At First Glance

At first glance he looked like the boy who sat in the back of the class hiding from the world. At first glance you wouldn't know that he had a hard life. You could tell he had people who loved him, but only a few really knew him. That's because they were there from the start, they were there when he built his walls. But I wasn't, most of the time his walls would turn people away, but they drew me closer, closer to Liam Payne.


1. School

I walked into my new school in Wolverhampton. I walked around really confused with my schedule in hands until someone stopped me. A girl around my height came came up to me.

"Hey are you new?" She asked. I blushed and nodded. "Here let me see. Oh you have 1st with me then my boyfriend and I and after with Liam. Here I will introduce you to my boyfriend and his friends." She said kindly. Not wanting to be rude and feeling grateful for her help I accepted the offer. 

I followed the blonde haired girl to a group of guys standing against lockers. The one with tanned skin, tattoos, and black hair stood up straight and walked over to the girl and smile brightly before enveloping her in a hug. He pulled away and turned to me. 

"Ello love I'm Zayn, obviously you met Perrie. And that is Louis, Harry and Niall." He said to me pointing to each boy. I gave a shy smile and a small wave. Harry walked around me then pinned me to the lockers. 

"And you must be?" He asked seductively while biting his lip. I pushed him away with force. 

"None of your concern ya prat." I spat, earning chuckles and ohh's from the boys. A boy in a black hoodie and dark blue jeans came up to him and helped him up. 

"Ah there you are Liam. This is.." Perrie started. 

"Michelle, but you can call me Mitch, Mitchell, Mi, but never Chelle, or Mitchy." I said. Everyone let out a chuckle. Perrie handed everyone my schedule to everyone and Liam smirked. 

"Every class you have you have with me love." He said. I let out a chuckle. He didn't seem like good news. At least I had the first 2 periods with Perrie.

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