At First Glance

At first glance he looked like the boy who sat in the back of the class hiding from the world. At first glance you wouldn't know that he had a hard life. You could tell he had people who loved him, but only a few really knew him. That's because they were there from the start, they were there when he built his walls. But I wasn't, most of the time his walls would turn people away, but they drew me closer, closer to Liam Payne.


3. His Home

"Okay so we are gonna head up to my room." He said. I followed him upstairs to his room, oddly enough it was completely clean. His bed was perfectly made his desk was completely organized. 

"Wow it's clean." I said, he let out a chuckle. He pulled off his hoodie and threw it into a laundry, he was now in a white tank. It clung to his body perfectly. His long slender fingers slipped under the hem as he pulled it off. His back was a terrible sight. His back had large purple brusies and a few scars. I stood up silently and walked over to him. I reached out and traced his scars. I heard his breath hitch. He turned around to face me. 

"You are seriously something Michelle." He whispered. 

"Am I any closer to breaking down those walls?" I asked quietly. 

"I don't know, but I think so. You know it took Zayn 5 years to and now it has only taken you 5 hours to get this close to me." He whispered. His warm breath flowed across my face. His hands grabbed my hips as he pulled me closer. I wrapped my arms around his neck. He started to lean in when the door opened. A man about the same height as Liam was now in the room. I knew then that it was his father. 

"Liam. What did I say about having people over?" He father spat. 

"I don't know what?" Liam hissed. His father seemed to grow more agitated. I saw hit fists chench.

"How dare you use that tone with me? Your father! You stupid boy." His father yelled. Liam laughed. 

"Is that all you fucking got? What no you're the reason your brothers dead, no you're worthless, no go die, no you're a stupid excuse for a son? Come on!" Liam yelled. Then a woman came into the room. 

"Liam say goodbye to your friend." She seemed to plead. Liam grabbed my hand and lead me out of the room and downstairs. 

"Li-" I started. 

"Go." He said dryly. I took both of his hands in mine and looked up at him. 

"Liam I want to stay, please." I begged. 

"No. Go home Michelle." He said forcefully. Then his mum came towards us. 

"Honey not to be rude but who are you?" She asked. Before I could answer Liam did for me. 

"Mum she is just a lab partner, thats it." He said. She nodded and walked away. When he turned back I was slipping on my shoes. "Mi, w-" He started. 

"Save it Liam I'm only a lab partner, it's not like I'm something special." I spat before storming out of his home. 

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