I Have A Lot To Say *Liam Payne*

Blaque Dark is that quiet girl who examines people. She always has a lot to say, but she tends to keep it to herself as she knows that anything she can say can hurt anyone. She is bullied yes, but she ignores it as no one will stop. One day, everything just goes too far for her and she explodes with her colorful words. She talks about everything that she has examined on people for a couple of years. Liam Payne is attracted to her, yes, but he has this HUGE reputation to keep. This outburst triggers Liam to fall in love with her. I don't think she's attracted to anyone though. She just speaks the truth that she has scanned. It's not like anything is going to change anyway, right? Everyone has their opinions, but she has the best and wise opinions, she tends to not speak or think of them though. The future awaits.


1. Chapter One




A/N Well hellodadur there! That shall be Blaque up there ^^. I really do appreciate that you're reading this story! Might be a bit, less talky of me, but whatever. Thanks for reading once again! xoxo stay strong and beautiful!




Blaque's POV


I hummed a song quietly as I watched everyone scramble around in the cafeteria. I'd usually have my eyes on someone who is causing some kind of loud commotion, but I'd rather not for today.


I'm focusing on the rather quiet people, I want to see what their traits are or something, I don't know. Sometimes I sound stupid in my head, but whatever, it doesn't really matter, does it?


I focused on five rather quiet boys at the table in front of me.


I can point all of them out, but I rather would like to take out the flaws that everyone can easily view and why people make fun of them for it.


Louis Tomlinson, he dresses like a gay, no no no, scratch that, that sounded a bit too rude.


Louis Tomlinson is the boy who takes Drama Class, everyone calls him gay for it, but I think that he's just doing of what motivates him.


Harry Styles is the cheeky and kind gentleman, people call him a man whore or a slut as he has not even lost his virginity yet, I assume. I reckon it's only my opinion, but my opinion doesn't matter, does it?


Next is Niall Horan, this boy eats as much as I do, quite frankly, I eat a lot. People make fun of his flaws at times, hell, they make fun of the five's flaws at times. The people at school call him a nasty pig as he eats very messily. I mean, it's alright if you eat messily, just clean your face afterwards is what I'm saying.


After that is Zayn Malik, the quiet one, well, he's mostly quiet, everyone calls him mute, even though he isn't, I don't blame him for not talking back though.


Then there's Liam Payne, he's quite the view, in my opinion he is. He's kind to everyone, but not me, a lot of people teased him for liking me, but I doubt that's the case.


All five of those boys are usually the ones making all of the commotion, but I guess not today.


I lazily ate the stale chips they served on my plate. It's quite good if you ask me.


"Hello, loser." Lacey grinned ear to ear, across of me from the table. "Hi Lacey." I waved with a small smile before eating my cookie. "How's the large life?" she teased, I sighed and put the cookie down.


I shrugged and looked up with my fringe in the way of my eyes. "What? Not going to answer? Fucking mute." she growled while dumping her juice on my head, I just sat there eating my cookie again as a loud burst of laughter erupted in the cafeteria.


I hummed a slow tune to get me to calm down, I'm not allowed to make an outburst, it's against my rules.


"Hey! Shut up!" I looked up to see Harry standing on their table while glaring at everyone. I quickly looked down and finished my cookie.


I stood up slowly and walked towards the bin, carefully sliding the disgusting contents into the trash, then I put the large item on the top of the bin.


"Hey, you okay?" I stopped in my tracks, I slowly turned around, "U-uh yeah, yeah." I say quietly as I don't really know the reason why he's finally being kind to me.


"You sure?" he asks as he catches my wrist before I was fully away from him. "Yes, I am. Now, let go of me." I whispered, he slowly let go of my wrist triggering me to run away.


I rubbed my wrist when I reached the lockers. The bell rang making me flinch.


Another class.


~After School~


I shoved my binders into my locker then slung my bag over my shoulder.


I sharp pain shot throughout my back making me groan. When I opened my eyes, Lacey was smirking at me, "Talking to Styles, earlier aye?" she nudged my arm not so kindly.


"Does it matter or something?" I question, she chuckled and death gripped my arm and leaned down to my ear. "Stay away from him, slag." she whispered, she pulled away from me.


"Wait, I'm confused. Why is that?" I question quietly, furrowing my eyebrows in confusion. "He's mine." she growled, making me giggle.


"Okay, then." I say then walk away, still giggling.


"HELLO, SLUT!" I rolled my eyes as Liam insulted me with a wink, I stuck my tongue at him in a playful way.


"Hey, Blaque." "Harry, go talk to Lacey, she 'likes' you." I put quotations over 'likes' and laughed. "But we want to talk to you!" Harry whines while the four other boys join in the little reunion.


Since Liam knew sign language, thought I could use it. 'Why do you want to talk to me?' I signed or whatever you want to call it.


I don't like talking at this time of day. 'We just want to talk to you! So please here us out' 'You do know you spelt 'hear' wrong?' I responded which got a smack to the head.


"WHATEVER! Let's just carry on with the shit." Liam shouted, making me cross my arms.


"Then what is this--curse word?" I asked, Harry, Liam and Louis smiled, or more like a smirk. "Why don't you curse?" Niall asks as Zayn kept quiet the whole time.


"I don't think it's nice." I shrugged, "I think you're too nice." Louis narrows his eyes and smiles.


"What are we going to talk about out?" Niall says with a confused face.


"Dark, will you come over to our party?" Zayn said quietly, I shrugged, 'No thanks.' I sign, not into talking anymore.


'Please?' Liam begged, I shook my head and walked away.


I skipped towards my flat and barged in without knocking. "Vinnie, I'm home." I called out quietly.


He walked down the stairs still in his pajamas. "Wanna watch a film?" I ask, holding films and the remote up, he jumped on the sofa and kissed my cheek. "You're the best roommate ever." "Oh I know." I say while putting a film in.




I jumped to answer the door, "Oh, hello." I mumbled, wiping my eyes. "You coming to the party?" Liam asks awkwardly, scratching the back of his neck, "Guess so, let me get changed then." I mutter while pulling him in and sitting him on one of the chairs.



Guess I'm going to a party.



A/N OH HAI THERE! So, I made a new story, the bullying for Blaque will turn up in the next chapter which may be tomorrow or today, I don't know and don't care. Kay? xoxo stay strong and beautiful!









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