Over Again Sequel To 'It's Gotta Be You'

Once upon a time their love was strong. Once upon a time they were inseparable. She never stopped loving him and he never stopped loving her. Niall and Abigail had everything but Niall threw it all away, what will it take to get Abigail to forgive and forget? Will all be lost or all be found?
Sequel to It's Gotta Be You


9. Twisted

*Andrew’s Point of View*

          Just look at them such silly girls, so stupid and so, so incredibly naïve. They’re going to get what’s coming to them, just you wait and see.

          “Mmmfff” yelled the man in the chair; damn it why didn’t I just finish him off while I had the chance? Sighing I went over to the man and pulled off the mask and pulled out the gag.

          “What do you want?” I snapped at the old man.

          “Well for starters I want you to leave my daughter alone-” I cut him off with a cold slap to the face, the sound ricocheting off of the cold bleak dark grey walls of the small damp room littered with beer cans, cigarettes butts and trashed food wrappers. You see after I escaped I found this old abandoned apartment and it’s been my little hideaway ever since.

          “You know better than to talk to me like that,” I snapped at Abby’s dad. “Do you really want to repeat last night’s events?” I snickered and as Abby’s fathers eyes grew with fear knowing exactly what I was capable with. Call me sadistic all you want but something about seeing the old man’s flesh burn under my lighter brought a certain pleasure into my soul. He knows better than to question my authority over him, I don’t know if it was all the beatings he had received earlier getting to him but he actually had the nerve to ask me why I made him visit Abby. Stupid old man.

          Abby deserved exactly what was coming to her, she had no escape. I was going to get to her someway whether it’s through her loved ones or her free will she would come back to me no matter what. Blessed with loyalty my ass. It makes you weak and spineless. It only made it easier for me to crush her like an itty teeny-weeny bug under the heel of my boot. This is all starting to come together now…      




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