Moments In Paradise

Writing is my survival from this prison...
Wrote Jade, she placed her pen down and closed her journal, she then grabbed her bag and made her way to the only class she enjoyed; Art.

Jade is an average fourteen year old except that her parents are both dead. They were killed in a house fire. Luckily Jade was at her grandparent's house.
She never expects anything good to happen to her.

Louis is a guy that watches Jade, he watches her paint brush strokes; every single one.
Louis is madly in love with Jade but he hasn't had the courage to ask her out, will he?


1. Backstory

I was at my Grandparents house, enjoys a quiet episode of "Friends". I was simply just enjoying the company of my Grandma and Grandpa, they were quite old so I didn't expect much time with them left.

"Turn the TV up" Grandpa croaked as he reached his hand out for the remote,

"Pardon?" Said Grandma as she settled her knitting down on the armchair,

"REMOTE" Grandpa said laughing as Grandma waddled over towards the coffee table, she then picked up the remote and threw the remote softly onto Grandpas lap. 

"Thanks sweetie" He said kindly, I smiled and opened my diary and wrote the following sentences;

It's so sweet watching the two most important people in my life love; especially since they're old and experienced. I wish I had a relationship like that because it'd be nice knowing someone loves you...

I couldn't finish the next sentence because I felt a tap on my shoulder,

"Hunny, it's time for you to go to bed" My Grandma said sweetly, "I'll warm up some milk" She said again as she shuffled into the kitchen, Grandpa chuckled and switched the channel on the TV.

"Grandma" I sighed as I scooped my diary up into my arms, "I'm way too old for milk" I said climbing up the stairs, I made my way up towards my room and snuggled into bed; I closed my eyes for a brief moment and thought about how Mum and Dad's trip to Sydney was, I hope they were safe...

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