Over Again Sequel To 'It's Gotta Be You'

Once upon a time their love was strong. Once upon a time they were inseparable. She never stopped loving him and he never stopped loving her. Niall and Abigail had everything but Niall threw it all away, what will it take to get Abigail to forgive and forget? Will all be lost or all be found?
Sequel to It's Gotta Be You


2. Fancy Seeing You

Chapter 2 Fancy Seeing You

*Abigail’s Point of View*

            It’s been a year, I told myself. Time to move on, time to forget but not time to forgive.

            I admired my reflection in the mirror one last time, the sort and simple white dress made my red hair and dark brown eyes pop. Abby came over to help me with makeup and hair. She did a smashing job, she extenuated my eyes with a beautiful smoky eye, and a glossy sheer pink lip gloss then straitened my hair until it fell to its full length right below my rib cage. I brought my hair over my shoulders and walked out the door with a mission in mind. Get over Niall James Horan.

            I walked into the small cozy bar on the other side of town and took a seat at the old fashioned wooden bar. I didn’t come here to drink but I did come here to try and meet someone new, someone to heal my wounds and fix my heart. I need someone to take away all the pain and hurt. I want someone to take me as I am and just accept that I am who I am, someone who won’t take our love for granted like Niall had.

            I stopped thinking about the topic to observe my surroundings, this was one of the only bars I come to, it wasn’t the typical bar with loud music and sweaty bodies dancing everywhere you look. Instead it was more like an old Irish pub. There was music and dancing but it seemed to have more of a family vibe to it with its old wood furniture and the friendly faces of the people who worked here. I loved coming here whit some of the girls we always had fun and the staff members were so incredibly kind.

            “Abigail?” I heard a voice behind me ask. I turned around to see who it was that had called my name. My heart fell into the pit of my stomach at the sight of him…

*Niall’s Point of View*

            I walked into a small club I had found on the other side of London. I rarely ever drank anymore but I felt like I needed a fix today. I need to numb the pain in my heart and the sorrow that Abigail left me with. She stole my heart and I don’t think I’ll ever get it back and I don’t deserve it back either. I broke hers and she stole mine it was only fair. I don’t plan on meeting anyone tonight but I don’t need to, Abigail was the only girl for me and I don’t want to hurt another girl by leading her on.

            The club had a warm and inviting vibe to it with its old wooden furniture and its friendly staff members. It reminded me of a pub back home. I surveyed the people on the dance floor and then the people hanging around the tables and bar. I was just about to skip over her when I saw a girl with long red hair that looked identical to Abigail’s. Out of impulse I walked up the girl and called her name. The girl whipped around and I was face to face with the girl whose heart I broke…   

******************************************************Authors Note******************************************

Sorry for the short chapter but this chapter is seting the scene for whats about to occur!

Questions of the chapter: when do you start school? Do you like school? and what's something you're looking forward to this year?

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