Its just be a set up plan for fame but is it full proof?


1. The Plan

Harry's P.O.V

I walked through the doors with Niall, laughing at a joke he said and sat down getting ready for the meeting. The others were already there and Simon soon addressed the meeting to start.

"Hi Boys" He said.

"Hi Simon" we all said.

"First order of business I hope you are all well aware that your song Just Cant Let Her Go has been leaked"

I nodded.

"Well it is your decision if you want to release the full song or not so we will get back to that next week at your meeting. Next Order of business, Harry?"

"Yes?" The boys all turn to me.

"Over the past few months I have just been trying to encourage you to get an uh... how do I say this? Uh, an Ugly Girlfriend."

"Yes I am aware" I nodded.

"Harry it has been too long, and we are going to set you up with someone" He told me.

"W-what? But-"

No buts Harry we have some information you might need to know about her. Here's the information sheet. Her name is Ella Lee. Asian, 18 I know Harry not your usual 30 year olds" Simon joked.

"Uh lets see what else, She goes to UCLA, studying writing and business. Oh! Here's a picture of her."

I study her facial features. Long Blackish, brownish hair, Kind, anxious dark brown eyes, flatish nose, and full lips. She had tan skin, maybe around 5'6 and wasn't the skinny type, but she wasn't fat. She was...full. She want skinny but she had just the right amount of fat to not make her fat if that makes sense to you.

"Apparently she's a directioner but she's not obsessive uh, lets see what else, oh, this relationship has to last for a year. No more, no less. All other information will on the paper I gave you.


I came home later that day after a interview with a radio station and sat down on the couch. I rubbed my face and looked at the information sheet.


Operation: Ugly Information sheet.


Girl's Name: Ella Lee

Ella Lee does not know about this set up relationship so make her fall in love with you without letting her know about this.

Day 1:

'Bump' into her


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