a fair amount into the cup and rested the bottle into Ian's hands.


"Could never back down a drink, aye?" I grinned while Ian patted my knee. "Do we have sandwiches?" I ask absentmindedly while looking around.


"I uh, finished the them." Niall said while scratching the back of his neck. "Bitch..." I muttered under my breath, Ian chuckled as I pouted. "Is there crisps or bugles?" I question again, "Yeah, we have caramel bugles." "THEN HAND ME THOSE LITTLE BASTARDS." I shouted while shoving my hands out.


Liam threw me a large open bag which I opened up gratefully, the sugary nitrogen air flew into my nose making me sigh in delight. "Can you feed me." I mumble while I hung my mouth open a bit.


"Calm down, let me sit down first." he said, he grunted while sitting down, I was now hugging Ian from behind.


"You two are my OTP." Harry and Zayn shout while sticking their fingers up in the air. "What's that?" Ian asked while shoving a handful of caramel stuff into my mouth. Everyone gasped, I scrunched my nose up when Zayn explained.


Ian checked his watch and looked up at me. "BEST FRIEND KISSES!" he shouts and unbuckles my arms that were wound around his neck.


"NO NOT NOW! I'M STILL EATING!" I screamed and fought with his arms, shaking my head, avoiding his thin lips. "STOP! I'M HUNGRY!" with that, Ian released my arms. "Never going to mess with you when you're hungry." he mumbled while taking a handful of the horn shaped crisps and shoved them into his mouth.


"What's 'best friend kisses'?" Liam asks while cuddling up to a pillow.






"Whats 'best friend kisses'?" Liam asks while taking a pillow and cuddling up to it, my identical brother is weird. "Oh, its this little tradition Blaque and I do in the middle of the night, it gives us good luck." I explained, Blaque held her two thumbs up and grinned.


"But so far, Blaque isn't really getting good luck, so we do it a bit longer." I explained some more details, "But, where do you two kiss?" he questioned again, "Do you really wanna know?" I say, leaning closer towards my brother. He nodded his head and folded his hands.


I pointed to both of my cheeks, forehead, the corner of my lips and then on my lips.


All of the boys gasp making Blaque drop her food. "What?" she says lowly, trying to pick the bag up again.


"Oh, nothing." they waved her off, "You finished now?" "Ehm, no." "Do you want good luck or not?" "LATER!" she growled and angrily ate the rest of the bugles.


I frowned at everyone, "She doesn't really think this tradition helps, but this has helped me a lot." I shrugged and took the bottle in front of me.


"Fine, what about this. We'll play spin the bottle with 4 other gals and then we'll get our good luck during the game?" I ask while twirling the bottle in my hands, she nodded.


"LACEY, SHERRI, LAURA, LEIGH! GET IN HERE!" Blaque shouted, the popular girls toppled into the flat and dusted themselves off. "Yes?" they asked, pushing their bust up.


"Wanna play spin the bottle with us?" I held the bottle in my hand and waved it around. "TOTS!" they squealed and jumped into the circle we had made.


"Great..." Blaque and I sighed, she leaned on my shoulder and pouted. All of the boys including Blaque and I had disgusted looks on our faces when they pulled their shirt down a bit and lifted the hem up a bit.


"For Christ's sakes, no one's paying you to do that shit! So calm the fuck down!" Blaque cussed, venom dripping from her voice. "Now I'm utterly shocked." I gaped, my eyes widening when the girls looked at her defeated.


"I go first." Lacey demanded, she took the bottle from my hands and spun it slowly, she used her foot that it would land on me. I sighed.


She winked at me before leaning in, before she kissed me I turned my head to the side so that she kissed my cheek.


"My turn." I winked at her when she pulled away and pouted at me. I spun the bottle swiftly, I creased my brows when it landed on Liam. "I am not kissing my brother." we said simultaneously. "You two are brothers?!" the four girls screamed, tears started to form in their eyes.


"OH MY GOD, TWO OF THE PAYNE TWINS IN FRONT OF US!!!" they screamed while fangirling and talking to one another.


"I'm going to spin again." I mumbled, I spun the bottle, the bottle slowed down and it landed on Blaque. "You do know that this tradition doesn't work, right?" she whispered as she leaned close to my face.


"Oh girl, you know it works." I smirked as she frowned, I sealed the space between us and rested my hands around her neck and pulled her closer.


We received hollers from Zayn and Harry making me grin during our small little kiss. I pulled away slowly and leaned in so that our foreheads were touching.


I kissed her cheeks softly, then the corner of her lips then one longer kiss on her lips.


It was her turn, she cupped my face and kissed my cheeks slowly, kissed my forehead, nose then my lips.


"Ritual complete." she whispered and high fived me quietly.


"MOVING ON!" Leigh shouted, a lot of people were sending glares to each other.


Boys kissed boys, girls kissed girls, girls kissed boys. That's how we wasted our night, well except for Blaque.


She had to go because she needs to check up on Vinnie, she didn't come back 'cause she needed to bring his friends home, she had told me.



The whole night Zayn and Harry winked and cheered at me while Liam glared at me like I was the last pizza and that he was already full.




















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