Over Again Sequel To 'It's Gotta Be You'

Once upon a time their love was strong. Once upon a time they were inseparable. She never stopped loving him and he never stopped loving her. Niall and Abigail had everything but Niall threw it all away, what will it take to get Abigail to forgive and forget? Will all be lost or all be found?
Sequel to It's Gotta Be You


7. You Never Know

Chapter 7 You Never Know

*Harry’s Point of View*

          I was finally going to do it. I was finally going to ask Abby to be mine forever and ever till death do us part. I touched the cold white gold ring tucked into my pocket. I had Abigail come and pick it out with me, it was a white gold band with one large emerald cut diamond in the centre and two smaller ones on each side. I’m planning on proposing in front of all our closest friends and families. Our mums were flying in from Holmes Chapel to witness this, all I can hope is that she says yes…

*Abby’s Point of View*

          Harry’s been acting weird all day… I wonder what’s going on. He told me to meet him at his flat at seven tonight and then hung up… No I love you or anything… What does that cheeky little imp have up his sleeve?

*Andrew’s Point of View*

How dare that interfering bastard?! I almost had her in my grasp but he just had to come along and take away my glory. I will have Abby if it’s that last thing I do no matter who I hurt in the proses. I saw that bastard going in with Abigail to go buy a ring, how dare he take my woman!    

I had been keeping a low profile for the past year and a half but now it’s time to reveal myself. Ever since I’d gotten out of jail I had been on the lookout for anyone that may recognize me, I will not go back to that place. It was the one place where I was not on the top of the pyramid and I will not take that sitting down. Daily beatings and verbal hostility were the things that I inflicted on people not the other way around.

My plan was working perfectly. Once I found Abigail all I had to do was take her and demand Abby come back to me or Abigail would’ve gotten it. If only that Niall kid hadn’t interfered with my plans.

I touched the gun tucked into my waistband, smiling menacingly I began hatching a new scheme.


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