Hit the road

You've heard of Fizzy,Lottie,Daisy,and Phoebe Tomlinson right?well have you heard of Rosie?doubt it.after a childhood argument she ran away to America and has been traveling ever since.
One day,while on Tour,Louis finds his sister,will this be for the better or for the worse?


1. Chapter 1.

Rosie Tommo

My names Roselyn,but you can call me Rosie,I don't have a last name,I'm twelve,but I'm on the road. I ran away.you know when you were younger and you'd say you were going to run away,but you always come back?same thing,except I never went back,and never will.

Staying in one place for a long time is a big no,you're bound to get caught,especially if you're brother is a world famous pop star on tour.

Louis Tomlinson.

I have a similar appearance,my eyes are bigger,and bluish green,I have lighter brown hair.you could say I'm Fizzy's fraternal twin but I'm ten months younger and I couple of inches shorter,though who knows I haven't seen her in a year,I loved my family but my father would always forget about me,soon mom started forgetting...

I was interrupted from my thoughts when I saw a small tabby cat run though the musty old alley I've been staying in for a day or two.i was in between a big arena building,and a cheese shop...Cincinnati's a odd city.

Girls stated crowding the building,but he weird thing is,five guys were running out the back door to do who knows what. They looked very familiar.

Then it hit me,literally.they ran into me.

Liam,Harry,Zayn,Niall,and Louis... my brother.

"Sorry," I muttered before trying to turn the others way,but before i could make a run for it a,rough hand caught my shoulder.

I winced,"Roselyn,"a Doncaster accent said.

I cautiously turning around,to see my brother,furious,yet confused.

"Hi,"I slightly smiled,before quickly turning and running.

Harry grabbed me around my waist and the rest of the boys made a circle surrounding me.

Louis did something i never thought he would,he pulled me into a bone crushing hug,the rest of the boys joined in. Being the small girl I am,I am claustrophobic.

I started breathing heavily,and crying.

They backed away from me,and when they did I ran out onto the streets.

Louis quickly followed me,

"Lou watch out,"

A massive truck carrying logs smashed right into my brother sending him flying on top of me.

I froze. Next thing I knew I was in a immense amount of pain.


Liam Payne

I watched in horror as my band mate get hit by a truck,and landing on his little sister on the other side of the road.

Harry ran over there not caring about the traffic,with the rest of us following.

Niall and I picked up Louis,while Harry grabbed Roselyn.

We rushed to the hospital near by,I felt like crying and hiding...I'm a softie.

By the time we got there we all practically collapsed.the nurses literally help us get to the chairs in the waiting room.

Rosie Tommo

I woke up in a white room,white sheets,my gown was even white!wait gown!

I looked down to find myself in a hospital room,though I didn't realize some else was in the room,he looked about 19 or 20,Liam Payne.

He noticed i was awake and stared wide eyed at me.

"Hey Rosie how ya feeling,"

I rubbed my eyes,even though I've only seen Liam and the rest of the band in photos or magazines articles,but I've decided he's responsible and caring.

"Alright,where's Louis?"

"At a hotel near by,resting."he paused,"though there is someone you might wanna see you,"

He walked out of the room,and came back with someone I'd never thought I'd see again,Felicite Tomlinson.

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