Over Again Sequel To 'It's Gotta Be You'

Once upon a time their love was strong. Once upon a time they were inseparable. She never stopped loving him and he never stopped loving her. Niall and Abigail had everything but Niall threw it all away, what will it take to get Abigail to forgive and forget? Will all be lost or all be found?
Sequel to It's Gotta Be You


6. When Push Comes To Shove

Chapter Six When Push Comes To Shove  

*Abby’s Point of View*

          ‘And I was like baby, baby, ba-’ ugh what does Abigail want at this hour of the freaking morning?! That and why they heck did she set her personal ringtone to that song of all flipping things? She knows how much I hate it.

          “What do you want Abigail????” I wailed into the phone while checking my bedside clock to see that it was only five in the freaking morning on a Saturday. To say I was seeing red right now was an understatement.

          “I ran into Niall last night!” Abigail blurted out on the verge of tears. Well that woke me up.

          “WHAT?! HOW?! WHEN?! Ok I’m coming over right bloody now,” I said right before hanging up.

          I ran to the door of Abigail’s flat and rang the doorbell repeatedly until she opened the door with a large spoon hanging out of her mouth and chocolate sauce on the corners of her lips. Oh boy it’s last year all over again.

          “Ok what happened?” I asked getting straight to the point.

          “I went to a bar last night and then I heard my name being called so I turned around only to see that douche bag standing right there…” My jaw dropped open as she finished recollecting her story.

          “Holy mother of pearl…” I muttered under my breath.

          “Yeah the worst part was I couldn’t identify the guy, I could only see his eyes, he seem familiar but I can’t place my finger on who it really is,” said Abigail pulling her pajama clad legs up to her chest.

          “Maybe it’ll click later when it’s not as fresh, sometimes things click after,” I offered.

          “Maybe,” muttered Abigail with her head buried into her knees.

          “C’mon let’s break out the Ben & Jerry’s, pop in a Channing Tatum movie and stare at his gorgeous abs.”

          “Okay,” Abigail stood up reluctantly and went to the kitchen to get the ice cream while I searched Netfilx for a nice chick flick. I hope Abigail remembers who the creep was, I swear if I ever find out who it was the poor man better change his name and move to Mexico.     

*********************************Authors Note***************************

So we finally heard from Abby (from it's gotta be you) what do y'all think?

sorry for the delay as I said schools getting really hectic and I'm trying to setup my dance competition schedule as well as homework and studying this weekend. It would be nice to hear from some of you so leave a comment in the comment section below and tell me what you think of my story so far.

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