Why him?

Rain's best friend Allison has tickets for a 1D concert. She isn't in to them at all, but she doesnt turn her friend down because its her birthday. When the concert is done they go meet the guys. Rain has no intrest in them so she makes up an excuse not to meet them. Then she meets someone who she thinks its a normal person and they start going out. Time goes by and she finds out it's Niall Horan. A member of the group she hates so much. By that time she's already in love. What can she do about it. Her only question is... why him?


1. The Concert

My friend Allison had been obssesed with One Direction wich seemed to me like forever. We were already 19 and she wouldn't shutup about them since 8th grade. She was one of those so called 'Directioners'. I don't know what's so good about that dumb and stupid boy band. The real deal is Bieber. I Love him. He's the best. I was dying to go to one of his concerts, but i was short in about $1000 for a meet and greet. Today was the worse day EVER. Allison's parents bought her One Direction concert tickets and she asked me to go with her. What could i do? She was my best friend, and plus it was her birthday. I didn't want to ruin it by telling her i had no interest and so i accepted to go with her. "I can't believe it. We're actually meeting them. I can't wait to see Harry. I also got this lucky ticket to meet them and have about an hour to share with them". I didn't know what to reply. So, i went with "cool" and gave a fake smile. It was time. This so called concert was about to start and we were in first row. Allison was fangirling. Like always. I didn't know what to do. They had british accents so i couldn't understand anything they were saying. Cute? Not just one bit. Justin is cute. Justin Bieber is perfect. Why don't i like 1D?, Because they're something like enemies with JB. I stayed loyal to my fandom. Anyways, 2 hours passed and the concert was over. The boys left and everyone started to leave aswell. Allison talked to the security guard and showed him her pass. We followed him and stopped at their dressing room. Once they were done they said we could come in. I said i needed to use the restroom and only Allison went in and closed the door. It was the only excuse i could think about at that time to not meet them. I could hear them talking since i was standing outside. I was looking down at the floor and and then took my phone out of my pocket and started checking my facebook as i walked around. "Ouch" i shouted. I had ran into someone who was walking to the same direction as me. "Sorry" he said. "It's okay. Don't worry. It was my fault i wasn't paying attention". He smiled. "Don't worry. It's allright. Are you going inn to meet the 1D guys?". "No, i don't like them. I just came with my best friend because it's her birthday. She's with them right now. I made up an excuse and stayed out here. I don't want to meet them".

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