Its just be a set up plan for fame but is it full proof?


3. Its a Date

Ella's P.O.V.

 I looked up surprised and he continued on. "You seem really nice and I kinda like you, so I would really like to give it a try...uh so would you like to go on a date with me?" I widen my eyes even more surprised. I was sort of paralyzed. "Uh... yeah, sure, sounds great so when and where?" I finally got out.

"Uh... how about Porto's Bakery? at around two? so that should give us about an hour to get ready" he planned.

I nodded an waved to him goodbye to get ready. As I walked to the bus station to get to my dorm, I looked back and saw a guy I used to dream about, just asking me out and sighed. This relationship isn't going to last long so might as well take if there's a chance.

I opened the door to my dorm and put my bag and keys down. I walked to the closet and rummaged through my clothes. It was early January so its pretty chilly outside so I decided on a Blue skater dress paired with a crème oversized knit cardigan. I quickly put on some black tights underneath and slid on my mid-calf combat brown leather combat boots. I look in the mirror and hastily braided my hair into a side fish tail and looked at myself. I still feel insecure about myself but I'm confident about and m not afraid to show the world my natural self if they like it or night so I don't wear any makeup but chap stick. I looked at my lips which were quite chapped so I applied on some hot pink baby lips. I was pretty happy with my self and I looked at the time. 1:45. I was on good timing so I didn't have to rush. I drabbed my brown leather over the shoulder bag and threw my IPhone 5 with the little pink case with pink ears popping out of it, my hot pink baby lips in case of emergency, my keys, and last of all my wallet to pay. I rushed out the door and into the parking lot to get into my car and drove to the bakery.

I walked in and warm air enveloped me. I could smell  the sweet aroma of the cakes and bread around me. I saw a hand waving towards me and I saw Harry sitting at a table ear the back. The bakery was pretty much empty so nobody really recognized him. He was also facing the back with his back facing towards the windows so he couldn't be recognize. Smart. I nodded my head signaling that I noticed and walked towards the counter to order a chocolate croissant. I was just about to pay when a hand shot up with the cash and payed instead. I looked behind me curious and saw Harry. I blushed and said " Its ok I can pay"

"I can too, and I also am the gentleman here so its kinda my job" He argued.

I let out a small smile and said "Thank you" while the lady handed me my croissant. We walked to the table and sat down and it was kind of awkward with my just siting there quietly eating my croissant while he was sipping his coffee and glancing at his phone everyonce in a while. Finally I let out a "Thank you, but you know I can pay for myself right?" 

He looked up from his phone and smiled showing off his dimples. "Yeah, but it what us British gentlemen's do" I chuckled and looked down again at my croissant, not knowing what to say next. I wracked my brain trying to think of a conversation starter but couldn't think of a good one. "So uh, what do you want to be in the future?" He asked finally breaking the ice. I rolled my eyes, the average conversation starter, but I still answered. "Um, well im going to UCLA for this semester  but being transferred up to Stanford next semester, but im studying to be either a musician or a business owner."

He looked surprised at what I said. "Wow, Stanford? That's incredible! So what do you want to do as a musician?"

I looked down and blushed not really wanting to answer. "Well I want to sing and I also play piano, so that also helps out but its kind of more of a if I get lucky sort of deal, so im mostly studying business, I want to own my own place when I'm older so yeah," I answered.

"Maybe I could hear you sometime yeah?" He asked.

I nodded my head going along but I already knew this isn't going to work out so might as well end it now. I pretended to receive an emergency text from a friend saying that she just broke up with a guy and needed my comfort and had to leave immediately. He got up with me and stopped me before I went. "Uh, Ella? Can I get your number?" He said. I hesitated, but gave it to him anyway, not wanting to be rude.

Harry's P.O.V.

Worst Date Ever.

It was so awkward. What do you want to do in the future? What type of question is that, no wonder she looked so relieved to finally get an excuse to leave. If this wasn't a set up date, I would never go out with her again. She seems nice and all but just isn't my type. I think I should talk to Simon about this. I shook my head, no. Remember it for the fans. I said. But is it worth it?

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